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Netflix is one of the world’s largest television networks on the Internet. Boasting more than 69 million customers worldwide, Netflix offers at least 100 million hours of television series, documentaries, movies, and feature films to its members.

Offering a variety of genres, Netflix even suggests shows and movies for you, upon analyzing your viewing habits and ratings of titles. Apart from Canada, Netflix serves other subscribers from the United Kingdom, Mexico, Netherlands, and Australia. The headquarters are in Los Gatos, California.

The number of subscribers is still growing and plans to expand its operation are there. With the increment, a significant number of customers will be sorted. It is clear that the dream of any company is to reach many customers as possible.

You would probably have problems streaming your favorite movie or may be having issues with one of the television shows. Apparently, you would like to have the problem solved within the shortest time possible.

Customer service is very paramount to any client. It matters to all customers, and they strive to get the best. Due to that great demand, companies like Netflix have developed appropriate ways to help the customers.

How to find Netflix customer care from Canada

The most reliable and accessible method that most people tend to use is calling. Get the contacts of Netflix and call for assistance. Reaching the customer care should no longer be an issue to you since calling is faster and cheaper. The only thing that should bother you is how you get the contacts. When calling, you can identify yourself in two ways. Either as an existing customer or a potent client

As an existing customer, your issue will be solved quickly. It is the easier method since a lot of time will be saved. The advantage of calling as an existing customer is that they will respond to your problem with urgency since they know losing a customer is costly.

The customer service phone number is operational throughout the day making it more convenient. The number that you can call is:

  • 1-866-579-7172.

The other easier way of reaching to Netflix is calling as a potential customer. Once you develop an interest in a movie, you may decide to buy it from Netflix. In such a case, you will be calling as a customer to get yourself sorted.

According to many clients, calling Netflix as a customer is the simplest and the most convenient means of getting the services of Netflix. As a potential customer, you can call:

  • 1-866-599-7172.

Netflix also has online solutions for almost any of your inquiries. Should you experience problems connecting to Netflix, there is an online troubleshooting guide for your convenience. This online format has many potential situations and suggested solutions.

With the ability to stream from a number of devices, such as Blu-Ray, X-Box, Roku, Nintendo, Wii, Apple TV, Sony PlayStation, Roku, TiVo, Android Devices, and streaming media players, Netflix has anticipated potential problems and has sections for each of them. Please check out the website at this link for potential solutions.

Additional questions covered at this link include quick links regarding sign in, updating your account, updating your password, updating your payment method, or canceling your account. Netflix subscriptions are free of term limits, and it is simple to cancel or to change your plan according to your needs.

You would like to have a quick response whenever you are seeking services from Netflix. Live chat can be a very convenient method for you. It is also available any time of the day. Due to its accessibility, most people prefer using live chat. As it turnouts, live chat can provide one on one answers to the customers. The client’s concerns will be heard, and an appropriate method to solve them will be developed.

Sometimes people ask a question, and they may look foolish. This is due to lack of information on their area of interests. FAQs are helpful when you feel that your questions are not good enough. You need to think of a possible question on the Netflix. In the process of getting this questions, you will interact with other clients. The customers will advise on the best way to find the Netflix customer. Once you are given the right directions, you will have your issue fixed.

Netflix in-App support

Netflix operations have now been made easier than ever because they have developed a mobile app. You can download the application from google play store or app store. You are only required to have a smart phone or a tablet and then download the Netflix app. Then, ensure that you have the internet or cellular connection. With that, accessing Netflix will be a simple thing. The app can act as a proper alternative if their number is not available.

There is also the development of the social media platforms. here you can send your inquiries to Netflix Canada on Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, in the event you need to contact Netflix via postal mail, you may utilize the address below:

Netflix, Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Netflix app?

To reset your Netflix app go to the Home screen on your device. Select the settings button and swipe down until you locate the Netflix app icon. Click the icon to open it. At this point, you should see a reset toggle on the side. Slide it to the On position. Press the Home button option or go back to the home screen on your device. When you are back to the Home screen, swipe across the screen until you see the Netflix app. Tap the icon to open the app and proceed to your account. Remember, there are times that an upgrade to your device may also disable some of your apps. This does not mean your account has a problem; it only means you need to reset your Netflix app following the steps mentioned above.

Can I share my Netflix password with somebody else?

In countries like the U.S.A, sharing of passwords is a punishable crime. The computer fraud and abuse act prohibit this sharing even among the members of the same family. So sharing the password is not nice since it is against the law. Therefore, many people avoid sharing to be on the safety of the law. With Netflix, the case is different since there is sharing. According to Netflix, the number of people sharing an account cannot be identified easily. Consequently, there is no much cause of concern when it comes to issues of a password. It is an advantage to the customers.

Why does the show keep stopping despite having a timer?

You realize that most of these stoppings occur due to lack of proper internet connectivity. The streaming relies on the web, and if the internet connection is poor, such challenges are likely to be faced. To avoid this problem, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection.

What can I do if somebody is accessing my account without my permission?

If you suspect that your account is used without your permission, you have to check the streaming action and see the titles which were viewed lastly. Apparently, the devices will display the vital information concerning the location where the account is being utilized.

How do I contact Netflix to cancel?

In order to cancel your Netflix subscription, sign in to your account. Click the down arrow until you reach your profile name. Now select the account section. Go to Membership and Billing and click this option. You should see a grey cancel membership box, click it. You will see an offer to finish the cancellation process to confirm your decision, choose finish cancellation. At this point, your account is closed. You will be able to use your account until the end of your billing cycle, or the free trial ends. You have to option to re-open your Netflix account any time in the future.

Does Netflix download to device or account?

Netflix is an app that can be downloaded to devices to access your account. The Netflix account itself is accessible through the app on any device you use to access the Internet. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or game console, the app gives you the ability to watch movies and download programs for later. Older devices may have a difficult time downloading these apps, so remember to update your equipment or systems to have reliable access to your Netflix programs. You may have to reload the Netflix app occasionally to ensure your system has the latest version of the app.

Is there a download limit on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix has a limit of 100 titles on a single device. Once your limit has been reached, you will see an error message that prevents any additional downloads. Since Netflix has an expiration date attached to the download, you can watch new shows as soon as your other downloads expire or you delete them. Any content removed from the platform automatically expires. You will get a notification seven days ahead of any pending dates. While some titles may remain available for viewing for weeks, licensing restrictions may mean some titles expire within 48 hours of the download. There is no way to know this information ahead of time, and it still counts towards your total of downloads.

How do I report a problem with Netflix?

Netflix offers customers a variety of ways to report problems.
To submit a service problem report while streaming, select the “?” located on the play bar, choose one or more of the options that best describes the problem, add any additional information that you feel might help in the provided field and then select “Submit Report.”
You can also alert Netflix of a streaming problem from your account: Go to Viewing Activity, pick the relevant TV show or film title, select “Report a Problem,” select one or more of the available problem options, add more information and then select “Report Problem.”
To report all other problems, visit the Netflix Help Center, scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Call Us” or “Start Live Chat” and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Netflix: problems and outages

Is Netflix down? Here is a chart of the current state of the services. The blue line represent the number of reports submitted by our users over the past 24 hours, compared with the number of reports submitted last week (grey line).

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  1. Very poor customer service. I was paying 10.49 a month. Now it is a dollar more. Due to tax increase apparently. There was no tax increase. My account says I am supposed to be billed 11.19.but was charged 11.49.It appears they are charging whatever feel. Bullsh*t.

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  2. Great but one really BIG complaint. Too many foreign films that you are not aware of until you start the movie, very annoying! Netflix should indicate what language the film is in?

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  3. THe service was super slow last night. I was watching Hunger games and geez…I had to stop and shut down everything. No help from Netflix…

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