How to download Netflix movies on a laptop?

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Christine M. asked 2 years ago
Hello everyone. I have a long train trip coming up and I’d like to download a few movies from Netflix to watch on my laptop. Is it possible to download movies or TV shows from Netflix?

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
You first need to open a web browser on your laptop.

In the search bar, you need to type in “” Depending on your internet connection, you may have to wait a few seconds for it to load. When it loads, you will be presented with a login page that requires an email address and password combination. After typing this information in, click the blue “sign-in” button at the bottom right of the webpage.

Once you have logged into Netflix, you can browse all of their movies and TV shows from any device that has access to your desktop computer or laptop. You will also see categories on the left side of your screens, such as new arrivals and popular titles, so that you can find exactly what you are looking for with ease.

After finding your favorite titles, click on the green “add to my list” button. This button will appear next to every title you are interested in watching later.

Once you have added enough movies or TV shows to your list, click the three-dot menu next to “my list.” A drop-down menu with seven options will appear on your screen. Hovering over “device,” you will see a “download & go.” Clicking on this option will give you an installation link for the Netflix download service. You can also search for this same option inside the Netflix app store, which is available for both Mac and Windows users.

Click on the download link to get started with downloading Netflix on your laptop. You may have to wait up to ten seconds for the file name to appear so that you can click on it.

A dialogue box will pop up asking if you would like to run or save “Netflix installer 1.7.1”. Click on “run” to start the installation process of the Netflix download service. This process may take up to one minute, depending on your internet connection speed, but once it is complete, you will be able to use Netflix instantly.

After the Netflix download service has been completed, you can instantly start watching your favorite movies and TV shows. Open the “Netflix” application installed on your computer during the installation process. You may have to search for this title inside your app store if you are running an Apple product. Once the Netflix download file opens up, you will be connected with unlimited entertainment without having to wait for it to buffer.

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