How much is Netflix in Canada?

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Hubert asked 2 years ago
Hello everyone, I am about to move to Toronto from Frankfurt. I already have a Netflix subscription in Germany and I’d like to know how much is the subscription to the Canadian version. Should I renew my Germany subscription or, instead, switch to a Canadian one?

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
Canadians who are interested in getting a Netflix account have three different price points to consider. Beyond the obvious factor of pricing, the biggest difference between subscription levels would be the number of screens that can access the account at the same time and access to content presented in HD or 4k (Ultra HD).

Over time, Netflix has kept its pricing scheme relatively consistent. October 2020 saw the first increase to the price of a Netflix subscription, raising Standard’s monthly cost by $1 and Premium’s by $2. Here is a breakdown of each subscription in terms of cost, screen limit and HD availability.


  • Monthly Cost: $9.99
  • Simultaneous Screens: One
  • SD Content? Yes
  • HD Content? No
  • Ultra HD Content? No


  • Monthly Cost: $14.99
  • Simultaneous Screens: Two
  • SD Content? Yes
  • HD Content? Yes
  • Ultra HD Content? No


  • Monthly Cost: $18.99
  • Simultaneous Screens: Four
  • SD Content? Yes
  • HD Content? Yes
  • Ultra HD Content? Yes

Regardless of the specific subscription level a customer has, all Netflix subscribers are free to watch as much content as they desire on any television, laptop, phone, tablet or game console that they own. Furthermore, cancellation of a Netflix subscription is a very simple process that can be done at any time and without any sort of fees attached.

While this guide has answered the monetary cost of the title question, there is also the data cost of streaming content. For users who have a limited data plan, one hour of Netflix streaming consumes roughly 1 GB of data for Standard Definition content, 3 GB of data for HD content and 7 GB of data for Ultra HD content. Fortunately, users also have the option of downloading content to their mobile devices in order to watch it at a later time.

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