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Rogers Communications began as the Rogers Vacuum Tube Company, which Edward Rogers started in 1925. Today, Rogers is a major public communications and media company. The corporation is highly diversified since it provides wireless, media and cable services as well as communication and media solutions for businesses.

Rogers Communications mainly operates out of Toronto, but the company has smaller offices throughout Canada. The company’s skilled and diversified staff totals around 26,000 employees who are ready to help consumers with high-speed internet, cable television and data networking services. Rogers also provides radio and television broadcasting services in addition to digital media, entertainment and multiplatform shopping services.

How to contact Rogers’ customer care service

Rogers Communications makes it easy for its customers to get in touch. Canadian residents can reach the company toll free for various services.

  • For a new wireless account, call 1-855-877-3824. Customer service agents are available daily from 7 am to midnight EST.
  • For internet, home monitoring, TV or home phone assistance, call 1-866-210-4059. Agents will be staffed on this line daily from 7 am to midnight EST.
  • For pay as you go service, call 1-800-575-9090. This line has customer service agents available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 9 pm EST.
  • To reach the company for billing or payment questions, call 1-877-559-5202. Customer service representatives are staffed Monday through Sunday from 7 am to midnight EST.
    If you are outside of Canada and within an international location, call 1-416-935-5555. If you are in the U.S., then call 1-888-764-3772.
  • For service in Cantonese or Mandarin, call 1-800-787-7953. This line will have someone staffed Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm EST.

Existing customers can contact the company for most services 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

  • Existing wireless customers can call Rogers at 1-855-381-7835.
  • If you have internet service through the company, you can call 1-855-381-7839.
  • Customers who need TV assistance will need to call 1-855-381-7838.
  • For home telephone service, call 1-855-381-7836.
  • If you need to reach the company about your home monitoring system, call 1-855-381-7840.

If you prefer another contact channel, you can reach Rogers Communications through internet chat or by filling out the company’s Share a Concern form. For detailed assistance, you may need to have an account with the company. Rogers Communications may require you to register with them and sign in before allowing you to gain access to detailed information. There are many stores around the country, so if you need to find one in your area you can use the store locator here.

rogers-canadaUse this list of websites for additional assistance from Rogers Communications.

  1. This takes you to the company’s wireless page.
  2. This page will help you with your internet service.
  3. Pull up this page when you need television assistance.
  4. This page will assist you with your home phone.
  5. Visit this page for your home monitoring system.
  6. Use this site page when you need help with billing.
  7. This is the company’s general page for the additional services that it offers.

The company’s mailing address is:

Rogers Communications
333 Bloor Street East Downtown
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1G9, Canada

You can follow Rogers Communications on Twitter and like their Facebook and Google+ pages to stay in contact with the company.

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4 Reviews
  1. Duha alhissnawe 9 months ago

    Today I got a new phone so did my dad and its all thanks to Hezekiah he was great I love my new phone and plan thank you

  2. Paul Conway 9 months ago

    A service technician called Jason came today to install an additional tv service box and replace an older one. He was exceptional and we had never experienced this level of service before. He installed the new box in the location requested even though a previous technician did not wish to do it that way, and he replaced the old box. He made sure every thing was working before he left, and cleaned up after himself and was very courteous and polite. this guy should be working for Rogers instead of the third party provider as he is a terrific representative of the company.

  3. Amelia Groszeibl 10 months ago

    I have asked multiple times to have my phone bill sent in the mail. I have also been told that they switched it over and it hasn’t happened. I’m paying way too much as it is I can’t afford to miss payments.

  4. Bonnie 1 year ago

    I have been trying and trying to get in touch with customers service …but this is the only place I could find
    I just want to say that I set my PVR to record the new series on TLC. On Monday nights…..I have very to tell you how upset it was to not get that show. And it is new do I missed the first show….(instead 600 lb life was recorded)
    Pls let me know what the problem is and why Rogers did not show this…I have contacted TLC and was advised that it is the cable provider who would be responsible. Do can you pls at least get it right by next Monday ….and could you pj’s air the first episode so I can catch up
    Thank you very much

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