How to Check Voicemail Rogers?

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Monica asked 2 years ago
I have to teach my mum how to check the voicemail, can I have a simple explanation?  

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
Hello Monica’s mum,

Checking your voicemail it’s really simple!

There are 3 ways to access your Roger’s voicemail messages. The following instructions explain how to access your wireless voicemail (VM):

Method 1: From a Handset

Step 1: Press the Voicemail button on your phone or hold the number 1 for a few seconds to access your voicemail. You will be able to hear the greeting.
Step 2: If you are calling from the United States, you may hear the common access greeting asking you to input your phone number before getting through MSISDN.
Step 3: It will prompt you to enter the password.
Step 4: Use the automated menu to check the messages.

Method 2: From a Landline Phone

Step 1: Dial the number of your wireless home phone. You should be able to hear the greeting. You can dial a 1+10-digit wireless number if you’re calling from the United States. If you are outside the United States, call the country’s international direct dialing number (commonly known as the IDD), followed by a 1 +10-digit wireless number.
Note to Remember: Calling the IDD code is the only way to obtain a phone line outside of the country you presently reside in. Canada and the United States use 011 as their IDD.

Step 2: You can skip the greeting by pressing the “#” key.
Step 3: Input your password when the system prompts you.
Step 4: Use the automated menu to check the messages.

Method 3: Check Online

Step 1: Start by logging into online voicemail using your voicemail password and home phone number.
Step 2: When you can log into your account, you can choose a voicemail message from the inbox and perform the following actions:

  • If you want to listen to the voicemail message, select the “Play” icon.
  • If you cannot locate the play icon, use a different browser to log in and repeat the process.
  • You can share the voicemail with other people by sending it through email as an attachment.
  • You can delete the voicemail. It is important to note that you can find all the erased messages in saved messages unless you hang up. If you have erased the message, you can retrieve it by checking your saved messages and saving the ones you want to keep.

Here are the steps to save the voicemail message:
Step 1: Go to the main menu and dial 1 to access your saved voicemail messages.
Step 2: Press # to skip saved voicemail messages.
Step 3: Press 9 to save the message you want to retrieve once you can locate it.

However, once you hang up, you will not be able to retrieve the voicemail messages.

How to Be Notified of a New Voicemail Message?

If you receive a new message in your voicemail inbox, you will hear a beeping notification tone as soon as you pick up the phone. A variety of landline sets come with a light that flickers or a message that pops up on the screen to notify you when you receive a new message.

How to Change the Greeting of a Voicemail Message on Roger’s Phone?

Here are the steps to change the greeting of your voicemail message:
Step 1: Press 1 to call voicemail
Step 2: Enter your identity number (commonly known as a PIN)
Step 3: Press # and then * to access the menu.
Step 4: Dial 4 to change your settings.
Step 5: Dial 5 to update your voicemail message greeting and follow the pre-recorded instructions.

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