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eBay is one of the world’s leading commerce platforms. The goal of the company is to cater to both buyers and sellers. Thus, over the years their marketplace has grown into one of the largest online.

eBay Canada deals with buyers and sellers from the Great White North. The platform has been making an impact on the Canadian economy since the early 2000’s. The company takes pride in its achievements and in taking care of its customers whenever they may need assistance.

There are a few steps you need to take in order to benefit from customer support on eBay Canada. The steps will be explained to you as follows and they apply to both current eBay members and non-members.

Contact eBay Canada by Phone

ebay-canadaDial 866-278-1053 to contact eBay Canada’s customer support line. The same number is used by multiple departments and the line is available between 05:00 AM and 10:00 PM PT from Monday to Sunday. The estimated wait time is usually one minute.

However, calling the number is not enough to optimize the response time or to minimize the time it takes to fix whatever problem you are experiencing. To make the best out of your dealings with eBay Canada’s customer support, you need to first make a few selections to determine which department is best suited to assist you.

There are three steps that involve choosing a topic. After all the selections have been made, you will be given the number, estimated wait time, and a one-time passcode which you will need to identify yourself. Here are the main options you should go through before placing a call.


  • Before you purchase

The information related to this topic offers guides and tips on how to place a bid, how to retract a bid or how to go about buying a vehicle.

  • Paying for items

This selection comes in handy if you are not sure how to pay for products or want to launch a dispute over a product that has been paid and not yet received. This is also the right category to pick if you have problems making payments or if you want to cancel a purchase.

  • After you purchase

This topic is the right choice for customers that are unhappy with a purchase. It can be either a false description of the item, leaving feedback, reporting a seller or reporting that the item hasn’t been received. This is also the topic you should pick if you want to report a vehicle fraud.


  • Getting started

The information you can get from this topic is everything you need to know about becoming an eBay Canada seller. You can either view guides or ask over the phone about how to list items, what the requirements are for new sellers, performance standards, how to block bidders or buyers. You can also ask about additional selling tools.

  • After you sold something

Some people can get confused after a sale has been finalized. This topic provides information regarding billing, shipping information, relisting items as well as what to do when the buyer fails to pay.

  • Resolving selling problems

If you are involved in a dispute or want to initiate one with a buyer then this is the section that offers information on how to do it. You can ask about how to deal with buyers or appeal a decision made against you in a case. Removed listings can also be discussed.


  • Account general

Everything you want to discuss opening an eBay Canada store or closing an account can be done over the phone after choosing this topic. Additional information about billing and invoices for sellers and buyers can also be discussed.

  • Account access

You can select this topic if you have forgotten your ID or password or if you need additional tips on how to keep your account safe.

  • Resolving account problems

If you are the owner of a suspended account or if your account is restricted, this is the topic that will give you the most assistance. By selecting this before you place a call you will also be able to ask about selling limits, your performance status, and additional billing and invoice information.

Keep in mind that some departments work on a 24/7 schedule. Depending on your topics of choice and the one-time passcode you provide, your call will either be answered or not. The whole point of providing multiple topic choices is so that you can be redirected to a representative best suited to assist with your particular problems.

Although the phone number is the same, your choices decide how your call will be redirected.

Contact eBay Canada via Facebook

Sending a private message to @eBayCanada is an alternative way which you can contact a human tech support or customer service representative. The reply time is a couple of hours but if your problem is not urgent, this can be a viable choice. It is certainly easier to send a message via Facebook than browsing the support page for a one-time passcode.

eBay Canada on Twitter

The Twitter presence of eBay Canada does not extend to customer support services. You can still visit the page to get the scoop on the latest deals or tips on how to make it as a seller. Occasional guides are posted or referenced on @eBayCanada.

eBay Canada complaints and support

Contact Details for eBay Canada Head Office

eBay Canada’s head office can be reached at the following number: +1 416 961-1970

If you’re old-school or simply want to submit a complaint that is sure to reach the main headquarters, you can also reach the corporate head office at the following address:

eBay Canada Limited,
500 King St W,
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1L9,

eBay Canada Website Language Support

Both English and French versions of the website are available. Everything is translated from the homepage to the help center. All information provided in the guides can also be viewed in both languages. French speakers have the option of sending text messages or emails regarding their issues instead of discussing with customer support over the phone.

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3 Reviews
  1. Richard Lambert 5 months ago

    My account englishway25 was suspended and I cannot get a reason why other than to say activities against the policies of eBay. I don’t believe I have done anything wrong other then sell my vast collection of coins and books. This is very disturbing as I’ve never lied or cheated in my life and have a solid business employing 20 people. If I have listed something that is not liked, then perhaps I can be told that and can take down that listing, but to completely halt my account I just don’t understand.

  2. Earl Klassen 7 months ago

    EBay is complicit in enabling Gotham steel and it’s distributors to sell an infirior product. Gotham Steel has major customer complaints and Class Action lawsuits pending in USA and Canada. I can’t believe eBay was not aware of this situation.

  3. Judy Hanna 4 years ago

    The info on this page is useless in my situation. I created an eBay.ca account more than 15 years ago. I thought I had cancelled the account after a couple of years, but suddenly I’ve received an email about “updates to agreements and privacy notice”. I can’t log into ebay as I no longer have the password. I tried the button to text me a temp password, but ebay has my landline on record (all I had in 2002). I can’t find any way to permanently cancel my account without logging into the site.

    Please help!

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