How Much Does eBay Take from a Sale?

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Philip asked 2 years ago
I wanna sell a backpack on Ebay.
It’s quite expensive because it’s a technical product for biker, and I was wondering how much I’m gonna lose with Ebay…

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
Selling on eBay is an excellent option for people since you can sell practically anything. If you are looking to start your own business selling various products, eBay might be your go-to. However, most sellers have a love/hate relationship with the platform.

This is mainly because they take a large portion of your overall sale. The more you earn from your sales. The more significant the proportion of their percentage will be. Hence, expanding your business on eBay does not become as profitable.

If you are wondering what the exact proportion they take from your sale is, then keep reading this guide. We talk about everything you need to know regarding how much eBay takes from a sale.

How Much eBay Takes from Sales

eBay takes a cut from your listings both pre and post-sale. However, for your initial listings, it will not charge you anything. Once you exceed a specific limit, you will need to start paying more. If you are wondering about the cost breakdown of eBay sales and planning to sell, here’s the cost breakdown that you should know about:

Insertion Fees

Initially, when you are setting up your store on eBay, you don’t need to pay any fee. However, once you start listing more than 250 products for sale on your website, you will need to pay an insertion fee of $0.35. This includes other exclusions, so this cost will probably add up.
Once you insert more products, this fee becomes non-refundable even if your item does not sell.

Final Value Fees

This is the amount that eBay takes from each sale. They will take a certain proportion from your overall sold item when you sell a product. And you don’t need to worry about any third-party processing fee either.

The exact value of this fee entirely depends on the product itself, the category, and how much you are selling it for. Then, based on that, a certain percentage of the selling price is taken by eBay plus $0.30. The total value fee is calculated from the product’s price, including the shipping charges.
The final value for most categories on eBay is 12.9% of the overall sale price, but it can also be lower. However, it is believed that the average seller on the platform ends up having to pay 12-14% of the total sold item.

The listing fee, sales tax, and transfer fee are not included in eBay’s final fee percentage. If you have a significant commercial store on eBay or are considered a large seller, you might not need to pay that much.

The eBay charges can also vary very slightly depending on the category you are selling in, your listings, the size of your store, how long your items are taking to sell, and more. If your store is doing well, especially if your products are selling like hotcakes, you might not need to pay eBay that much as a seller.
All in all, the entire amount that eBay takes includes fees before selling the product and after-sale. The after-sale cut is typically a 12-14% proportion of the overall sale.

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