How to combine shipping on eBay?

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Marty asked 2 years ago
How to combine shipping on eBay?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

If you are a seller on eBay, you should know about its combined shipping feature. This lets you combine the shipping of multiple items that a buyer has bought from you.

This feature is excellent for buyers and sellers alike because it makes the delivery process smoother. Similarly, it also gives buyers an incentive to buy more products.

Another reason why combined shipping is a great option is because it reduces delivery costs for both buyers and sellers. All in all, it is something that sellers with multiple products should consider offering.

Since it is not a required feature for sellers, some don’t consider doing it. However, all sellers should opt for it since it provides a myriad of benefits.

So what exactly is combined shipping on eBay?

Shipping fees for multiple products can be multiplied quite quickly. In some cases, it can get higher than the cost of the products as well. When the shipping costs exceed the value of the products, customers might not buy the products. This is where combined shipping can be greatly beneficial.

Combining shipping by eBay lets sellers provide a combined shipping cost to buyers who buy multiple products from one seller. Hence, the buyer will be paying a single shipping cost for all of the items they have bought from you. All of the products can thus be shipped in one package simultaneously to one location.

If you would like to make things easier for you and your sellers, you must consider offering combined shipping to them. It also gives you the chance to offer excellent customer service to them. The combined shipping feature may reduce the amount of negative feedback your store would get from customers.

Now, you might be wondering how to combine shipping and use this feature on eBay. The process is actually quite simple. Keep reading to find out.

You must first log in to your account on eBay and go to ‘My eBay,’ which is a personalized page based on your account. Here, you might find the tab ‘Sold’ on the menu situated on the left-hand side.

Then, you will find boxes of items on the left with the name and thumbnail of the item. You must check on each item that you want to combine shipping for.

You must generate an invoice for all of these sold items and alter the final amount based on the new shipping rate. Then, you are done.

Besides this, you can also change your eBay account to routinely combine shipping for multiple products. This can be done by visiting the combined payments and shipping page on eBay.

Then, under the combined payments tab, you should click on the option that states that you allow customers to pay for a single shipping rate on multiple products.

You will then need to select how to determine the shipping rate. It can be a flat shipping rate or based on the type or weight of the customers’ products.

Once you have selected how to determine the shipping rate, simply click on save, and you are done!

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