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Scene is a loyalty program in Canada that offers a number of entertainment rewards. It is the first and only program of its type. It was established in 2007 under a partnership between Canada’s Cineplex Entertainment and Scotiabank.

Scotiabank Scene support

Scene offers rewards such as free movie tickets, restaurant vouchers, and sporting goods. Members earn points through their bank transactions and entertainment activities. Once they have earned a certain number of points, they get rewards on them.   

Over the years, the loyalty program has expanded its scope and it continues to grow bigger. The secret to their success is their efficient and interactive customer care services that keep the customers connected. If you are a Scene user or wish to be, here is what you need to know about their customer support system.  

Customer Care Services

Scene has the best customer support services in Canada. They are reachable through a number of communication channels and offer various self-support tools. They ensure that they provide convenient tools and platforms for the users so that they feel free to reach out to them. Since loyalty is the key feature of the organization’s services, prompt access and responses are guaranteed.  

Scene Card support service

Knowledge Base

The Scene website has a huge knowledge base where you can find answers to many of your questions and queries. You can either search for the theme of your query on their search bar or go through the list of most-asked questions. Here is what you can find when you visit their knowledge base:

  • Read about how to earn and redeem points at the movies
  • Find out everything about your missing points
  • Learn more about the Scene program
  • How to join Scene
  • What is there for Scene members
  • How to download the App on Android, iOS and web  
  • What are movie Snacks
  • What are the latest live events
  • Scotiabank Cards
  • Scene Debit Card
  • Scene Visa Card

Self-Support Tools

There are a number of self-support tools available on the Scene website. These are:

  • Reset password: Here you can find all details about how you can reset your password step-by-step directly through the online portal.
  • Update Profile Information: You can update your profile information with a single click here. Change Communication Preferences: You can change your notification settings here.
  • Missing Points: You can find missing points and information regarding them here.
  • Lost Card: You can file a report here for your lost card, and Scene support team will get back to you with a replacement card.  
  • Send Me My Number: You can get your card number here to start using Scene.

Contact Scene Card

Scene claims that the fastest way to contact them is by sending them a question through their website as they try to answer promptly. You can submit your question simply by writing your name, email, and the subject of the email. You can also attach a file or picture related to your query or problem.

Sending a message through their online portal is fast and easy. Users file hundreds of queries every day and Scene responses promptly to them. They have a highly active customer support team managing and running their online portal.

scene card helpline

Helpline Numbers

Another way to get in touch is through their helpline. Calling their helpline for assistance is a means of direct communication with their customer care representative. Every customer care representative in the call center is highly trained and skilled to listen to complaints and queries and effectively respond to them.     

Scene offers three helpline numbers for assistance.

  1. SCENE Helpline: Call 1-866-586-2805 to get in touch with the SCENE helpline. The Scene helpline is operative Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm (Eastern Standard Time) and Saturdays 8 am to 5 pm (EST). Unfortunately, this helpline does not operate on Sundays or on holidays.  
  2. CINIPLEX Guest Services Helpline: This online helpline is available 24/7 to answer any queries about visits to Cineplex, bonus points, or account points. Users can contact CINIPLEX directly for any questions from 10 am to 11 pm (EST) via this link. The service is also available through email after hours.
  3. Scotiabank Customer Service Helpline: Scene offers a separate helpline for all those who have questions and queries about the ScotiaCard or Scotiabank account. If you are a user in Toronto dial (416) 701-7200. If you are located somewhere else, dial 1-800-4-SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842)

Contests and Engagement

All Scene members can participate in a number of activities and contests that keep updating on their website. Scene makes all efforts to ensure customer engagement. There are a number of loyalty points and rewards offered through these contests.

The terms and conditions and update of events can be seen by visiting the Contests page.

They also have free movie tickets and member access for those who follow them on social media.

scotia scene card call center

Social Media

Scene has a conversation going on social media accounts all the time! Their social media is their community through which they interact and engage with users. They have a highly-trained and professional customer support team operating their social media, so if you have any queries and wish to reach them directly, contact them through social media.


Scene Canada has an active twitter account under the handle @SCENECard. Scene uses twitter to update its customers of all the happenings and offers. They tweet about all their ongoing news and upcoming events. You can reach out to them through twitter for any queries. Twitter followers also get special discounts and free coupons every now and then.


Much like its twitter account, Scene’s Facebook page is also highly updated and interactive for users. They update all their maintenance issues, photos of events, and upload posts that users can share and comment on. Scene representatives also reply to their users.


You can follow Scene on Instagram as well to follow updates and live stories. They also offer free tickets and coupons to their Instagram followers.  


SCENE cares about its customers. If you want to give feedback or have any queries, you can always contact them through the above-mentioned ways. 

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