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Scene Plus, branded Scene+, is the name of an entertainment loyalty program in Canada primarily known for providing Scene+ Scotiabank debit and credit card holders with purchase points when they use their cards.

Scene+ members can then redeem their points to purchase tickets and concession snacks at Cineplex sites, including movie theaters and family, arcade, virtual reality and other amusement/entertainment centers, and other products and services through a wide range of offline and online merchant sites.

Scotiabank customers have enjoyed access to Scene+ since 2007 when Scotiabank and Cineplex Entertainment established a partnership. At the time, the loyalty program, known only as “Scene,” featured more restrictions than today. Yet, it was the first program in Canada to offer debit card holders the opportunity to earn rewards points. Initially, Scotiabank and Cineplex limited points usage though to only Cineplex tickets and concessions.

Scotiabank eventually expanded the program to make it possible for members to use their Cineplex-redeemable points at other non-Cineplex establishments. Over the years, Scene members have enjoyed a variety of discount perks, including an additional Cineplex day-of-the-week discount and premium VIP movie ticket access and discounts at other non-Cineplex locations.

In December 2021, Scotiabank expanded the service by ending its other independent rewards program that gave points to non-Scene Scotiabank debit and credit cardholders. It merged the two programs and rebranded them as Scene+. With this change, all Scotiabank card customers with a Scene+ membership were given the ability to enjoy earning and redeeming points through all Scotiabank partners, including Expedia for travel redemptions, NBA® Canada and the Rakuten cashback program.

The bank also gave members the ability to earn and redeem their points through offline and online merchants and buy gift cards for any of these retailers to give to others. Members can now download an app through the Apple App Store and Google Play to track their points usage and receive bonus offers.

Millions of Scotiabank Scene+ members currently earn and redeem points throughout Canada.

Scene Plus problems today

Is Scene+ down today? On this page, you can find the latest problems involving Scene+ as reported by our users. Thanks to our technology, we are able to detect Scene outages in real-time and locate the exact location of the outages, as experienced by our users.

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Most common problems reported in the last 48 hours

The table below shows the most frequent problems reported in the last 48 hours by Scene Plus customers.

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2 reports

  1. The scene site is terrible.
    My card hasn’t got the points in months of use. I call customer service, and it’s a two-hour wait. I go online, and the site says we’re experiencing a problem; try again later; it’s been this way since January. I’m not the only one with this problem, which means SCENE is the cause of this and Scotiabank. Therefore I don’t trust them to run my finances. I’m considering removing all my money from the bank because of this.
    I’m on the phone now with Scotia customer service; I’ve been waiting for an hour now, march 28/2022

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  2. I can’t talk to Scene+ support to solve a problem with my points! I’ve called the support number 2 days in a row and they don’t answer me even waiting for more than 1 hour listening to a recorded song!

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