How to Activate a Scene Card?

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Tommy asked 2 years ago
How can I activate a Scene card?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

The scene is a Canadian loyalty program administered by the Scene LP joint venture founded in 2007 by Cineplex entertainment and Scotiabank.

How to Activate a Scene Card?

You must activate your black Scene membership card during the first 90 days of joining Scene to earn the Scene bonus points.

If you join Scene during the first 90 days of enrolling, input your membership number show your membership card to earn or redeem Scene points and gain an extra 250 Scene points.

How to Recover a Scene Card Number?

The page has a form for requesting a new SCENE card. You’ll get an email that contains your new Scene card number and a physical Scene card.

You will get the physical card in the mail and it usually takes 7-10 business days for it to arrive.

Is There a Cost for Using Scene Card?

A 19.99% APR is charged on all purchases made with the Scene Visa card.

A 21.999% APR is charged on all balance transfers, cash advances, and credit card cheques from Scotia. Neither the primary card nor any extra cards are subject to an annual subscription.

How to Check How Much Money Is Left on the Scene Card?

You may check the balance of your Scene points by logging into the account on and clicking on the Scene points tab. Your “profile” will show your current point balance.

If you have a smartphone, you may check the balance of your points by downloading the Scene app or Cineplex mobile app.

How to Update a Scene Card Number?

To update a Scene card number, you need to log in to your Scene account at to make any necessary alterations to your personal information.

By choosing “Edit Profile” after logging in, you may change your personal information.

You may reach Scene customer support at or 1-866-586-2805 if you need any more assistance.

What Is the Amount of the Points You Receive When You Use Your Scene Debit Card to Purchase?

Scene debit card transactions earn you 1 point for $5 spent. Scene Visa cardholders get 1 point for $1 spent on ordinary transactions.

At Cineplex Entertainment theatres, you may earn 5 times the Scene points using your Scene Visa card or Debit card.

Where to Redeem Your Scene Points?

If you have earned Scene points, you may exchange them for additional incentives online at the website (rewards) or at participating Cineplex theatres.

Customers who use their Scene Visa card to make purchases will be rewarded with points.

Are Scene Points Earned Only if You Own a Scotiabank Account?

To earn points for purchases made with a card, you must link the card to your Scene membership account.

Returns, refunds, and other similar credits and charges on the card are not eligible for reward points.

This includes balance transfers and Scotia credit card cheques, cash advances, and other cards.

Is There a Way to Redeem Scene Points for Food?

There is no limit to the number of Scene points earned and redeemed at Cineplex theatres (excluding alcoholic beverages and Tim Hortons) for food and drink purchases (excluding Poptopia, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut pizza), including in-seat dining.

How to Use a Scene Card for Food?

Members must input their Scene membership number during the payment process to earn or redeem Scene points for Swiss Chalet and East Side Mario’s delivery orders.

To redeem, choose ‘Scene Card’ as your payment option and then enter the desired redemption amount in $5.00 increments.

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Where do I find my scene number and card number

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How do I activate my scene+ card???

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I am completely unable to register my new scene card. I just get sent in an endless loop. Not a good start!

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How do I activate my scene card ?

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How do I activate my science + to get points on my app with my scene +

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Everything was very easy

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