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Fido Solutions Inc. is a cellular telephone service provider based in Canada and is a subsidiary owned by Rogers Communications in Canada. Fido operates as a separate entity and supplies its own chain of retail, network servers, customer service centers, and has a CEO. Fido is best known for introducing the concept of unlimited service plans in certain Canadian cities. Fido also was the first Canadian provider to offer Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) on a cellular network. It is currently headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

Fido offers cable internet services in certain markets, re-branded as Rogers Hi-Speed Internet, providing a 30 MB per second package with a bandwidth cap of 300 GB, including a special discount with Fido prepaid mobile services as a bundled package. Fido internet is provided in certain markets in Ontario that are also serviced by Rogers internet customers.

Fido is best known for a loyalty rewards program originally known as FidoDOLLARS. For every customer who enrolled in FidoDOLLARS as part of a monthly bill or prepaid service, customers received four percent of the pre-tax total in FidoDOLLARS. The currency Could be used towards the purchase of a new device, or other add-on purchases like premium voicemail. Although the FidoDOLLARS program has since ceased, starting in July 2017 there was the introduction of Fido’s +5 Hours of Data, which enabled 1 free hour of data for anyone on a pulse plan, five individual times a month. Starting in May 2018, Fido XTRA was introduced as a new perks program that provides customers with rewards from several retailers every Thursday.

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Fido plans start as low as $15 a month for unlimited texting only and 250 MB of data. Depending on the usage of text and talking and data, a user can get a plan up to $75 per month to include unlimited talk and text, as well as 10 GB of data with data overage protection included. There are 5 additional plans that provide a variety of options of text, talking, and data that can fit any ideal scenario for the customer. Fido currently does not offer an unlimited plan; however, they do provide 6 GB of data for about $30 a month. In order to get this deal, the customer must commit to a voice plan.

Fido Customers can finance most phones over a 24 month period. Depending on the phone, some buyers can get special promotions under their data plan. The best deal right now is 4GB of data for $15 per month plus a tablet at $0 down with the Fido Payment Program that is interest-free. Another great deal currently is a 5GB plan for $50 a month that comes with a data-loaded plan. The plan also comes with Data Overage Protection. The plan also waives the Setup Service Fee with any online purchase. Fido customers can also take advantage of other secondary services like phone trade-in and the ability to tack on additional warranties to a premium phone.

Fido offers a Pulse Plan called Fido Pulse that provides 5 extra hours of data and Fido Roam. Additionally, Fido Roam is available that lets users use a plan’s data, talk, and text just like at home for a low price. Fido Roam is not available with Data and Text only plans. Roaming is currently available in over 180 countries worldwide.

Currently Fido offers data overage protection which can be included in any eligible plan. The service will pause your data usage rather than allow users to exceed it and be forced to pay overage charges. If users don’t want data to be paused, they can be notified when they reach 90% of their data and have several options. They can choose to use five extra hours of data, available exclusively by accessing a customer’s Fido account through a web-based application. They can also choose to buy more data for that month.

Finally, Fido offers a perks plan called Fido XTRA which is reward-based system that provides three different kinds of perks: freebies, discounts, and fun contests. Users must check every Thursday to see what the perks are and how long they must redeem or use them. Some perks run out quickly due to limited quantity, while some perks can last for several months.

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4 reports

  1. Mississauga. Lost internet suddenly. 4.30pm Thursday 16 May. Customer support was not able to reach the router. I have to wait till tomorrow afternoon for a technician. Seems they will call and if no one answers, they will cancel the appointment. So I can’t go somewhere else to work. If I use my phone as a hot spot, might miss the call.
    Fido is generally responsible and responsive. But not this time.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. I had Internet after storm. I was online till 2am Sunday. In the morning it was gone. Called support. Useless.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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