Does Fido Have 5G?

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Maria asked 2 years ago
Does Fido have 5G?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Fido does not currently have a 5G network. Fido’s current mobile network is compatible with 5G-ready handsets. On the other hand, Fido understands the excitement of trying out new technologies.

Unfortunately, Fido does not offer 5G services at this time. They’re putting their efforts towards enhancing the LTE infrastructure. will be the first to inform if and when 5G becomes available.

Shortly, nearly all new phones will have support for 5G bands and frequencies. Manufacturers should integrate emerging technology in their mid-to-high-end phones since it makes no sense not to.

LG Velvet would be incomplete without support for 5G. There aren’t any new iPhone or Samsung models that don’t have 5G capability.

In addition, users have several reasons for wanting to upgrade to a new phone (i.e., more giant screens, faster chipsets, cameras, higher resolution, etc.).

If a company doesn’t provide 5G services, it’s unfair to restrict customers’ access to the most recent smartphones.

Is There a Place Where You Can Stay Up to Date on Fido’s Network and Investments?

Check for network outages and maintenance in real-time, submit reviews on wireless network experience, and stay up to date on network enhancements with Network Aid, a feature available through the Fido My Account app and

Even Though Network Investments Have Been Made in My Region, I Have Seen No Impact. Why Is That?

The intensity of your wireless device’s signal, the geography, and the surrounding environment may all impact how well you receive signals.

Building and structural elements such as concrete and steel might influence coverage. When driving at a high rate of speed, the frequent movement of your location might compromise your signal quality.

Factors such as these may also have a role:

  • It’s possible to have an ideal speed that suits your demands for today’s smartphone use and not notice a change in the network’s capacity for future technologies.
  • It is possible that your device will not be compatible with some network investments that benefit devices with Volte and LTE. Contact your local Fido shop to find out if your device is compatible.
  • It is possible that your gadget isn’t operating at its full potential. To troubleshoot your device, utilize the Device Toolbox (accessible via the Fido Account app) or visit a Fido shop in your vicinity.

Alternatively, you may use Network Aid on the My Account mobile app or to voice your opinions and suggestions.

Can All of My Devices Use the Fido Network’s Investments?

In regions where enhancements have been made or new towers constructed, your network’s coverage and quality may have improved today.

You may enjoy enhanced voice and data service with a Volte or 4G LTE handset. To learn more, you stop by your neighbourhood Fido store.

Fido Is Making Significant Investments in Wireless Network. How Can It Benefit Me?

Fido is expanding its current cell towers and erecting new ones around the country to keep up with demand on the Fido network. You’ll reap the rewards of these investments, which include:

  • A more robust Fido network, which already serves 97% of Canadians.
  • The addition of more LTE networks.
  • In addition to the improved Volte coverage, users will also enjoy improved Wi-Fi Calling performance.
  • Fido is devoted to providing affordable plans on a network that is always there for you.

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