Who Owns Fido?

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Who Owns Fido?

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If you have been considering getting a mobile provider, you might be considering Fido.

However, you might also have several questions regarding the company, including who owns it. In this guide, we will answer that and more.

Fido is the leading mobile service provider in Canada. It is the pioneer in providing ultra-high speed and unlimited LTE services to its users in various cities of the country. It also offers numerous plans to prospective users, such as Fido Plus Plans and Fido Home Internet.

Initially, the mobile network was launched and owned by Microcell Solutions in 1996. This company also came up with Fido’s name because they wanted to appeal to both French and English-speaking consumers. They provided a unique and fresh take on the pricing of mobile networks and a money-back guarantee, which were all unheard of at the time.

While the rest of the carriers in the industry seemed expensive and grim, Fido was affordable, fun, and approachable. Since then, the company has gone through multiple changes and upgrades.

Who Owns and Operates Fido?

Today, Fido is owned and operated by Rogers Communications Canada.

They acquired the company in 2004 from Microcell Solutions for an estimated $1.4 billion. Rogers Communications then changed the name of Fido to Fido Solutions.

Initially, when they bought the company, it had a customer base of around one million. Fido has a customer base of around three million, making it the fourth-largest wireless carrier.

Rogers Communication also has its own full-coverage mobile carrier brand, known as Rogers Wireless. It offers the longest service hours, widest coverage, and more. While Rogers Wireless is full-service, Fido is considered mid-range.

While the two carriers are quite similar and owned by the same company, Fido is still one step further. This is mainly because it offers a more varied selection of plans for different kinds of users and those looking for more cost-effective solutions.

For example, they have great bring your own device plans and fewer subsidies on devices on contracts.

All in all, Fido has a predominantly young consumer base as the company appeals primarily to Millennials. This is also where it is distinct from Rogers Wireless since the latter of the two is quite traditional and so appeals to an older consumer base. In many ways, Rogers Wireless was designed for high-end consumers. Hence, Roger Communications acquired Fido in order to cater to mid-range consumers.

They also acquired the company to bring more competition to the telecom industry.

Services Offered by Fido

Since the company was launched, it has been providing unique and high-quality services to its consumers. The most notable one is their CityFido plans, which offer either unlimited or multiple minutes for local calls in certain areas of the country. It was also Canada’s first mobile service provider that offered postpaid plans.

Moreover, it also includes a FidoDOLLARS plan, which provides its most loyal customers with exclusive rewards and discounts. Besides this, they also offer different perks and excellent plans to all its customers.

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