How to Check Voicemail Fido?

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Jennifer asked 2 years ago
How can I access my voicemail with Fido Mobile?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Cell phone service Fido operates in Canada. You’ve come to the correct spot if you have Fido and aren’t sure how to access your voicemail.

If you want to use voice mail, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription.

If you have a Fido account and voice mail is part of your package, you can access it from any phone.

Since setting up Fido to check voicemail is simple, this article will show you how to do so. So, without further ado, please find the following collection of commonly asked questions:

What Is the Phone Number for Voicemail?

For routine voicemail messages: (416) 821-6549 or (647) 839-9169

iPhone visual voicemail: +1-647-833-6178 and +647-839-9169

All Fido customers in Canada will have the same phone numbers, regardless of their location.

How Can I Add My Phone’s Voicemail to My Contact List?

No action is required if you purchased your phone from Fido since the voicemail number has already been registered.

Proceed as follows if you didn’t purchase your phone from Fido.

You may use the following codes on your iPhone: *5005*86**+16478396179# OR *5005*86**+16478399169#.

Customers Who Do Not Have Visual Voicemail Can Use:

Voicemail Number: +14168216549 or +16478399169 (instructions may be different depending on your OS or model) may be entered into the Phone app’s settings on the top right.

You may get voicemails from your wireless home phone by dialing *983*866*(Voicemail Retrieval Number) #.

It’s essential to consult your phone’s user manual for specific advice on setting up your voicemail on other models.

When Are Your Calls Automatically Sent to Voicemail?

While your phone is in airplane mode, turned off, on do not disturb mode, or when you are beyond the coverage area, calls are automatically sent to voicemail.

Why Am I Unable to Use My iPhone’s Voicemail Feature?

If you can’t get Visual Voicemail to work, check if your phone service provider supports the service.

After each step, check your Visual Voicemail. Check to see if you’re using the most recent iOS version.

Check for an update to the carrier bundle: Select “General” and then “About” in Settings to get this information.

My Voicemail Doesn’t Seem to Be Working for Some Reason

You should always contact your voicemail number to ensure it’s working properly before updating your carrier’s voicemail app or settings. With voicemail, you don’t have to be tied to your phone all the time.

However, there are other methods to keep in touch.

How Can You Restore a Voicemail That Is No Longer Accessible on Your iPhone?

Troubleshooting the phone’s voicemail is possible if an outage does not cause the problem.

Change your voicemail password, reset your network settings, update iOS, put airplane mode on and off, or restart the Phone app to see if that helps.

What’s the Pin for My Voicemail?

You should be aware that your voicemail PIN is a password-like feature.

Each time you want to listen to your voicemail, you’ll need to enter your PIN, just like you would for email.

A six-digit PIN is pre-programmed into your voicemail system.

What Is the Procedure for Altering the Code on My Fido Voicemail?

You can change your access code by visiting! When you go into your account and click on Services, you’ll see an option to change your password. You’ve just updated your password.

How Can I Access My Fido Voicemail When Traveling Outside the United States?

When you hear your welcoming message, dial your phone number and press # when you hear the voice mail instructions.

Using a landline is the best way to prevent roaming charges.

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