Crave TV complaints, customer care and support service

Crave is a top-tier Video on Demand (VoD) subscription and streaming service that is available to viewers and subscribers throughout Canada. It is owned by the Canadian conglomerate Bell Media. With Crave, you can watch all your favourite TV shows and movies from your favourite American Television channels, such as HBO and Showtime. You also have access to all original Bell Media theatrical films and television series.   

With a massive reach across Canada, Crave TV is adeptly competing for viewership with streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon. In such a competitive market, Crave TV makes sure to offer a variety of dependable and swift customer support services to all of its subscribers and potential customers via its website.


So, without further ado, let’s look at what Crave’s customer support and care has to offer to its users.

Crave’s Customer Support Services

Crave is quite adept and thorough when it comes to its customer support services. Here are various ways through which you can reach out to them and avail of their services.

Direct Subscription Offer

Crave TV support

Crave allows you to subscribe to its VoD services directly via its website. It has a comprehensive subscription page that presents you with two options – you can sign up and subscribe directly through Crave TV or you can avail the best possible offer from your TV provider. Furthermore, this helpful subscription page also has its own help and FAQs section that you can check out to find answers to all your subscription related queries and concerns.

For direct subscription via the sign-up option, you simply have to enter your e-mail address and opt for the subscription. You also have the option to receive regular updates from Crave via e-mail. Once you have your subscription, you can watch Bell Media’s original shows as well as classic HBO series, and Showtime series, all free of cost for the first week of your subscription. Additionally, you can choose add-ons for your service, which gives you access to all the latest seasons of your favourite HBO series, all the latest Hollywood movies, and STARZ originals programming.

To subscribe to Crave with your TV provider, simply select your province and your TV provider. You will then have the option to go to your provider’s website and get your Crave subscription. The price of subscription via providers is subject to change since different providers have different subscription rates.

Help and FAQs

Crave Canada also has a thoroughly detailed Help and FAQs webpage on its website. It has various query categories that you can browse through – including technical help and troubleshooting, how to use Crave, managing my Crave account, gifting and promo code, television subscribers, etc. Each of these categories has a long list of questions that you can click on to find comprehensive answers to your queries.

Customer Query Form

crave tv contact form

In case you have a specific query that you can’t find an answer to on its FAQs page, Crave TV has got your back! It has a detailed customer query form on its contact page. You simply have to enter some mandatory information such as your name, topic of concern, your subscription provider, e-mail address, and specific questions about your device model and number.

You can also attach a screenshot of your device along with a message that details the exact issue that you are facing. It will hardly take a few minutes of your time, and once you submit this form, Crave’s customer service representatives will get back to you with a solution as swiftly as possible.  

Call and E-mail Support

Crave is highly devoted to helping its subscribers out as quickly and proficiently as possible. This is why it also has a contact number and e-mail address to make it easier for its users to connect with the customer service staff.

So, if you have an urgent concern, query, or comment regarding its services and you would like to talk directly to its customer service representative, then you can contact Crave Canada on their number 1-888-CRAVE88 (272-8388). This number is operational from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to midnight. You can also e-mail them directly at [email protected]. You can also choose to mail Crave directly on its address:

Bell Media Inc.,
299 Queen Street West,
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2Z5,
Attention: Bell Media Communications.

Social Media Platforms

crave tv on social media

Crave TV Canada has made ample use of different social media platforms to cater to a large community of its users. You can reach out to Crave’s customer service on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also become a part of the budding community of Crave users on these platforms. This will allow you to interact with and share your movie and series recommendations with different Canadian users.

Crave’s Facebook page stands out from the rest as it has a growing community of over 90,000 people! You can get all the latest updates on your favourite shows and movies on this interactive page. You can also head directly to Crave’s website by clicking on the link provided on its Facebook page in the “about” section.

Crave Gift Card

crave tv gift card support

Crave TV also presents you with the wonderful opportunity to purchase a gift card for your loved one. What’s more is that you don’t even have to be a current subscriber of Crave services to buy a gift card. You simply need to have a Crave account to avail the gift cards. You can also choose between three gift card options – priced at $25, $50, and $100, respectively. You can also read the fine print on the webpage that has information regarding the terms and conditions of your gift card purchase.

Additional Services

Furthermore, Crave has a helpful Ratings Information page that has details on how their rating system works. It also has information on parental control and its basic indicators that you can read up on. Furthermore, Crave has a comprehensive Terms and Conditions page that has critical information about their service – including subscription fees, payments, renewals, cancellations, promotional offers, etc.

Crave TV problems and outages

Is Crave TV down? Here is a chart of the current state of the services. The blue line represent the number of reports submitted by our users over the past 24 hours, compared with the number of reports submitted last week (grey line).

Stay in Touch with Crave

Crave is a popular VoD subscription and streaming service in Canada. It has dedicated and professional customer service representatives that offer exceptional support and guidance to its customers. You can always expect a swift and helpful reply from Crave, whether you are emailing them, calling them, or contacting them via their social media pages and accounts.

Crave TV customer care reviews

Average rating


 2.8/5 (18)
 2.8/5 (18)
 2.7/5 (18)
 2.9/5 (18)

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38 Reviews
  1. Bill 3 weeks ago

    Customer service leaves much to be desired. It autorenewed even though I canceled. I called and hid behind there terms and conditions, no exceptions. A no refund cancelation policy is OK when paying monthly but totally unreasonable when paying yearly. Not enough content to justify the price. Have to pay extra for the good movies and TV. Save your money avoid crave.

  2. Martin Post 2 months ago


    I bought an e-gift card for my 80+ year old mother a month ago. Only $50, bur she only wanted to try it out. Buying the e-card was too easy. they were very eager to take my money. She cannot use it even though she is a Bell satellite customer. Turns out you need a smart TV or other “smart” device in order to use the card. This DOES NOT appear in the sales pitch when you buy. Apparently you have to read the Terms & Conditions. Who does that for a $50 gift?

    When I called for a refund of the $50, the only solution was to re-gift the card. I was told that the terms & conditions spelled out no refunds. Since I am also a Bell satellite customer and current Crave customer (at least for now), I have no use for it. Now apparently I have to screen any friends / family first to see if they have a smart TV before I can re-gift the card. All for just $50.

    Zero Customer satisfaction here. Don’t Trust Crave TV.

  3. Ashley 9 months ago

    We were one day late cancelling our annual subscription, because we never received notification of it’s upcoming renewal. For one, we didn’t realize it would be automatically renewed, and two, the email was not received by us so we were completely unaware. We are only one day late. I understand they have policies, terms and conditions, however policies, terms and conditions should be bent when it isn’t in the clients’ best interest, and doesn’t provide good customer service. I am absolutely appalled that after being just 1 day late, I am unable to get a refund the rest of the entire year. I am willing to negotiate and be charged for the first month, and be refunded the other 11 months on a pro-rated basis but they said no. Those 11 months haven’t even occurred yet, so regardless of what the terms and conditions say, it is not fair or good customer service not to be provided a refund for the months we do not want the service for. You would be able to easily do so if the subscription was monthly as opposed to annually, and it should make no difference that it was paid annually – we shouldn’t be penalized for having paid a year in advance as opposed to month by month. We have a baby on the way and absolutely cannot afford the full amount for a year – by paying for this annual subscription we are now unable to afford necessities we need for our infant. The customer service rep was unable to empathize with that and was sticking to rigid policies as opposed to being more focused on customer service.

  4. Travis Kennedy 11 months ago

    10 plus tries to find out how to contact Crave…… keep shifting me around for the simplest question…. your web site is Not helpful. now i’m your review center . We had a simple question: Why do you show trailers for Shazam – since November – but can’t find it ANYWHERE on your schedule(s) .
    I will wait for a answer before I’ll give your site a ONE of FIVE will you all give us an answer

  5. C. Anderson 11 months ago

    Extremely unhelpful – from rep to supervisor to manager – not one of them spoke English. I usually don’t care, but they were very hard to understand at all levels. A complete waste of time and an hour of my life I will never get back. Thanks for nothing!

  6. David 11 months ago

    I have a hbo + movies account and it has been working week until lately. My account says that it’s pending a renewal which was to be done on the 17th of November. How do I fix this?

  7. Pogoman 1 year ago

    One star is way too high for the Crave TV customer experience. Online signup doesn’t work. And the so-called support number is answered only by a voicemail that repeats ‘we appreciate your patience’ 50 (yes fifty) times before a bored voice comes on the line.

    After this wait, the ‘agent’ is completely useless. ‘No, i can’t take your credit card number over the phone’. ‘No i don’t know why the site gives an error when you enter an valid credit card number.’ “No you can’t speak to my manager, he’s busy.’

    So you can’t take a credit card over the phone and you can’t explain why the site won’t accept a card online. What can you do? “Well sir, if you subscribe and your want to cancel your subscription we can do that.”


  8. Burl Taylor 1 year ago

    We have been watching Ray Donovan on Crave. In Season 6, why are episodes 5,6,7,9 all missing from the listing?
    Would like to see the whole year uninterrupted.
    A pretty good site except for the above mentioned problem.

  9. kiana 1 year ago

    i had a crave account awhile ago and due to losing my job I had to cancel it. but now I’m try to get a account again but when I put my bank info in it says theirs a account with that card # already.

  10. Sietze Enders 1 year ago

    Tried to access Crave after paying for the subscription How do I get a refund? Tried to do online chat, but was asked to pay $5.00 to get an answer???????? Pleas advise how to get my money back for a service I cannot access!

  11. Jim Langley 2 years ago

    I think it is outrageous the way Crave is now making everyone sign up with the movie segment of their service in order to stay with any new series and pay double the price. I for one will stay with Netflix.

  12. Elliott Dignean 2 years ago

    Hello. I have tried and tried to watch crave that I have been paying for, and couldnt access one show and yet I was charged! I want my account removed please and reimbursment on my card for what I could not watch thank you.

  13. Deborah L McPhedran 2 years ago

    The rep was patient and kind and took the time to explain the changes that took place in November related to what you can see with a subscription and what are now the “Extras” and the additional costs. She said there was email communication to current subscribers regarding this. Perhaps my fault, but I do not recall receiving that information. Was it clear in the subject line about a change in fees? I think not! I would have looked at it otherwise.
    My issue is with Crave/ Bell – and whoever made the decision to have “a plus” feature (with more cost), which would mean double the monthly cost to me based on the information I got today.
    You want to compete with Netflix, which I also have, you don’t even come close. I have enjoyed specific offerings such as Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, Handmaid’s Tale and the Big C, so it was worth to me in the past to pay for an additional service we got rid of Rogers long ago)- but quite frankly you are offering not much for double the price – just like Bell has done with landline service. I have been a loyal Bell customer ever since I had my own landline (I was 22 years old – I’m now going to be 69 years old this year – do the math – You can’t compete! Will keep Netflix, but Bell services are now so suspect to me I will e looking for a replacement. Your whole “Let’s Talk” philanthropy is, for me, a lie – up the ante – you stopped giving to Kid’s Help phone – don ‘t believe in Ma Bell anymore.

  14. Gulzar 2 years ago

    No review yet. Needed some help but cannot find any toll free number to talk to anyone and I wonder why.
    Also I want to know if you show Bollywood movies (International) as I would like to see them like prime videos.
    Prices defer everywhere I look. Amex says $9.99 plus tax, is it correct.
    Can anyone cancel any time?

  15. Pissed off 2 years ago

    Found Crave Tv good…until you guys decided to change for some stupid reason. The interface now is completely horrible and non user friendly. STAY AWAY!!!!

  16. Serge Sirois 2 years ago

    I cannot find the rest of season 6 episode 2 and all the other episodes….on channels on demand…..why is this?

  17. Jordan Baronette 2 years ago

    I just want to inform you that you don’t have me as a customer because you don’t have a ps4 platform.
    You would have gained a loyal customer today if I could have obtained your content in a convenient way via my ps4.

  18. Elizabeth Sloss 2 years ago

    I joined, it was great. Then I couldn’t figure out what I could watch on the basic plan. Then I couldn’t find any movies I could watch unless I paid way more. I don’t mind that you have a better plan available but why make it so very difficult for me to find stuff I have paid to watch.

    Oh and while I watched a series I would get punted out between episodes and have to sign in again and then find where I was in the series.

    I am going back to Netflix.

  19. Penny McCallum 2 years ago

    I am wishing to cancel crave tv. Will apply at later time when I can get it on my tv. Thankyou.

  20. Richard Sargent 2 years ago

    I’m not impressed. I cannot log in to Crave for the second night, and because I don’t live in the Center of the Universe (Toronto) I can’t even call customer support until tomorrow night.

    I’d like a refund.

  21. Thomas J Hazen 2 years ago

    I can’t subscribe and put in my gift card number to start it, says a
    Ready have account but can’t sign I because I already have account. Which is not correct

  22. I Doug Gale 2 years ago

    I recently subscribed to crave tv but I wish to cancel that subscription Just too much trouble and hassle trying to get it set up It’s just not worth the effort

  23. Constance 3 years ago

    Reading the complaints, i was nervus about trying the help line phone number. It was 8:30 this morning when I called. A very pleasant woman answered (right away) and stayed on the line with me for about a half hour. excellent service.

  24. Stuart 3 years ago

    unauthorized charges to my credit card
    thanks crave tv
    maybe someone can call me on that

  25. rob 3 years ago

    Signed up again for Crave through Bell. Took 3 hours to convince Crave to activate my app on my DVD player. Then once on Crave the only thing working was my list of Cravings from my previous time. This time those selections play but that’s it. Nothing else will load. Called Bell and got through to assistance, a waste of time.
    Tried reinstalling the app and went through the same setup problems, finally getting on and nope, the selections won’t load. It appears this app is in need of some serious restructuring. So how about it Bell?

  26. kaila 3 years ago

    Ya I’d like a live person not a beeping phone

  27. mike yager 3 years ago

    I signed up for crave oct 28 through my virgin phone account but I am unable to connect with my tv so please cancel my account.

  28. Doug Furman 3 years ago

    Cancelled before the deadline,but was charged for the next month anyway.Would never use Crave again!

  29. Stephen 3 years ago

    Worked for the first day ,and then you get a black screen when you try to stream.. not worth getting!

  30. Francis 3 years ago

    Tried to watch the series….Bosch. Had the same problem with two episodes……..Season 3 Episodes 01 and 03 would not play and skipped to the next episode. Have tried on several occasions but no luck. Disappointing

  31. william stenhouse 4 years ago

    customer service is not existant

  32. Kristy Gagne 4 years ago

    CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suddenly I cant access my account (NOT AVAILABLE???) and when I call the help number I get a voice mail. CANCELLING!!! No wonder NETFLIX is WINNING THIS BATTLE!!!

    • Jane 4 years ago

      I am having the exact same problem. Now remembering why I cancelled all of my other Bell services (mobile phone, home phone and internet)………I am attempting to log into my account, I am getting a message that I haven’t paid for my subscription (even though the payment was taken from my account today). Trying to call customer service and getting stupid voice mail. Bell has NEVER had proper customer service. Customer Service is a bloody oxymoron !

  33. Priscila Dickinson 4 years ago

    I subscribe to crave tv and I like the shows but the program keeps freezing while watching it over chromecast. It does not happen with netflix. It is really annoying because it happens multiple times in anything I am watching. I hope cravetv can fix it.

  34. Cameron Leclerc 4 years ago

    Good Shows, poor user interface. One suggestion/fix I recommend is the settings with Crave and a Chromecast. The big issue I have is when a show ends, instead of playing the next episode, the cast ends and say “Thank for for watching the show, select another show to view” or something around those lines. From there, you have to close the screen, go back and select the show you want to watch and hope you don’t click it too early or it will replay to same episode.

    Another issue I have is selecting the episode. Why would I need to search the show oppose to click on it when its in my “Cravings” section. Just too many steps to select a single episode.

  35. Jay 4 years ago

    Phone number is GARBAGE! TOTALLY USE -LESS! Dial it and u get ” welcome to Avia messaging.Plz enter mailbox # of prsn u wsh to speak to”!!! on their help section official website, this same # is shown and is INCORRECT TOO.

  36. Brad Ford 4 years ago

    First day was great after that it became IMMPOSSIBLE to get to original site. I was BOMBARDED with thousands of RIDICULOUS tailored sites WHY ?? WHY ??

  37. Denise almeida 4 years ago

    I love the shows that cravetv has to offer but when it comes to actually being able to watch them is an issue the streaming is crappy for my husband and I to watch a show that is an hour long it takes at least two hours. It is frustrating that we have to keep restarting an episode because it constantly freezes throughout the shows. Like I said we love the shows that are offered but the streaming quality can be worked on.

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