Is crave tv free with Amazon Prime?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Crave TVIs crave tv free with Amazon Prime?
Robert65 asked 2 years ago

I have installed the Amazon fire stick on my smart TV and every time I open it I see the Crave TV icon on the homepage.
I’d like to give Crave a try but I am not sure whether it is included in Price or if, instead, I should pay it extra.

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
Crave TV is not free with Amazon Prime.

Both offer streaming services that are in direct competition. However, there is some overlap in the content offerings. For example, HBO Max is available with Crave TV, and customers may add STARZ at additional cost. Amazon Prime customers may add HBO Max and STARZ at additional cost. In addition, Crave TV and Amazon Prime provide a library of movies and tv shows.

Customers sometimes confuse programming available on the Amazon Fire Stick with Amazon Prime. The Amazon Fire Stick is a hardware device that attaches to your tv to stream content. If you do not have a smart tv, the Fire Stick is the interface that will make your tv smart. Crave TV subscribers may use Amazon Fire Stick to download the Crave app to receive streaming content.

In addition, the Amazon Fire Stick allows customers to rent or buy movies from Amazon regardless of whether they are an Amazon Prime member. Amazon Fire Stick does offer some free programming, but not the entire content library of Amazon Prime nor access to Amazon Prime Originals.

Much of the programming available to American customers using Amazon Prime is not available in Canada because of licensing agreements between regional distributors. Bell Media has entered into agreements to provide media content to Canada via Crave TV. When you sign up for an Amazon Prime account, you include your location. The location data will block Amazon Prime content that does not have your location’s distribution rights.

For example, The Good Doctor television series is available on Amazon Prime in the United States. Amazon Prime blocks the availability of The Good Doctor in Canada. Canadian customers can view The Good Doctor on Crave TV since Bell Media owns the Canadian distribution rights.

What is the better option, Amazon Prime or Crave TV? It depends on what shows you want to see. Both Amazon Prime and Crave TV offer a wide array of original and rebroadcast content. Many customers choose to subscribe to both. Some find the free shipping and promotional discounts offered with Amazon Prime enough to justify the added cost. A free trial period is available to Crave TV and Amazon Prime customers. Taking advantage of a trial period is the best way to compare offerings to decide on the best programming for your tastes and budget.

Chris answered 2 years ago
I want drama. I want movies. I dont wa t idiot reality shows or stupid comedy shoes. I want history and intriguing mysteries like portrait of walley. Sick of crap on tv

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