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Did you know? Uber Eats was launched in 13 different Canadian cities last year. It is predicted that this food delivery service will soon take over Canada.

So let’s start from the beginning. What is Uber Eats? And how did it get here?

Uber Eats is one of the pioneers of on-demand food delivery services. They deliver food all around your city with the help of their trusty riders. The app is a brainchild of Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick.

In 2014, the makers created a food network that disregarded localities and minimum orders. Soon enough this little franchise turned into a global phenomenon. The food delivery service now operates in all regions of the world including Canada.

The reason behind Uber Eats’ success is simple― they serve up warm meals on time. Plus, with Uber Eats on the other line, you can bet that you’ll get what you ordered.

But what if something goes amiss? That’s okay! Uber Eats keeps accessibility a top priority. They’re always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to hangry customers.

Do you want to contact Uber Eats in Canada? This article provides a comprehensive list of the company’s customer support services and contact information for customers in Canada.

Calling Customer Support

Let’s admit it! Online services are a-okay when it comes to ordering your food. But in case of emergencies, you’d like to speak to a real person. And you’d want to do that during the emergency and not after.

Lucky for you, Uber Eats gets that! That’s why they’ve hired people that are always ready to answer your calls.  All you have to do is dial Insert Contact Number. When you do call, you’ll most likely be connected to an automated operator. But within a few minutes, your call will be directed to the customer service provider whose on-call at that time.

You can call Uber Eats to:

  • Track your order or change it
  • Ask for assistance for the app
  • Complaint about a delivery

& much more

Once your call has been registered in the Uber Eats database, they’ll resolve the situation in a matter of minutes.

Going Live on the Uber Eats App

Yup, unlike some of their competitors Uber Eats has built a live chat option within their app. No chatbots or automated response team will come to the rescue here. The app’s ‘Help’ feature ensures that you’re contacted by (for the lack of a better word) a human.

How do you go live? Open your app and look for the profile tab. Once there you’ll see the ‘Help’ option on one of the tabs.

The app can be used for:

  • Past Orders
  • Account and Payment Options
  • Self-Help ‘Guide to Uber Eats’

All in all, the tech team have made sure that the app helps you reach the right person. However, in case of a technical glitch you can contact the team via phone or the other options on this list.

Uber Eats Help Center

Do you prefer to take the DIY-route? You know, people who’d prefer to read instructions and FAQs instead of asking for help.

No worries! Uber Eats has figured out a great way to help you out. All you’ve got to do is go visit their Help page. The main page opens up to queries regarding payment options and a comprehensive guide to the Uber Eats app. But the company has always provided you with a side-menu that directs you to the support options for Riders, Partners and Restaurants. From basic guidelines to individual issues― there is a solution to all your queries. Plus, each of these pages features a search bar that helps optimize your searches.

Wait a minute! Doesn’t this site have an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page?

Yes, it does! The official FAQ page is more of an about us page that answers common queries from customers and collaborators.

The page answers questions like:

  • Do I need to tip my delivery partner?
  • Which areas does Uber Eats cover?
  • How is the delivery fee calculated?
  • What if I have food allergies?

All in all, Uber Eats has made sure that the answer to all your problems is at your fingertips.

Connecting via Email

What if you want to send in a lengthy message?

In the case, email is the way to go! You can send out queries and complaints with details and evidential screenshots/photos without any issue via email. This format is great for instances when the matter isn’t too urgent. And you’re willing to wait for a few days until the support team gets back to you.

You can send in your messages to Uber Eats customer support email address:  eats@uber.com

This contact line is open for all customers, riders, restaurant owners and business partners. Just make sure that your subject line and introductory paragraph states the purpose of the email. This ensures that the team responds faster if it’s a time-sensitive issue.

Being Social: Uber Eats Social Media Channels

Uber Eats is one of the few apps which are in full control of its social media presence. Their social media channels are dual purpose. Not only will they keep you updated on the special deals, exclusive promo codes and new eateries teaming up with Uber Eats. But they also work as another front for customer service providers to listen to your pleas.

So don’t hesitate to slip into their DMs or messengers to send your queries. Like the email service, this is a good place to attach images/screenshots that you might want to show them.

Let’s look at these virtual spaces:

Bonus: Uber Eats also getsbrownie points for creating a separate twitter account for customer support. The Uber Support , responds to issues and questions regarding both its food delivery app and ride-share app.

Other Customer Service Options


Does Uber Eats deliver near you?  Sometimes a simple Google search won’t answer your question. That’s why it’s always better to go to the source. You can Find Your City on their official website. Either scroll down the list to reach your destination. Or use their search bar to make the search easier. Once you select your city, you’ll land on the food service page. Like this one for Calgary. You can then browse through this online buffet of eating joints to satisfy those hunger pangs.

In a nutshell, UberEats ensures that they’re always available to their clients and partners throughout the week. They know that excellent customer experience is part and parcel of the food delivery service. This is exactly why Canada loves them.

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  1. Get ripped off when ordering from 7-11

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  2. Why do I get screwed every time I place an order from 7-11. I keep getting ripped off. I received my order and noticed first thing the ice cream I ordered wasn’t there. I started to wonder if other items were missing. I looked at the Uber site I had been on. It was now blank. I tried to look up my order. I couldn’t find it. I phoned the useless driver who said that’s what they gave him. He told me to phone the store. The girl that answered the phone told me to phone back in 10 minutes. I don’t know why I bothered. I lose money every time. The only reason I ordered was I wanted ice cream. Each time I’ve ordered from this 7-11 I get the wrong items or misplaced items. The order came in an open bag. Does no one check. When your paying $40 for $20 worth of food. You think someone would be more careful. Someone let the driver in the building and he just left it at my door and left. I am deleting Uber Eats from my browser. It’s a waste of time and money

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