How Much Does Uber Eats Charge Restaurants?

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Davis asked 2 years ago
How much does Uber Eats charge restaurants?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Are you a restaurant owner looking to deliver your food to customers via the Uber Eats app? If so, it might be worthwhile to consider the pricing structure and plans you can use to understand how much Uber Eats will charge you for each delivery.

The company does not disclose exactly how much it charges restaurants, but it gives an estimate of percentages.

Overall, the Uber Eats website states that it charges restaurants up to 30% for the delivery of their food and 15% for pick-up. Even if restaurants negotiate to reduce the delivery charges, the lowest they would be charged would still be around 20%.

Previously, the company used to charge a standard ‘marketplace’ fee from all restaurants that included coverage for all of the services, such as driver onboarding and customer service.

However, after a year, they changed this approach once they tested it and got feedback from restaurants.

Today, they offer specific types of plans for each type of restaurant based on the restaurant’s size, goals, and type of business.

Uber Eats Plans

The company also announced budget-friendly and flexible plans to grow your business and reach out to customers on their website.

The company states that the three distinct plans it offers encompass delivery, pick-up, order management, tracking, customer feedback, and more. These plans offered by Uber Eats include the following:

Lite Plan

This is their most affordable plan. It charges only 15% for deliveries and 6% for pick-up.

However, this low-cost plan does not offer any marketing support. Your restaurant will not be displayed on the Uber Eats application or website, so customers will only be able to order from you by searching directly for your restaurant.

However, you can pay extra to increase your restaurant’s visibility, get ads and promotions, and enhance marketing.

Plus Plan

This is the mid-cost plan for businesses that want to reach out to new customers and expand their consumer base.

This plan allows restaurants to be visible on the Uber Eats app and be included in the list of restaurants for Uber Eats Pass subscriptions. For this plan, Uber Eats will charge 25% for deliveries and 6% for pick-ups.

While your restaurant will be visible on Uber Eats, you can still pay extra if you want to increase your branding and promotion and have ads of your restaurants displayed.

Premium Plan

The premium plan is for all the restaurants that want to maximize their sales, reach a wider customer base, and stand out from the rest.

When you pay for a premium, your restaurant will also be higher up in the search results on the Uber Eats app. The company will charge you 30% for deliveries and a 6% fee for pick-up.

Other than that, you will get all of the marketing support you need from Uber Eats.

They will also match your promotional and ad spending to up to $100. Not only that, but the company will also refund your fees if you get orders below 25 per month.

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