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Freedom Mobile is one of the leading telecommunication operators in Canada. The company has been hugely successful in part due to its effective customer service policy, where, you – the customer – are the priority.

Freedom Mobile has continually invested in keeping Canadians connected. To this end, the company has over the years unleashed a wide range of talk, text and data plans. Whether you’re a Canadian citizen, corporate client, or foreign visitor, you will most likely find a plan that’s tailored to suit all your communication needs.

Why do you need Freedom Mobile support?

Customer service is a core part of any business. It is a major determinant of the customer experience. Freedom Mobile serves thousands of clients every minute. And with that comes the likelihood of technical hitches or connection errors. Even with the most automated services like Pay After, connection problems or billing issues always come up – at least once in a while.

Not every call, text, or email to customer support is prompted by a problem. In some cases, all you need could be an explanation regarding a product or service. This is particularly unavoidable in the face of the constant evolution of services. For example, Freedom Mobile has been gradually migrating its Canadian subscribers from the legacy 3G network to the much-improved LTE network.

Contacting Freedom Mobile in Canada

You can do this in several ways:

The customer feedback and complaint form

How to contact Freedom MobileMost institutions nowadays have an online complaint form which customers can fill and submit whenever they have an issue. Freely available on Freedom Mobile’s official site is such a form. The best thing about it is that it’s pretty simple and precise.

The complaint form requires you to provide your name, email address, Freedom Mobile phone number, and a call-back number. To be able to channel your complaint to the right personnel, there’s a drop-down menu from which you should choose the type of issue you have. Next comes a message window where you are expected to type down your complaint.

After that, all you have to do is click “submit” and then wait for a response. Usually, the support team only calls you back if the nature of your complaint is such that you cannot solve it on your own. For queries and general comments, you’re likely to receive an email response.

How best can you use the feedback and complaint form?

To get the most out of the complaint form, it’s important to be direct and to the point. Customer reps usually receive dozens of forms every hour. That means they most likely spend a few seconds reading through your complaint. The faster it is to find out your exact issue, the faster the response will be.

Customer service tip: The feedback and complaint form works best when the issue at hand is not urgent.

Phone call

Whenever you need assistance to solve an urgent problem, you might be best served via a live call. You can call any of the following numbers:

  • 611 (from your Freedom Mobile phone)
  • 1-877-946-3184

If you happen to be outside the network’s coverage area, you should call +1-647-700-2435

All these lines are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST, every day of the year.

Tips on getting the most of every call

With so many people using their Freedom Mobile phones every minute, customer support usually receive a lot of calls. And while it’s your right to be served well and in a timely fashion, there are a few things you can do to make the conversation as productive as possible:

  • Make sure you have everything you need beforehand: You will most probably need your phone number, account details, the add-ons you have installed, and more – depending on the nature of your problem. If, for instance, you have an issue with credit card billing, ensure you have your card details ready. That way, you will be able to avoid the in-call hustle and bustle that can waste a lot of time
  • Keep it brief: Try to exclude information that’s not relevant to the problem at hand. Suppose you wish to find out about international roaming: let that be the first thing you mention soon after introducing yourself
  • Be persistent, but polite: Sometimes the customer support rep on the other end might not understand your issue right from the start. When that happens, you can easily be tempted to raise your voice or make an unsavory comment. The calmer and politer you are, the more receptive the rep will be to your problem.

Send the support team a letter

Alternatively, you can send customer support a letter detailing the issue you would like addressed. In the letter, ensure you have clearly stated all the relevant information. It’s also paramount to give a call back number just in case a customer rep needs to speak to you. The letter should be addressed to:

Freedom Mobile
207 Queens Quay West
Suite 710
PO Box 114
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A7

Understandably, mail responses can take longer compared to online submissions or phone calls. You should only opt for this mode of contact if:

  • The issue is not urgent
  • Information security is guaranteed
  • You have regular access to your mailbox

Social Media

Social media huddles can be an effective and convenient way to forward your complaints. Freedom Mobile reps are quite active on Facebook and Twitter, and responses usually take not more than a few hours. You can post general inquiries on any of the two pages. But if your issue is sensitive, it’s advisable to send a private message.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Through experience, Freedom Mobile has assembled a question bank that contains frequently asked questions. In most cases, customer issues are not unique, which means a similar issue might have been addressed in the past.

For convenience, issues addressed are subdivided into categories, including:

  • LTE network
  • Billing and payment
  • Freedom WI-FI
  • Product and services

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28 Reviews
  1. Sharen Malone 2 days ago

    Could NOT understand agent due to accent. No idea what her name was. Uselss.

  2. Derek 2 weeks ago

    Freedom recently allowed an individual to port and steal my number in an attempt of identity theft. I was completely cut off from any phone use and had no choice but to walk in to a freedom mobile kiosk where I purchased the phone and plan.. I spoke with the representative ” Marianna” at the masonville location who said my plan was cancelled also theres nothing she can do for me.. She offered to sell me a new plan which I said was unacceptable. She then said to call customer service which I pointed out, I have no phone to do so and she stated ” thats your problem” things escalated and an argument ensued as I asked to speak with a manager who was unavailable but a “lead” was in the store so I waited to speak with him. I asked Marianna for her name as I would be speaking to customer service and she wrote it down with a smiley face in attempt to further provoke the customer. When the lead was available ( mike) he calmed the situation and called customer service on behalf, porting the number back and getting my phone working again within a short time. As the customer this was all I was asking for, a representative to help me with an issue I was having after spending my money with this company. Marianna gets zero stars in every category where as mike was pleasant, personable and helpful, he would receive a 5 star review. unfortunately as a whole I have to split the two reviews and give my overall experience a 2.





  3. Taiwo 1 month ago

    I left, freedom mobile sometimes ago for another sister company. But I was lured back with special promo and constant emails from freedom mobile. Actually I left because of poor service, dropping calls and coverage areas. And in the promotion, they ( freedom mobile), promise me that, I will get my usual old price and wind tab. To my surprise, the price jump up to $85 instead of $65 , since then , I has not been ratify and their representatives telling me to email back office for support.
    In which I don’t get , something that should be available on their computer/ system. But , the bills and collection can ACCESS without delay / tinkle of eyes.
    They need to improve on customer’s relation/ quality service.





  4. Holly Jones 1 month ago

    I am furious with the disrespect and RIP off by freedom mobile. When I bought a cell phone phone for my grand daughter, my daughter purchased a Samsung Galaxy A50 without my consent, while I thought I was only paying for my grand daughter, when I brought to their attention that I did not agree to pay for my daughter’s phone, they would not address this misrepresentation, forcing me to pay off this phone for $





  5. Anna 3 months ago

    I have been a Freedom Mobile customer for over 2 years. My monthly payment is $40.00 and I always have used the express payment option to pay for the next month. After I make the payment, I get a text from Freedom Mobile notifying me of the new balance of my account.

    On August 19th, 2019, I made a payment of $40.00 to my account. I was notified of my new balance through text as usual. I made the payment before the last day of the month as I wanted to make sure I had the money ready in that account for when it was due. In the past, I’ve added an extra $10.00, for example on September 31st, on October 31st, I would get a text telling me that my current balance is $10.00, and that my payment is due tomorrow. I’ve never had any issues with having extra money in my account, until now.

    On August 30th, I received a text from Freedom telling me that my payment was due on the 1st, and that my current balance was $20.95. I was pretty confused and frustrated. Where did this $20.00 disappear? I thought maybe there was a glitch in the text and called customer service.

    After waiting on hold for over 25 minutes, a representative finally answered. I explained the issue to them, and they didn’t really seem to know what happened, but just kept repeating them same things over and over again. That my payment was due tomorrow, and that I had $20.95 in my account. Eventually, they explained to me that because I paid in the middle of the cycle, that’s why my money went missing.

    This didn’t make sense to me as it’s not like I hadn’t paid for the previous month, I had. I just wanted to know where $20.00 from my account went, and the representative seemed to just want to get me off the phone, without helping me resolve my issue. If someone doesn’t know the answer to something, I’d prefer them to just tell me that, and then connect me with someone that can help me solve my problem.

    Eventually, after the representative became ruder with me, I asked to speak to his supervisor. I waited on hold for the supervisor for another 10 minutes. I re-explained the situation to the supervisor, and he told me the reason why the money was gone was because I had been using texting and data on the Nationwide network.

    Side story: I had an iPhone 5 for the last 2 years, and in the last few months it started showing Nationwide about half the time. I never went on a trip anywhere, never left the city; it just would switch. Maybe 2 months ago I went to a Freedom Mobile store and told them about the issue, and they replaced the SIM card. After that I stopped having the issue for a while, but then it came back. Before, when Nationwide would appear I wouldn’t be able to text, call, or use data, but now after replacing them SIM card, I was able to.

    I assumed it was like this because I had a new SIM card. I never had my data roaming setting on, nor did I turn it on.

    So when this supervisor (Mustafa) explained this to me, I was confused. I was also confused as to why I wouldn’t be alerted that I was now being charged for this. Or why I never received a bill for this. I’m just supposed to trust what you throw out, when the last person I talked to said it was happening for a completely different reason.

    I am already looking at different providers and am disgusted by the customer service and by Freedom Mobile.





  6. Paulina Strubel 4 months ago

    We called customer service yesterday regarding the email threatening with disconnection if we don’t pay the bill of $8.25. That was the first day after the due date, Wednesday. In reality my bill was paid on Friday the previous week which I attempted to communicate with my call. The representative who answered the phone after over half an hour wait repeated several times that I did not pay since the early July. The conversation went in circles she was repeating this very sentence over and over again in rude voice and when I said that money was withdrawn from my bank account and I can prove the payment she said at least five or six times that I have to send them bank statement in an even more accusational and raised, impatient voice. She was not going to look into the issue or take a note of my statement. When I asked to speak with a Supervisor she repeated the same one more time and disconnected the call half way through my sentence. Please note that I was not saying anything offensive or rude. We made the second call and after another 45 min of music finally got to speak with a Supervisor who saw no problem with our previous experience , offered no help or resolution, was rude and said that our money is still in the bank and subsequently hanged up after abrupt bye leaving us with no resolution at all after 1.5 hrs. on the phone.
    The payment was made online and the same method of payment to Amex resulted in payment confirmation email after about 3 hours the same day. If Freedom needs days longer to update customer accounts customer service should make allowance for that and show some courtesy and professionalism. Our last night’s experience was appalling. We were basically accused of an attempt to defraud Freedom.





  7. Stacy Van Sweezey 4 months ago

    Freedom Mobile could not care less about customer service!!!
    Day one with Freedom, auto withdrawal is setup, for the next day; Saturday. As the first day of Freedom service is a weekend, the bank will transfer funds on the next business day. This is common.
    However, Freedom feels obliged to suspends service. ( in the first day!)
    I call Freedom. They say they can’t help. I speak to a supervisor, who hangs up on me.
    Thanks Freedom, for your pathetic customer service… and zero business sense.





  8. Sherry Jung 5 months ago

    I called freedom on july 25 2019 wanting to upgrade my phone to a samsung S10+ after being on hold for 45min then talking with a rep for another 1/2 hr I was told that I could get the S10+ for $960.00 After which I asked if I could put $500.00 down on the ph and pay off what I still owe on my current Ph…He said no problem and we worked out the my tab to $18.40 per month before taxes. I went to a local freedom store today July 26 but forgot the paper I had written all this info on, she told me it would be $1420.00.. so we called customer support and I talked to 1 rep who said yes I did call in yesterday but the info that I was given was not written down… and then he sent me to another a woman named Nagwa…who said no ph is $1420.00. This was a big waste of my time (another hour)…being told one thing driving to a store and price is something else…and it seems that they just dont care….maybe time to change servers





  9. Robert Harding 6 months ago

    I talked to a service rep ( in Egypt ) on June 12th 2019 about my plan.
    She stated , apparently our conversation was recorded, that my plan and my daughters would go down to $20 a month each. I actually got her to repeat this several times.
    However, on checking my online account, it was still $30.
    On phoning back to complain, I talked to a supervisor who stated that she would go over the recorded transcript.
    She stated that she would phone me back. Never did.
    I phoned back again on the 14th of June and talked to a different supervisor that stated that nothing was noted on the recording about the $20 per month agreement. I was dumbfounded, this was either a bold faced lie, or the initial service rep was able to stop the recording of our ongoing conversation.
    I asked this supervisor if the service rep would be able to stop the ongoing recording, he did not even suggest a answer.
    He actually became very defensive and rude.
    At this point, it is not about the dollar difference any more, it is about a cell phone company, Freedom, which is part of Shaw, providing dismal customer service and blatantly lying about customer interactions.
    This is completely unacceptable.
    First off Shaw, give your head a shake and find customer service reps based in Canada for Freedom Mobile.
    This is pathetic that Shaw would allow their cellphone company to fall to such a low and distasteful level!





  10. Norman Burke 7 months ago

    On Dec. 19, 2018, I had my bag stolen with all my credit and debiit cards along with my cell. I notified Freedom and said to cancel my service and keep my current number until I purchase a new phone. Last week I received a notice from a collection agency saying I owed. $68.17. The rep I spoke to after the theft could not have been nicer and said he was sorry for my loss.
    Today I phoned Mobile explained the situation and asked them to remove the $68 charge. They said I used the phone in Jan and Feb this year. The rep (englishish as a 2nd language) said she conln’t remove the charges. I freaked out and asked to speak to her supervisor. The super was worse than the rep. She said I never called to cancel. The she said I called on Jan 6/2018. The date was wrong because I know called saver days after the theft. I am 83 years old and handicapped. The horrable treatment gave me sever chest pains. How do you expect keeping customers with such incompent reps and supers. I does not cost you 1 cent to remove the charge.
    Norman Burke, cpa, ca.





  11. Ankur 7 months ago

    Useless. Liars and cheats.





  12. Louis Dias 9 months ago

    Freedom mobile service customer service sucks. Even speaking with a supervisor was frustrating and annoying. The supervisor also hanged up on me. I called for a plan upgrade & they have all the best plans for the new customers, not the existing customers. On the plans for an existing customer she was only putting in terms & conditions. She was not even clear in her speech. The customer service was better when it was Wind, once changed to Freedom the customer service sucks.





  13. Arbutus 9 months ago

    The service was down in Kelowna last night. I called the support service and boom, they pointed me to the right direction in 15 minutes. I mean, I think this is OK.





  14. Anthony 1 year ago

    Due to identity theft a couple of years ago I had placed on my Equifax file a “fraud alert” so that any attempts to use my identity would be double checked. I have had no issues or problems with credit until yesterday when I attempted to open an account and get a phone. Agent told me that I failed the credit check. When I explained, provided my passport as well as drivers license he said that he couldn’t do anything and to try again in 3 months.
    Call center agent did try to be helpful but couldn’t provide any assistance. I asked for my call to be escalated to appropriate department (e.g. fraud) so that I could talk to someone with expertise in the area. No success. No phone.
    I can’t be unique? I can go to other carriers and get phone/plan.

  15. Geralden 1 year ago

    I’ve been 1yr prepaid customer and it is excellent for me. Nothing to complain but all of the sudden someone called me if I want to have 2Gb extra for free for my loyalty and it’s the same price of what I pay per month $30.00. He said ,Nothing change. So, Who wants this promotions? Of course I was convinced. My prepaid service will be end this coming 25th of November but now I’ve got a text message that I have a monthly bill cost about $24 and due December 4. I don’t know that my service is converted to monthly which I don’t need it because I am using my phone for just emergency if I am away from home.v I am stay home mom. I have my home phone , internet, so what’s for. So this month I paid /paying almost double because I have due this dec.. 04. So how about next month? $100 or more? THIs is very TERRIBLE! I am so DiSAPPOINTED.! I don’t need this crazy crap advertisement and contract 24months ? This is my own phone from bell, please back to prepaid,. I am happy with my prepaid service. please cancel this. I am not Happy!!!👎🏻 This is riding so much crazy. I don’t have money to pay extra.😵

  16. Jaime Macdonald 1 year ago

    We have 2 cell phones one will only receive calls from Wind customers tech department could not solve in about 4 days my friend had to go to 2 stores the one at Woodbine Mall says it was the sim card but would not sell her one as I am the account holder even though I put her on my account I could not make it there I asked customer care if some one could call the store to okay the purchase they said they could not do this no incoming calls for days no help from customer care what if some one is out of the country for a while this is a good reason for us to switch to another provider

  17. Robert 1 year ago

    I have a problem in that I have never been able to complete a cell phone call.
    I have gone into your office many many times but I’m still lost in space, so to speak.
    I liked the image of Wind/Freedom! But making it work for me is a struggle!
    My sister signed me up for this. The last contact I had was a month or two back when my Password was lost.
    The gal in your 4th Ave office said I may have to contact google about a new password? How do I do that?
    I do make land line calls from home and I answer phone calls on my land line I guess.
    Now somebody tells me I owe $500? Can you just charge me a land line fee for each call?
    Would it be best to have two lines? $500 for no calls is ridiculous!?
    I never seem to be able to talk to anybody and move forward.

    I think you should offer Introductory Courses/Overviews or Cell Phones for Dummies. I feel totally at sea as I have never been able to talk to anybody. Nobody has followed up with me to see if they can help.
    I thought it might be a good idea to have a cell phone for emergency purposes if I were out hiking.
    Do you have a cost per call feature?

  18. Barb Chakraburtty 2 years ago

    Hi,my son joel went to masonville mall in london to get a new ph last wed.was told his acct.was still in his dads name& nothing could be done with it until it was changed over.His wonderful dad died very unexpectedly a yr & a half ago,to which your company was made aware of last year when our son went to get a new ph.Was given the info.on what needed to be done to change ph.over to his name…we did what he was supposed to ….D.certificate etc.just to find out last wed.that it didnt get done by one of the employees that was to do so.
    He was told again to show proof of death,which very much upset him, having to deal with this painful time in his life,not to mention the quest.that one might lie about such a horrible thing in his life,by having to show a DC proof again.What I, as his parent,want from this big mistake, of this not being taken care of last was supposed to be,& we thought was,is some kind of Decrease in his monthly pymnts.on his ph.bill.He is a teen& not going to go through all the stress & time to try to get satisfaction from this problem that was the companys fault,not his….but,I will.He has been applying for jobs & hasnt been able to check his ph.for a day & a half for responses to his applications for employment due to, the fact that his ph.needed to be replaced & not working,but,was refused.Mistakes can be made by any if us,we are only human,but,this was something that should not have happened in the first place& should be rectified in a proper way with freedom mobile &its loyal customer.
    Please make this work, that joel receives some kind of proper compensation for time wasted& not being able to even use his cell for awhile & having issues with it. He still payed his ph.bill for april.
    It must be that anybody that would talk to a young person matter of factly about dcertificates of a parent that was very suddenly taken from his life& witnessed that awful day,must not know the pain themselves,of going thru such a loss.Some common sense & a lot of courtesy needs to be put towards customers,especially ones @ this age when dealing with matters of this sort.
    Would very much appreciate a response to this important email & trust that Freedom will do whats right with this.
    Thank you

  19. Harmeet kaur 2 years ago

    very poor customer service , have to wait almost 1 hour to talk to a representative.

  20. Ajok Aken 2 years ago

    I was paying $10 as a protaction plan since 2015-2017 and i have been calling to get a phone replacement but i was told that the only thing i can do is go on a new plan if am approved and the money that i was paying won’t even go on a new plan. Now i don’t care about being refunded as i loved being with freedom mobile but i want the money to go on a plan and as i was explaining that to the supervisor she hunged up on me. What kind of customer service is this? Is that how you treat a loyal customer who have been with you for 2 years or so?

  21. Amina Omar 2 years ago

    Am waiting for my refund and its ten days now.
    I was told the money will be in my account. And up to now.

    Is it fair

  22. Norma Appleby 2 years ago

    The evening of Dec 18 , 2017 I called 611 to arrange to make payment was greeted with a message stating they are experiencing longer then normal wait times . However never expected going on over 1 1/2 HOURS ! Was also experiencing really poor reception in the area I live ( Cypress & 8th ) calls cut out regularly often shows away now this ridiculous service time has made me decide 100 % for a better cel phone service provider in my area . Had been with Wind for years then Freedom took over may have decent plans with good rates but this sucks !!!!

  23. Bruce 2 years ago

    The Technical Support Service is terrible. Even a simple thing such as LTE , Freedom Wifi set up, they still couldn’t figure out . They tried to excuse and told you go to the Freedom Mobile Store to get help. I came there, the staff at Mobile store get mad and told me they only selling the phones and not doing or not knowing the technical support.

    Suggestion : Demolish Customer Service Department, buy a cheap answering machine to automatically tell customers go to Freedom Mobile store to get help if they have any problem.

    Technical support is useless !!!

    Dated December 2, 2017

  24. J 2 years ago

    The customer service is horrible. The supervisors claim there is no one they report to but they can’t handle a simple complaint and hang up the phone on paying customers. I waited 45 mins to be hung up. You lost my monthly bill.

  25. Scott Fraser 2 years ago

    I have been trying to have the data throttling feature removed from my phone for five months. I exceeded the data target once and despite repeated calls to to customer service, the staff located in the Manilla just give a customer service run around. Today I received a notice that LTE had arrived but after following the instructions on the email I was then told by tech service that I pHone six is not compatible.

    Tomorrow I will visit Freedom Head Office to try to find some body who cares about customer service. Fortunately their apparent office is less than than three hundred meters away.

    This company has the worst service although I do admit their data plans are the best for Canada and I like the roaming in the USA options.

    Why does this need to be so hard.

  26. Kelly 2 years ago

    Unbelievably horrible service. My son can’t send or receive pictures on his cell phone. Use the account app all the time so when he decided to go to Cuba I went on the app (which I was told I could get add-ons on the app myself instead of calling in). I selected the “go south” add-on which states it’s good for Mexico/Caribbean coverage. Upon arriving in Cuba he was on data for less than a minute and rec’d a text message saying he was over my data usage and his data was locked. When I called in the customer service rep advised me that this plan excluded Cuba and other Caribbean locations. I asked to speak to a supervisor. “Tiffany” the supervisor was rude and very condescending. She told me I should have checked online where it lists what areas of the Caribbean were covered. Apparently they have NOTHING to cover Cuba and when I asked what should my son do then her rude response was “I suggest he not use the service then” When I told her that when he returns he won’t be using the service and that we will be cancelling our service with Freedom and going with another provider her answer was “is there anything else I can help you with?”. I am an excellent customer, not only do I pay my bill every month days before it’s due but also with a little extra. My account is always in a credit. This is how they treat their customers?!?!?!?!

  27. Shakira 3 years ago

    “freedom mobile” are just a bunch of frauds. I got my phone with their credit promotion they had. I was given 24 months to pay it off, I missed only 2 payments. So they decided to say forget the rest of the months you have to pay it off and pay it now. Long story short they told me I had to pay a total of $615 for missing 2 payments. That $615 was suppose to be paid off in 24 months. So they cut off my service and put me in collections. I would not recommend this service to anyone to be honest. Their rude and not understanding nor patient. Luckily I was able to unlock my phone for a cheap price and switch over to chatr and so far I’m pleased with them. Please read this before considering to go with “freedom mobile”.

  28. Anon 3 years ago

    Why does this company not have email customer service option. This is horrendous.
    My phone had a malicious virus installed by a vengeful person. I had to factory reset my entire phone to get the virus off. Now it wont allow me to connect to my personal data-send/recieve or MAKE CALLS. So how am I supposed to CALL to customer service if I cant call.
    i’ve been a customer for over two years. Its really simple to make more ways of reaching customer service

    1 out of 5 stars, for Wind/Freedom Mobile, I’m thinking of switching to Virgin Mobile. I’m sick of this-

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