Who owns Freedom Mobile?

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Steve asked 2 years ago
I was wondering, who owns Freedom mobile?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
When it comes to mobile phone services, Canadians have plenty of options. However, by far, the most popular one is Freedom Mobile. It is one of the oldest network providers but is continually the go-to option for many Canadians because of its wide range of services and affordability.

The company is a wireless telecommunications provider that aims to make talking and texting affordable so as not to break the bank. The fact that it is affordable, combined with being an excellent provider, is the reason why Freedom Mobile is the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the country.

If you are wondering who owns such a large company, the answer is not that simple. This guide details everything you need to know.

A Little about Freedom Mobile

Before we dive into the owner of Freedom Mobile, it might be worthwhile first to discuss the company itself. The main aim of this company is to create a movement towards affordability in terms of mobile data and wireless services. It provides multiple options of fast LTE data to Canadians wherever they are.

Freedom Mobile was originally created as Wind Mobile in 2009. However, after many changes, expansions, and mergers, the company ultimately changed to be called ‘Freedom Mobile.’

Freedom Mobile brings about four main ways to make Canadian wireless coverage affordable to its users. These include flat monthly fees, special offers on phones, data, and more, affordable phones, and cost-effective data plans.

The company initially started providing mobile data and voice services in the greater Hamilton and Toronto areas in 2009. Soon, it launched in Alberta and became the largest network provider in Southern Ontario.

Today it enriches its movement towards affordability by building value for customers, employees, investors, and the local community. They aim to build a more integrated and brighter future and community together.

Freedom Mobile Owner

Freedom Mobile is currently owned and operated by Shaw Communications. This is a telecommunication company that provides a plethora of services, including television, internet, telephone, and mobile services. Shaw Communications primarily provides its services in Alberta and British Columbia. However, it does also have smaller systems in northern Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

All of these services are provided by Shaw Communications through their subsidiary, Freedom Mobile. Today, the company’s biggest competitor is Telus Communications.

Originally, when Freedom Mobile was known as Wind Mobile, it was founded by the telecommunications company Globalive. This company owns a number of ‘Wind’ brand telecommunication services and products. When Shaw Communications purchased Wind Mobile, they rebranded and renamed the company ‘Freedom Mobile.’

This was their way of removing any baggage from Wind and changing the company to become a new, fresher, and an ultimately better carrier. This is how Freedom Mobile expanded to provide coverage in more areas of Ontario and British Columbia. It also introduced a wider range of features and services.

However, it continued to stick with its motto of making internet, mobile data, and other telephone-related services affordable for all citizens of the country.

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