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Xbox is a video gaming brand that was created and is currently owned by Microsoft. Xbox has released multiple consoles, which are called Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. Xbox is also known for its streaming services, its games and its online service called Xbox live.

The first Xbox was released 17 years ago in the United States— in 2001. By 2006, the original Xbox was still a hit. In 2005, the Xbox 360 was released and 84 million units were sold all over the world. The Xbox one was released in 2013 in 21 markets and was shipped worldwide in 2017.

If you’re in Canada and want to contact Xbox/Xbox Live – look no further. Xbox’s customer support is one of the best in Canada. Whether you have trouble with a streaming service or your device is malfunctioning, Xbox customer support services will help you out. They also try their best to constantly upgrade their customer support system so their users can have a pleasant experience. Here is everything you need to know about how to get in touch with Xbox/Xbox Live Canada today!

Customer Support

Xbox/Xbox Live has an easy to use customer support service, which is available for all their customers. Whether you’re looking to file a complaint, give feedback or send a query – simply contact them through their website today. Their website will provide you with several options on how to contact your nearest Xbox/Xbox Live store.

Xbox customer support has made sure to make things extremely simple for their users in Canada. All you have to do is go to their website, scroll down and click on ‘Support’. This will re-direct you to a page which lists down all the Xbox products.

Once you click on a specific product, you will again be re-directed to a page that will have multiple questions about that specific product. For example, if you click on Xbox one, you will be re-directed to a page with multiple questions about Xbox one. If you click on these questions, you will be able to view answers.

If you have any other issues like an error or a question about your warranty or want to know where the closest Xbox repair center is, you can scroll down the page to learn more. You can also click on ‘Contact Us’ and mention your problem. Xbox Canada will get back to you in no time.

My Account

You have the option to sign up once you visit the Xbox/Xbox Live website. By signing up, you can learn more about Microsoft and Xbox and contact them easily. Through your account, you can post on the Xbox forums and connect with other players.

If you are a parent, you can manage your child’s account and set a user limit. Besides that, you can manage your subscription, reset and manage your password and account and even change your Xbox gamertag. You can also use your account to find and match your Xbox one control, Kinect control number and your console ID.

Microsoft Helpline

Since Xbox/Xbox Live is a Microsoft product, you can even find help on their website. If you have questions about your hardware device, go to technical support and click on the option to contact Microsoft support for accessories. This will help you with all your Kinect controller and wireless controller issues. This will re-direct you to a page, which has links to all your questions. The same page also has a chat option, which is great for users who do not like using the phone. You can simply type your issue and a Microsoft Xbox operator will try to fix it in no time.

Whether you want to learn how to connect your wireless controller to your Windows PC or you want to change the vibration of your controller, you can find your answers here. You can also learn more about Microsoft accessories and how to update your Xbox controller on Windows 10 here.

Xbox support in Canada

Xbox Live Support

A quick way to contact Xbox Live support is by calling them. You can call them at 800-469-9269. However, the average user has to wait 38 minutes to talk to an operator. Most of the times, operators are available after 40 minutes.

Xbox Live support is available Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 05:00 pm EST. The best time to call them is early morning, when the lines are less busy. Make sure to discuss your issue with the operator and say yes when they ask for a follow up. Xbox operators will do their best to figure out your issue and solve it. You can also talk to the operator about a refund, to recover or cancel your account or how to stream or download a game.


Xbox and Xbox Live FAQs are very easy to find all over their website. You will find questions and answers related to all your queries, whether they are about your live account or your wireless controller here. Make sure to go through the FAQs page before contacting an operator.

How to contact xbox support service

Xbox on Social Media

You can contact Xbox through their different social media platforms.

You can direct message Xbox on Instagram and even tag them in your posts and pictures. You can also use Twitter to report an issue, talk about a missing product or give feedback. Xbox operators are very quick to respond on Twitter and make sure to read all your reviews on Facebook. If you have had a bad experience, Xbox Canada will try its best to make it more pleasant next time.

If you want to contact Xbox/Xbox Live, try the options listed above or visit your nearest store today!

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