Xbox network: problems and outages in real time

Xbox network, which began its existence as Xbox Live, is an online venue for multiplayer video game experiences and digital media that is owned and operated by Microsoft.

Xbox Live came into existence as a feature of the original Xbox in November of 2002 and allowed for the first reliable online multiplayer experience on a dedicated gaming console. The first major innovation to the service came with the release of the Xbox 360 some three years later. The last major upgrade of the platform came with the launch of the Xbox One in 2013.

Even though the service known as Xbox network seemed to upgrade with every subsequent build of the Xbox console, both the Xbox Series X and Series S make use of the same design as the one engineered in 2013.

The transition to Xbox network formally occurred in March of 2021 as a change to manage all Xbox-related services, instead of just remaining focused on Xbox Gold, the paid mechanism that allowed players to join their friends for online multiplayer gameplay. The rebrand to the Xbox network also came with removing the need for Xbox Live Gold in order to enjoy free-to-play games on the console.

Xbox network serves as a user account for Xbox consoles, allowing users to store and access games and other varieties of digital content by means of a “Gamertag.” The Xbox network comes in both a free and subscription-based version, distinguished by the terms “Free” and “Gold,” respectively.

The latest reports on users of the Xbox network point to a figure of over 100 million active users across 43 official countries and territories, including Canada. Despite the program’s longevity and many innovations over the years, the technology has progressed to the point that this service is no longer compatible with the original Xbox.

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