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Vonage is an inexpensive service provider offering flat rates within Canada and the United States of America. It leads in providing communication services to businesses and consumers. Besides, Vonage offers a robust suite of feature –rich business and residential communication solutions.

Nowadays everything is digitalized, and Vonage is not behind in this sector. They have set up an application where it’s made easy for you because you can make free calls if you are near a wi-fi connection or 3G/4G (standard data rates apply). One can download this application free on apple stores or play stores. If you want to order Vonage services call 1-888-898-8647 or 1-800-608-5590 and receive a service that runs for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some of the other features that make Vonage preferable are:

  • Making call on3G/4G, use of wi-fi to make calls when you are in poor cell coverage areas.
  • Calls you make from the app use your Vonage number as your caller ID.
  • You will know the difference in your incoming call. If it’s from your mobile number or your Vonage number
  • The app will use you the contact list to provide caller id to know who is calling.
  • You can answer the incoming call from your Vonage number like you are at home. The calls will ring at your home phone and app.

Additionally, you have many reasons to purchase the Vonage services. Once you make your order, then you have an option of paying through the following platforms. Master Card, Discover and American Express credit cards, as well as Visa debit cards, with a CA billing address as a form of payment.

How to get in touch with Vonage customer service

VonageVonage gives great offers to satisfy the customer’s needs. They have a one-year agreement where one pays a small amount of $12.99 per month, taxes and fees inclusive. You can opt to use the offer with no annual contract where you pay $12.99 per month plus taxes and fees. When you pay and get the product, shipping, phone adapter, activation, and installations are free. Call landlines and mobile phones as noted before using this platform. Furthermore, you are given 400 minutes to use within Canada and Puerto Rico areas.

They have infinite offers for their clients. They have an offer for the first six months where they give 60% off the original price thus you pay $9.99 plus taxes and fees for the next 12 months. Preferably, they offer a 64% off for 6 months where you pay $9.99 in Canada. To access Vonage stores near you visit Walmart, electronic Fry’s, Best Buy, or Meijer.

Once you sign up for the service, Vonage sends you an analog telephone adapter to connect to your computer and network device, instructions and cabling required for installing Vonage. They also offer a soft phone (software telephone- enabling voice-over) application in substitution for a telephone. This application provides an onscreen display that the user interacts. For instance, using a head set in place of a phone, if you want to connect to your laptop.

When in need of help from customer care attendants you can contact the agents through you Vonage number. Dial +1-866243-4357 in any country or dial +1-646-564-2845 then provide your name and request return call. Inform the representative that you are calling from an international number without toll-free calling service. The country code is +1 and the calling format is 1+3 digits area codes +7 digit phone number.

Vonage has a 911 line which is different from the traditional one. All you need to do is to fill a short form during sign up that will require your street address where you will be using your Vonage service.

There is basic 911 and enhanced 911(E911). Your telephone and registered address are passed on to local emergency operators who will then have the necessary information to send help and call you if necessary. Customers who are in locations where the emergency center is not well equipped to have basic 911. The crisis centers are not necessarily well informed about you thus when they call you need to be prepared to give them your information. If you have a friend and family who want to communicate to you, as far as they are, and you do not want them to feel the burn, then use the Vonage access number, and anyone can contact a Vonage number with local call cost. The Vonage access number also applies to non-Vonage members as long as they use it to call Vonage members.

To use this as a non-member, you need to do the following steps

  • Find a local Vonage access number
  • Dial your local Vonage access number, wait for the prompt then enter the local Vonage number you want to reach. You can call an international and toll-free.

Giving the operator your number is wise so that he or she can call you back or dispatch help. If the call is not received, does not go through or the caller is unable to speak, the Vonage will automatically upgrade customers with basic 911 or E911 service. If you are a client with neither 911 nor E911, if you call, your number will automatically be sent to a trained agent who will ask for your mobile number, name, and your address and connect you to the right authority.

If you as a customer has logged into the site and do not understand what you are dealing with, the Vonage page has a question and answer (FAQs) platform where you can ask any question that is challenging and be sure there will be a reply given to satisfaction.

Vonage has media platforms thus they can reach a huge audience. You can find them on FacebookTwitterGoogle plus, and Linked In. Visit these sites for more information since it’s the better way to go!

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