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Chatr Mobile, founded as Chatr Wireless in 2010, is a mobile network provider in Canada that is owned by the much-larger Rogers Communications Canada. Even though the carrier first launched by limiting its plan features to only certain parts of Canada that fell under the Rogers network, it has now expanded to cover almost all urban areas of Canada, on top of providing additional plans for certain cities.

Chatr products include phones and SIM cards and its services include a varied list of price plans. With a substantial reach in North America, Chatr also has a competent and professional customer care and support system in place. Chatr offers diverse customer support services to its customers via its website.

So, without further ado, let’s review how you can contact Chatr’s customer support and avail its various services.

Chatr’s Customer Support Services

Chatr is quite proficient when it comes to taking care of its customers. Here are the various ways in which you can reach out to the customer care representatives of Chatr and avail Chatr’s various customer care services.

Store Locator

Chatr gives you a super useful feature in the form of its store locator. This helpful tool allows you to find a Chatr store that is closest to your location. You simply have to enter your area’s postal code or your province and city along with the maximum distance that you want the store to be at from your location.

To further refine your search, Chatr gives you the option of selecting their specific product or service that you want and the type of store you are looking for. The results show the stores closest to your location, their addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, hours and days of operation along with the services that they provide.  

FAQs Page

Chatr also provides you with a comprehensive FAQ landing page that answers all of your concerns about its services and products. This landing page has Chatr’s most frequently asked questions listed down along with their thoroughly detailed answers.

It also has further FAQ categories listed on the side so that if you have any more questions left unanswered, you can browse through these queries – they include Chatr plans, Online SIMs, Account Info, etc.

Contact Chatr

Chatr is highly committed to helping its customers out as quickly and professionally as possible. If you have any queries and concerns regarding its services and products, simply reach out to its customer care representatives via the following routes that are available on their contact us page:

Call Chatr helpline

You can get in touch with Chatr representatives by calling them on their official numbers:

  • For North American customers: *611
  • For International customers: 1-514-734-7232

Chatr’s call service is available on the following days and times:

  • Monday – Friday: 9 am – 9 pm (EST)
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm (EST)


You can also choose to mail Chatr at the following address:

Chatr Mobile
333 Bloor Street East, 8th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1G9

General Inquiry Form:

You can also fill out a general inquiry form that Chatr’s customer service representatives respond to as swiftly as possible. You simply have to select your general inquiry or concern and then select the specific area of expertise that you need help with.

You also have to add your relevant contact information such as your full name, e-mail, phone number, etc. Next, you can type away your exact concern and wait for a comprehensive and helpful reply from the professional customer service staff at Chatr.

Contact Chatr on Social Media:

You can also reach out to Chatr’s representatives through their social media handles:

  • On Facebook: You can contact Chatr’s customer service representatives on Facebook. They are available 7 days of the week from 8 am – midnight (EST).
  • On Twitter: You can tweet out to chatr on their twitter handle, @chatrmobile, for a quick response from their customer service staff. The staff is available 7 days of the week from 8 am – midnight (EST).

Site Map

Chatr also has a super helpful page that is dedicated to its site map. This page breaks down the various WebPages that are on Chatr’s website into neat categories that you can access with the utmost ease. This feature allows you to easily find what you are looking for on Chatr’s website without wasting your time.

Chatr Coverage

This specific webpage on Chatr’s website dedicated to their network coverage allows you to search up the locations in Canada, where Chatr’s network service is available. You can also find out if you live in a Chatr data zone and can avail its data services by dialling *#555# from your Chatr phone.

How-To Videos  

Chatr has an uber-helpful webpage on its website that has many how-to videos on it. You can access these videos and learn all the quick tips and tricks to make full use of Chatr’s services. These videos cover a range of topics from topping-up your account to adding or removing a credit card.

Online Account

Chatr provides you with a wonderful opportunity to create an account on its website to reap the following benefits:

  • You can top-up your account
  • You can easily change your price plan
  • You can effectively manage your payments
  • You can update your account info and profile anytime you want

Chatr Mobile App

Chatr also has a mobile app that you can download on your smartphone. With this app, you will be able to manage your Chatr account effectively. Here’s how the Chatr app can benefit you:

  • You can quickly and easily top-up your account using your credit card
  • You can check all your data plan details and account balance
  • You can also monitor your usage, including your used and leftover minutes, text messages, and data while you are on the go
  • You can benefit from Chatr’s auto-pay service

Keep in Touch with Chatr

Chatr is a leading mobile virtual network operator in Canada. With its excellent customer care representatives and services, Chatr is devoted to providing its customers with an exceptional experience.

Chatr outages and problems reports

Is Chatr down? Here is a chart of the current state of the services. The blue line represent the number of reports submitted by our users over the past 24 hours, compared with the number of reports submitted last week (grey line).

Customer care reviews
Average Rating
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6 reviews

  1. If I could give 0’s I would. 1 star is too much. I’m paying for my son’s phone service and there has been a service outage all day. He needed his phone bady when out biking in the mountains. We tried calling Chatr tonight and there was NO customer service. What kind of tel co has no emergency support services?
    Also they waste time with their digital zombie blabbing on and on about account status, how-to’s and options that suck up precious time and obviously we have no interest in, or we wouldn’t be calling. Stress and time waste – filled with aggravaton during a time we are already upset – and at the end of all that crap, the zombie told us they’re closed. What a disrespectful gong show of greed and exploitation big corporations have become! Whatever happened to authentic customer service? Disgusted.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. I bought an apple phone a week ago and still cant hook up my chattr card even though my account is existing it says network sim locked yet chatr had me fry 3 sim cards with false unlock p u k codes and also charged me 5 dollars to do these acts said hed replace the price of 2 sim cards which wad 24 $tax included plus my 5 back he only rrinbursted me 15 like w?f and i topped up a week ago and still cant use my services “( ive just about had it

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  3. I was with Mobilicity then chatr took over now my plan I am not allowed to buy extra data because I was from Mobilicity. And for that reason alone I am going to cancel my service with chatr it’s ridiculous they will not take my money so I’ll take my business somewhere else thank you very much chatter and thanks for nothing goodbye

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  4. I desperately need some files that I accidently erased. It’s super important that I retrieve these,. Can you please help me.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  5. I called three time, because the service lady hang up my phone, one of them said, :”I do not know, how can I tell how to print the receipt, you can go to here to get your receipt,…” then she give me CRA website, what a lady!
    my question is very simply, I just ask to see my account history, and my month receipt. unfortunately I did not in the past three months.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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