How To Change Chatr Phone Number?

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Gina asked 2 years ago
Has anyone changed their Chatr phone number in the past and can help me with changing my Chatr plan? I need to change my Chatr phone number, and I don’t know how to do it.
Can someone give me some advice? Thanks

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

If you’re looking for a great mobile company that offers plenty of perks to its customers, Chatr Mobile is worth checking out.

One of the great things about Chatr is that you can change your assigned cellphone number if you desire. This can be handy if you’re moving to a new area and want to keep your same number or if you want to change things up for whatever reason.

The process of changing your number is quick and easy, and it’s a nice perk that Chatr offers to its customers.

Changing a phone number on an account is simple enough, but it requires that the account owner make the request. This is to prevent any unauthorized changes from being made.

If you are not the account owner, you will need to ask them to make the change for you. They must log in to their account and navigate the change phone number page.

You also can’t choose a specific number or sequence of numbers – the new number will be randomly assigned. If you are the account owner, simply call *611 from your Chatr phone to initiate the change.

Once your telephone number change is complete, reboot your phone to ensure the change takes effect.

After you change your Chatr cellphone number, you should take a few crucial steps to ensure that the change is carried out smoothly:

  • You will need to notify your contact list of the new phone number. This can be done quickly by sending out a mass text or email.
  • Your voicemail will be reset, so you must set up a new greeting and password.
  • It is essential to reboot your phone to ensure the changes have taken effect.

After following these steps, you will be able to enjoy your new phone number without any disruptions.

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