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Amazon is an international e-commerce company that has humble beginnings, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It has grown rapidly, and it even has its own brands and movie studio now. Amazon does have markets all across the globe, and the contact mechanisms vary a bit by region.

Thankfully, Amazon is one of the few companies that tries hard to not outsource their customer support. It is very common for users calling in to get a representative who speaks their language natively or near natively.

Ease of Access

Unlike many of its direct competitors, Amazon Canada has made it easy to quickly get ahold of a customer representative. However, their link to customer service is very small and located in the bottom right hand corner of their Canada site. Alternatively, you can click here to be taken to their Canadian customer service page.

amazonLike many other companies, Amazon will try to get you to “help yourself”, so to speak. They will want you to spend time searching their help databases that largely contain solutions too general to meet anyone’s needs. Feel free to peruse the reading material at your leisure, but chances are that your main objective is to get in touch with a real person!

Making First Contact!

In order to talk to a human, you’ll need to go to the page linked to above. Then you need to click on the yellow “Contact Us” button. The other content on that page is largely useless, and even if you try to use these “recommended options” first, you’ll probably end up needing to talk to a representative anyhow.

amazon canada support

HELPFUL HINT: On this first page, Amazon allows you to “view your orders” and get automated help with them. Just ignore this. You will have the option to select an order before speaking with a representative, as well.

Amazon is unfortunately one of the few companies large enough to warrant multiple phonelines for different concerns. You will need to go through their very brief questionnaire to get to support options.

For example, if you’re interested in learning about remedies for an item you got in the mail that was severely damaged, you’ll need to select the actual order from your account on this screen. This will actually end up saving both you and the representative a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on account ownership authentication.

Continuing Onwards!

If you want support concerning an order, just select the order and what you wish to call about. Don’t hesitate to use the “Something Else” option on the dropdown. Don’t even bother with the field asking for a “short summary of your issue.” This is generally useless, since the support representative will ask you this personally anyhow. Once you’ve done all of these, you should see a few options at the bottom of the page in Amazon’s classic white and blue buttons.

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Helpful Hint: The “Chat” option usually is not available during peak seasons due to excessive wait times. In these cases, you’ll have to either phone or email the support department.

These will usually be “E-mail“, “Phone“, and “Chat“. You can pick any of these depending on personal preference. Amazon’s support is generally very effective through chat, and it helps clear up any ambiguities you may have over the phone. Perhaps the “Phone” option is the second best. Amazon has a fairly unique phone system.

If you click the “Phone” option for support, you have an option to enter in your phone number and a time to call you. When your support ticket is picked up, the representative will have read what you submitted and will not need to further authenticate your account. There can be somewhat of a delay, but you will not be placed on hold if you use this system. Of course, they also have some general help numbers, which we discuss later on.

Of all these options, “Email” is the least appealing, unless you’re using Amazon at a time outside of their standard business hours. The “Email” option will just allow you to compose an email without leaving the page. Just talk more in-depth about your issue, and Amazon will likely follow up within 24 hours. From that point, you may still need to talk one-on-one using one of the first two methods with an Amazon representative.

What happened to old-fashioned customer support?

Many people are used to traditional customer support options. As a tech giant, Amazon is an innovator in this field, but they still respect the fact that some people would prefer to not have to log into their accounts and go through options screens to reach their support.

If you would prefer to just talk with a representative due to accessibility issues or simply personal preference, please call: 1-877-344-9801. This is Amazon’s “General Help Line”, and you may have to spend some time on hold. This number is generally open 24/7. Note that this number is toll-free. Amazon’s non-toll-free number is: 1-206-922-0883. Charges may apply if you call this line. It’s also open year-round.

Helpful Hint: If you choose the more traditional phone support route, please expect it to take a significantly longer amount of time. You will need to answer a series of questions to verify your identity. These can be a pain, but otherwise, anyone could access your account!

Support in French

If you would prefer support in French, simply visit the link to Amazon Support that was first provided. Then, you should see a sentence at the top of the page that reads “Would you like to receive support in French?” (actually typed in French). Simply click this. Options are more restrictive due to lack of French-speaking employees, unfortunately.

Amazon provides minimal support via social media because some social media providers are actually competitors with Amazon. Try the Twitter handle: @AmazonHelp or to get in touch with them over social media. Note that these options will be much less efficient than Amazon’s on-site support mechanisms.

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