How much is Amazon Prime in Canada?

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Javier asked 2 years ago
Hi everyone,
I recently moved from Argentina to Canada. Since I am planning to buy lots of stuff on Amazon, I was thinking of joining Amazon Prime. Do you know how much is Prime in Canada? Also, I am a student and I heard there are discounts for students. Is it true?

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
Amazon Prime is Amazon’s free shipping subscription program. In addition to free Prime shipping on all your order, you get some addiotnal perks. For example, free access to Amazon Prime Video.

There are plenty of streaming platforms in Canada, but Amazon Prime Video is perhaps the most popular and common. It was a long wait for Canadians to have access to this platform, but they finally did. This offers you something quite different from Netflix and other platforms. Amazon Prime is convenient, but most importantly, quite affordable.

The Amazon Prime memberships start from CDN$ 7.99 per month with applicable taxes.

This is relatively cheaper than all the competitive streaming platforms. You can start your membership for free for one month as a trial period, after which you will need to start paying them every month. 

In this time, you can enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows and also exclusive Amazon movies and shows. You can also stream or download on up to three separate devices simultaneously. Your free trial also allows free unlimited music streaming, unlimited reading on Kindle, and free two-day shipping via Amazon. So, there’s really no reason to give it a try since you can watch unlimited shows and movies in a one-month trial period!

If you are a Quebec resident, you will actually be offered all of these things for free during a two-month trial period instead of one!

Once your trial period ends, you should note that you will be automatically put in a monthly paid membership. There is also no lock-in contract when you sign up at Amazon Prime as a member.

You can cancel your membership at any time without paying anything extra. You can even cancel your membership during or when your trial period ends without paying a single cent.

When you sign up to become a member of Amazon Prime, you not only get access to their movie and show streaming platform but also have access to unlimited music streaming, unlimited reading on any device at Prime Reading, and unlimited photo storage on their Amazon devices. 

Whether online or offline, you can enjoy music, movies, and books by Amazon by downloading them. Other than that, with an Amazon Prime membership, you are also offered free shipping on all the orders you make on Amazon. 

There are also specific affordable Amazon Prime plans if you are a student.

For students, the plan starts from CDN$ 3.99 per month, and they have access to all the same features as the other members. 

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