What Do You Get With Amazon Prime?

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John asked 2 years ago
I was considering to subscribe Amazon Prime, because with the Covid I end up buying more and more online. Is it true that I can also have film and series?? Thanks 

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi John,

Amazon Prime is one of the reigning streaming platforms globally, including Canada. Almost everyone is a member and watches movies, TV shows, and documentaries. However, not many people know that you are offered more than unlimited shows and movies when you sign up as a member. 

With an Amazon Prime membership, you get access to numerous services offered by Amazon. Members get unlimited benefits through their membership, including unlimited viewing on Amazon Prime Video, unlimited music streaming, unlimited reading on Amazon Kindle, free, fast shipping on eligible products and services, and access to exclusive deals and offers for members. 
Here’s a detailed look at everything you are offered when you become an Amazon Prime member:

Shipping Benefits

  • Free two-day shipping on selected items on Amazon
  • Free same-day or one-day delivery on selected items 
  • Free standard shipping selected items 
  • Free release date delivery on eligible items that have been posted for preorder on the website 

Streaming Benefits

  • Unlimited viewing of movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video
  • Ad-free and on-demand access to broad music genres and playlists
  • Discounts on Amazon music and unlimited monthly plans
  • Exclusive access to free games and an Amazon Prime gaming channel subscription if you sign up with Amazon Prime 

Shopping Benefits

  • You can earn 2.5% cashback on all Amazon purchases if you are an Amazon MasterCard Reward owner
  • Exclusive discounts on diapers and baby registry
  • Exclusive early access to lightning deals on Amazon 

Reading Benefits

  • Unlimited borrowing of books and magazines
  • You have access to unlimited reading on your devices via the Kindle App, Kindle e-reader, and the Fire tablet

Other Benefits

  • You get access to unlimited photo storage, enhanced search, and more features on Amazon Drive

If you are wondering how much you have to pay for all of these benefits, well, it’s only at CDN$ 7.99 per month exclusive of tax. If that sounds too steep for you, you can opt for the yearly plan. It requires you to pay for one year at once. The price for this membership is CDN$ 79 per year, which is approximately CDN$ 6.58 per month.
Hence you would be saving a little over a dollar every month, which is a pretty good deal. Moreover, if you are a student, the plans are even more affordable. You can get all these benefits by paying only CDN$ 3.99 per month. 

Whichever plan you choose, you will receive a one-month trial period where you can enjoy access to all of these benefits for absolutely free. If you are a Quebec resident, your trial period is actually two months instead of one!
If you want to sign up to be a member of Amazon Prime, you will need to do the following: 

  1. Go to Amazon Prime and start your free trial
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. Enter your credit card details
  4. Follow the instructions on the-screen instructions if prompted
  5. Enjoy your free trial 

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