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These days, it would not be too wrong to say that an active internet service has become a basic necessity. Just like we need a house, food, water, we desperately need the internet as well to stay connected with everyone and survive the world.

Moreover, it’s not just our phones that require Wi-Fi. Our smartwatches, smart TVs, smart ACs, and many other home appliances require internet as well. That’s why we’re always in search of a fast and reliable internet and broadband service.

Consequently, that’s why many customers in Canada rely on Xplornet’s innovative broadband service. The company has been providing internet services to people at work and at home for more than ten years.

It has a unique business model with wireless towers and advanced satellites to provide fast speeds to its customers. There’s no need to need to buy any equipment, and the best part is that Xplornet offers full customer support 24 hours, 365 days a year.  

Xplornet’s number one priority is their customers. They always aim to put their customers at the very heart of the matter to ensure they are always satisfied and happy, resulting in loyal and long-term customers.

That’s why they always go all out in providing exceptional customer service as well. Xplornet provides several avenues for its customers to reach them quickly and have all their matters resolved. Here are all the different ways you can reach out to Xplornet’s customer service team.

Contact Xplornet

Right on top of the website, you have the option to Contact Xplornet. Once you click on this page, you have several options on exactly who to contact and how to contact them. For instance, you can choose between Xplornet’s customer support team and their sales team.

Once you choose to contact their customer support, you get a bunch of more options. You can call them directly if you wish to speak to one of their representatives. 

  • Phone Number: 1-866-841-6001
  • Phone Number for Outside of Canada/US: 1-866-710-1624
  • Fax Number: 1-866-485-4156

If you are not comfortable talking on the phone or simply prefer reaching out over email, you have that option as well. You have to fill a short form with your personal details, email address, and a short message, and then someone from Xplornet will get back to you as soon as possible. Besides that, you can also send them an email from your email directly. 

Contact Xplornet Sales

If you are not an Xplornet customer yet but are thinking of making the switch to the company, or you simply want to learn more about its services, you will want to get in touch with Xplornet’s sales team directly.

They can quickly answer all your questions and help you come to a decision. There are several ways to contact their sales team too. You can call them on their dedicated number to avoid going through other departments. 

  • 1-877-959-5717

Alternatively, if you wish to get in touch through email, there’s that option as well. You will just have to enter your details, write your message and submit it. Afterward, someone from their sales team will get back to you with all the answers to your questions. 


Xplornet also gives you the option to figure out the solution yourself. They have a comprehensive self-support page where you can find many different categories and then tons of topics in each category.

For instance, if you’ve just bought the service and are not sure what to expect, you can go through the Getting Started section and read up on the installation procedure or learn how to set up the Wi-Fi. There are many articles full of troubleshooting steps to help you solve your problems yourself. Of course, if you are not able to, Xplornet’s customer support team is always available. 

Live Chat

You can also use Xplornet’s live chat option to talk to a customer support representative and resolve your complaints. When you visit the Contact page, there will be an option on the right bottom corner to start the live chat.

However, this live chat function is for existing customers only and specifically deals with account management and billing-related inquiries. For any other queries or complaints, you will have to get in touch with the customer support team. 

Find a Dealer

If you wish to get the service installed and want to inquire about nearby dealers, you can do so yourself using their Find a Dealer. Simply enter your details, and the map will show you the Xplornet dealers nearest to you.


If you wish to join the Xplornet team, you need not bother going through all the customer support channels. You can simply go to their Careers page and browse through the open positions. 

Investor Relations

Similar to the Careers page, Xplornet has a dedicated Investor Relations page as well. Here you can find all their latest news and the necessary information any potential investor is looking for. 

Other Inquiries

They also have a few other ways to contact them if none of the above are relevant.

  • For Law Enforcement Inquiriesabuse@xplornet.com 
  • For Media Inquiriesmedia@corp.xplornet.com 
  • Head Office Address:
    300 Lockhart Mill Road,
    P.O. Box 9060,
    Woodstock, NB,
    E7M 6B5
  • Head Office Phone Number: (506) 328-8853

Social Media Profiles

Xplornet also has several social media profiles, such as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can follow their profiles for the latest news and information. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Xplornet has a well-thought-out website that is easy to navigate for customers. They can reach the relevant page they need without much trouble. Moreover, even if they do face any trouble, Xplornet offers several ways to contact their customer support team to help them resolve their concerns as soon as possible. 

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  1. Well well well. Now where do I begin? Okay, just before Covid began Silo was sold to Xplorenet. We were oblivious to what was happening! We spoke to an Xplorenet rep. who assured us we could keep our existing phone #. All we had to do was sign a release fron our existing provider, and there we go. WELL NOT so. Whenever I try to contact this company, they respond by asking–are you calling in regards to (their designated temporary number). When calling out from our home number–call displays their temporary number. not the supposed ported number. We have complained about this ever since they took over. Now we have been experiencing phone disrupencyies. Static so bad we can not communicate. Phone cut offs are not uncommon. Echos aften happen. I have no way of communicating with anyone when we have rain or snowy weather. The phone line is dead. After complaining again, we were told to install their hub, and disconnect the existing hub from Silo. WE did that, but after I insisted (more than once) they do not change our phone number. Well my patience is gone with them. Last night they called me to inform me they can not port our existing number because we have to sign a porting consent form for them to port our number from silo. H E L L OOOO Xplorenet owns silo. No porting is needed. Guess what? She tells me the number we do not want changed can not be ported into the Xplorenet system,It will not accept our number, and that we have to take the assigned number from Xplorenet. I am so angry, words do not help. W T F?????

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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