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Virgin Mobile Canada is one of the biggest mobile communications in the region. It provides both postpaid and prepaid mobile services to its members.

To become a member of the organization you just need to purchase either the companies cell phone or even a Sim card. As a member, you will receive great offers, access to the VIP platforms and discounted services.

Virgin Mobile is customer centered where the members have a chance to engage in recreation activities like travel and entertainment at much lower price. The high level of service the company offer has led it to become one of popular mobile service providers in Canada.

The company also provides a solution to the customer’s old phones where they make a trade off for a new phone. Submitting the old phone can result in your selling price of the phone cut to a large extent. As a client, you can save up to $300.

The company envies to be ranked as the best customer service provider in the Canada according to the J.D scale. The level is drawn out of the surveys collected from the mobile users. It indicates that the company is far more ahead of the other small businesses.

Virgin mobile company has a flexible mode of contacting the customer care. The services are designed to fit each client’s needs. The customers may either communicate with the customer care online through phone calls and message.

How to get in touch with Virgin Mobile customer care service

Online support

By visiting the company’s website, you can get in touch with the customer support through a live chat. Initiate the chat session on this page. The service is available 24/7.It ensures that as a customer you are never stuck at any time. To add on the live chat is quick, secure and straightforward service that can be used by all the customers.

The other benefit of using the service is that you get served in the fastest way. There is no registration required or other formalities, but rather you join the chat and within seconds your issue is already looked into by the available customer care representative.

Unlike other companies, the virgin mobile company does not necessarily require one to sign to contact the customer care. You just need to start as the chart icon and the client care representative attends you.

It is important as it saves time while also offering quality service just like face to face communication. The chat with the customer care online is free of charge, and it’s available all day long.

Moreover, the service has extra security as you can communicate with the client’s care without giving details. It makes the communication safer.

Social media

The world trend today has shifted to have the marketing and other operations being done online. Likewise Virgin Mobile has adopted the method. The organization is available in most of the social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As a member of the company’s platforms, you have the chance to get quick updates on the products and the company’s progress. The sites also offer customer care service. Here you can raise a query or ask a question, and within a matter of seconds, you will receive a feed back.

The presence of Virgin Mobile Canada in the social sites has increased customer care handling ability. The many users of the sites can get help anytime while they are going on with the day’s activities. This kind of customer care service is

Of recommendable as you can help more than one person at the same time. It’s a quicker method compared to the other forms of customer care process where you must deal with a single individual.

Call Virgin Mobile

In case you need to have a direct conversation with the company representing you can opt to make a call by dialing:

  • 1-888-999-2321 

Or dial *611 from your cell phone the call service is available all days of the week but at a different time. From Monday to Saturday the customer care is available to pick the phone from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM. On Sunday you can talk to the client’s care between 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM on Saturday.

The call is free if you make it using the virgin mobile line. The premium free calls enable a person to explain himself better and thus get the appropriate help.

Customers located outside Canada can reach the customer care by dialing the: 

  • +1-416-348-1892

The number is free from a Virgin Mobile phone, otherwise it has the same rates that your phone company provides.

Before calling the customer service, we suggest you to consult the FAQ page on the official website.

Face to face contact

Face to face interaction with the customer and the service providers removes the fear factor the clients may have. It ensures that the customers give honest answers that can be used to improve the level of the services offered. If in need of face to face help the company has offices that you can walk to and solve the matter.

Also, the persons who wish to have their mobile gadgets exchanged for a new one are required to present the phone to the officers personally. Direct contact makes it possible for one to talk about the strong point and weak areas of the company. It ensures that they get proper help.

It’s important for the improvement of the level of the company’s service delivery and determines the taste and preference of the clients.

For in-store support, here you can find the map with the shop closest to you.

The many customer care agents ensure that there is not much of your time have been lost. Also, face to face chat will make you understand your query completely as there is room for the questions and further explanation. It makes the clients want to get associated with the company.

Ordinary mail

For any mail-in items that need to be sent to Virgin Mobile in Canada, you can write to:

720 King Street West, Suite 905
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2T3


If you have a complaint to make about the company, an issue that was not handled properly, o anything else that has made you displeased with their service, you can follow the customer complaint process outlined in this web page.

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4 reviews

  1. Instead of sending a final statement Virgin Mobile Canada sent me a screencap of part of a bill. I asked for a copy of the final statement they had stated they would send so Virgin Mobile sent an email response with multiple screenshots. This was antagonistic and unprofessional.

    Fatima and Ben from Virgin Mobile have called me six times this month and each time are mispronouncing my last name in the same way and hanging up on me. When I first called and asked about a duplicate fee on my bill my character was insulted with terms based specifically on my ethnicity. A manager never addressed any of my concerns. They claim not to have any managers.

    Virgin Mobile initiate device upgrade offers. I paid what they requested in full and made a payment on a new device. After the upgrade was underway VM billing try to claim my payments were just random amounts and applied them to the wrong devices deliberately. Virgin Mobile never acknowledge that they have an Online Upgrade checkout process that provide Device Remaining Balance totals. Beware, they will try to add an extra $404.10 fee which they never explain!

    They also claimed I was never offered a $100 credit during the upgrade process but then provided the credit. All the while Virgin Mobile insist they are not in error and the billing totals are correct. The totals keep changing though. Ridiculous.

    My phone was locked and service interruption threatened right after I asked about the hidden fee, which rendered the device useless. My time has been wasted just trying to get a final account statement that was promised, then refused, and then promised again.

    Ben, Fatima, Navdeep, Linda E., and Rob at Virgin Mobile Canada are unprofessional and antagonistic

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. Hi not sure where to email. But I just signed up for virgin and It says my account is not activated. Could you please direct me to someone please. I only have my phone and I can’t make a call on it. Thanks in advance.


    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  3. A big up to the Virgin mobile customer service. I had a tablet data plan for 2 months. It took me 7 minutes for cancelling the plan. No wait, professional and friendly staff. Way to go Virgin!

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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