Does Telus use Rogers’ network?

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Kyria Z. asked 1 year ago

My current phone plan subscription is with Rogers. While I do enjoy the extensive cell network coverage the company currently offers, I am interested in switching over to Telus for their affordable phone packages and data plans.

However, before doing so, I am interested in learning if I will be missing out on Roger’s extensive network coverage by switching over. I have heard that some telecom operators use cell towers from other telecom operators. Does Telus use Rogers network?



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admin Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Kyria,

You’re correct to assume that certain cell networks use towers from other operators for their services. For example, Telus partners with Bell and uses the company’s cell towers for cell phone services and internet data. However, Telus’s network typically operates independently.

Telus hasn’t partnered with Rogers to use its cell towers currently. For this reason, current Rogers users won’t be able to avail the extensive coverage that Rogers presently provides if they switch over to Telus. The company maintains a relatively large cell phone tower network despite this.

If you reside in the Southern region of each Canadian province, you will likely be able to avail 4G LTE services such as LTE and LTE Advanced. If you reside in major cities in each Canadian province, you will also receive Telus’s 5G services, such as 5G 3500MHz and 5G.

Such services are available to you only if you are located in Canada’s provinces’ southern portions. If you reside in other areas, you might not receive the Telus network coverage you desire. While Telus is part of the Big Three, it doesn’t offer the extensive nationwide coverage that Rogers currently provides. For this reason, if you intend to purchase a cell phone plan with Telus, you will need to weigh the advantages of having a cheaper cell phone plan against the limited coverage the company provides against a competing major network such as Rogers. 

This isn’t all bad news. Rogers may offer wider cell phone network coverage. However, when you combine Telus and Bell’s data network coverage for 4G services together, the companies offer greater coverage than Rogers does. This means you can access the internet from your cellular device in far more regions than you would be able to with a Rogers subscription. This advantage can be handy if you work in a profession requiring you to visit remote parts of Canada and regularly complete work with a data connection.

Telus and Bell’s cell tower partnership means you can get internet access in almost every region across Canada. This means you will rarely be left without the ability to watch your favorite videos on Youtube and Netflix or message your family, friends, and coworkers through social media apps. Such conveniences make signing up for a mobile plan with Telus worthwhile. So consider researching the company’s various phone plans and choosing one that fits your current needs. Telus has built an excellent reputation over the years and earned its spot among the Big 3 telecom companies.

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