Does Telus have 5G?

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Emma asked 2 years ago
Hi Fellas,
I am about to switch phone carrier and I was wondering if Telus has a 5g network. I have a new phone and I would really love to navigate at 5g speed.

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
Telus Canada has a 5G network that serves markets across the country. Telus 5G network areas include Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. In addition, Telus continuously expands 5G to reach more than 600 Canadian communities in urban and remote locations.

Telus builds on a fast mobile network to introduce a 5G network that powers the economy and makes lives simpler through increased speeds, capacity, and reliability. The intention is to revolutionize how people work and play. Users experience the 5G power in streaming, gaming, and smarter homes.

Telus 5G enables home consumers, students, and businesses to experience peak speeds that reach up to 1.7 Gbps. The blistering speeds will support virtual work, health, and education. High 5G speeds also help drive the Canadian economy to the future.

The foundation of Telus 5G was the award-winning Telus 4G LTE network to support the latest compliant devices. The 5G ready devices compatible with the Telus network include the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Motorola Edge+, and LG ThinQ dual screen. Telus has an easy payment method to hasten access to 5G.

Telus has been keen on expansion by investing almost $200 billion since 2000. The investment covers wireless, fiber optic infrastructure, and operations. The amount also funded coverage enhancement operations, reliability, and networks speed to serve customers all over Canada.

Telus is devoted to supporting the 5G network rollout by putting aside an additional $40 billion in three years. The 5G network intends to enhance innovation that helps drive digital development in industries operating in an age that thrives on internet connection.

President and CEO of Telus underscored the commitment by expressing the company’s team values connectivity for all Canadians, especially during the existing global health emergency. The first 5G rollout phase ensured users enjoy the benefits below that enhance the connection to information, one another, and resources.

  • Speed: Connection speeds up the connection by up to 100 times.
  • Capacity: A capacity to support up to a million devices /square kilometer in increasing markets.
  • High responsiveness: A faster responsiveness that can support many applications like autonomous cars and remote surgery.

Telus chose Samsung to become its network infrastructure partner to enhance the goal of providing Canadians with transformational 5G mobile services. Samsung networks have a track record of pioneering the success of 5G solutions. Previously, it also announced a partnership with Nokia and Ericsson in building 5G network.

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