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MasterCard is one of America’s most recognizable financial transaction companies. The distinctive red and yellow circles on MasterCard‘s logo are now recognized internationally. Founded in the 1960s by a group of Californian bankers, MasterCard was intended to compete with the BankAmericard, which is now known as Visa. It’s estimated that around 2 billion people around the world have either a debit or credit MasterCard.

To keep up with the demands of the global economy, MasterCard has entered into various other projects in our digital age. For example, MasterCard recently entered into the Internet shopping space with the founding of MasterCard MarketPlace. MasterCard has been a publicly traded company since 2006 under the ticker MA on the New York Stock Exchange.

Mastercard support service

Mastercard Canada AssistanceExecutives at MasterCard have been expertly adapting to the fast pace of the globalized economy. With people moving all over the world nowadays, it’s important to have a solid international customer care division. Thankfully, that’s just want MasterCard has. Perhaps the best number for Canadians to try first off is MasterCard’s customer service line at (800) 307-7309. In case you have an emergency, MasterCard also has a toll-free emergency hotline at (800) 627-8372.

There are many other ways to get in touch with MasterCard’s friendly staff. For more information on MasterCard, just take a look at some of these links below.

  • Here you will find MasterCard’s official “Get Support” page. You can click on the links for FAQs, access your MasterCard account, report a stolen card, and much more.
  • If you’re a Canadian resident, this website is designed for you. This is MasterCard’s Canadian homepage. You can find out all about MasterCard’s latest Canadian promotions, as well as access your account from this page.
  • For people always on the go, this is a useful website to check out. This is the official homepage of MasterCard’s global division. You can figure out ways to organize your finances in our globalized economy by taking in the information on this page.
  • If you want to send MasterCard a direct letter, this is the site for you. Just fill in your name, e-mail address, country, and write a short comment in the final tab. After you hit submit, your letter will instantly be sent to a member of MasterCard’s staff.
  • This is a full list of MasterCard’s headquarters around the world. You will find the addresses and telephone numbers for MasterCard’s offices in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.
  • Yes, that’s right, MasterCard has its own YouTube page. If you really feel like learning all about MasterCard’s financial services, just click this link and watch a few videos.

If you need to send a physical letter to MasterCard’s headquarters, this is the address you need to take down:

MasterCard International Global Headquarters
2000 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577 U.S.A.

You can also reach this office via this telephone number: (914) 249-2000.

MasterCard has numerous ways to keep in touch via social media. If you are into Facebook, you can “friend” MasterCard Canada. You can take a look at MasterCard’s Twitter page here. And, finally, MasterCard’s Google + page is can be found here.

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2 reviews

  1. My card was compromised and I waited for over 6 hours for phone support and I waited in vain. No one ever came on the line.
    Phone support is the worst I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been with Mastercard for over 20 years and this is how I’m treated.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. There’s no way to speak to an agent. What a disappointment. I am a loyal customer, I’ve been for 2-+ years. Now I’m thinking switching to Visa and AMEX.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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