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Koodo Mobile is a subsidiary of Telus Communications. Telus Communications is a Canadian national company that offers several telecommunications products that include voice, Internet Access, healthcare, video, and IPTV television. Telus Communications it’s currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Koodo Mobile was originally established by Telus Communications‘ with low-cost plans in order to compete with competitors and ideally remove them from the competition. Koodo Mobile was established in 2008, targeted a younger demographic.

Koodo Mobile differentiated itself from its parent company Telus Communications by not requiring contracts and offering prepaid, postpaid, and wireless home phone services. Koodo Mobile offers extensive coverage Nationwide coverage.

Before Telus Communications established Koodo Mobile in 2008, Telus Communications saw how its competitor Bell Mobility had formed a mobile virtual network operator partnership with the Virgin Group to provide mobile service as Virgin Mobile Canada. Virgin Mobile Canada targeted high school, college, and university students.

Telus Communications wanted to compete with Virgin Mobile Canada for this demographic, so it developed a similar partnership with the American Amp’d Mobile in 2007 to create a Canadian mobile virtual network operator. However, the partnership ended because Amp’d Mobile had poor customer service and filed bankruptcy.

Telus Communications realized that it no longer had a mobile brand targeting the student demographic and that was its motivating factor in launching Koodo Mobile a year after. Koodo Mobile was launched on March 17th, 2008, and provided lower-cost services compared to other mobile companies targeting students in Canada.

Koodo Mobile uses Telus Mobility HSPA + or evolved high-speed packet access, and LTE networks known as long term evolution networks to provide its service. Currently, Koodo Mobile sells products that are feature phones, smartphones, voice plans, and data services.

Koodo Mobile offers budget plans for students with postpaid and prepaid cards, and instead of offering fixed-term contracts, Koodo Mobile has developed a system called the Tab. Customers that pass a credit check prior to activation of a phone can receive a small tab up to $250 off of the price of a cell phone, or a medium tab of $360, or a large tab that covers up to $504. The amount is applied as an interest-free loan to the mobile customer’s account. The customer then pays off the bill over a 24 month period interest-free.

Koodo problems and outages in real time

Is Koodo down? Are you having problems with your mobile data plan or sending or receiving phone calls? In this page you can find whether the Koodo network is having problems. Thanks to our technology, we are able to detect outages in real time and identify locate the exact location of the outages, as experienced by our users.

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