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Are you in Canada? Do you have problems in contacting Instagram support service? Worry no more as we are here to give solutions and ways to contact Instagram. The Instagram application is the most popular photo sharing platform in the world with a lot of people using the app on their smartphones, laptops or even on their tablets.

In Canada alone, millions of application users may have problems while contacting the Instagram customer support when they have problems or issues with their accounts. After reading this article, you will have known all options you have to get in touch with the top photo sharing application in the world. There are three top options to contact the Instagram support team which are as follows;

Contact Instagram via App

On your smartphone, there is an application that resembles camera if you already have the app installed or you have an account click on it will take you to the home page of the Instagram. After logging into your Instagram application follow the following procedure;

  1. Once logged in check on your screen at bottom-right and click on your profile by clicking it will take you directly to your profile page then you will be ready for the next.
  2. There is a gear icon which appears on top right whether using iPhone phone or android click on it once and will now open the Instagram’s application settings page.
    instagram help
  3. After opening the settings page now scroll down till you find report problem option is on the bottom page in a section highlighted Support section. Click on the option and go to the next step.
    instagram support section

The report problem option will give you three options after clicking to choose which issue you would like to report;

  1. Send feedback –click on this option if you have suggestions you would like considered to improve your experience while using the application or any appreciation or any comment about your experience.
  2. Report Abuse or Spam –you can tap on this in case you would like to report any abusive content or user who could be breaching the terms and conditions of the platform. Remember you are free to report any user or content that may be offensive to the support team anytime.
  3. Report problem –this option is for reporting any technical issue the user may be having with his/her account. If you feel your problem has anything to do with technical aspect, then click on the icon and move to next step.

Type your message after selecting any of the options above and describe the problem you have well and elaborate it well for the customer care to understand. It is also important to click the option related to the problem you have an easy solution.

It will be nice if you accompany the problem with a screenshot of the problem to enable the support team to understand more and easily. Click + icon under the message option to add the screenshot also there an option of deleting the image you might not like to send using the ‘x’ icon.

After following the above procedure you can now click on send option or use the shake option then shake your smartphone the message will be automatically sent, and you will get notification of successful delivery of your message.

Contact Instagram support team via desktop website

instagram canadaIf you use your laptop or computer to access the Instagram platform there is also a way for you to contact the applications support team when experiencing any problems and the following is the procedure;

  1. First, go to your browser search the Instagram support page through it will take you to the Instagram help menu website then proceed to the next step.
  2. Check at your top left of your screen you will see an option stated privacy and safety center click on it then move to the page that the option will take you.
  3. Scroll the page going down till you see a Report Something option click on and proceed to the page it will open.

instagram support website

Choose the option category one that best describes the problem you have or feedback you want to give regarding the use of the application. If you don’t see any option relating to your issue, there is another alternative to other types of Reports and then describe your problem in the text box.

Follow the procedure stated on the website and answer the questions which come depending on your nature of issue you want to report and kindly give correct answers since they may help in solving your problem.

When reporting your issue, provide evidence of a video, account link or image to facilitate an easy and quick solution to your problem. Then click on the send option to submit your message.

Use social media platforms to contact the Instagram support team

The Instagram support group is active on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to communicate with the Instagram support team. The application has her team on this platforms ready to respond to any queries the users may raise.

  • On Facebook, you can search the Instagram official page on the search option or just use the web browser to search on Click on the message icon type your message and remember you should elaborate your message well for the support agent to understand then click the enter key to send.
  • If you decide to use twitter, search on your web browser log into your twitter account click on tweet option type @instagram, type your message then click tweet to send the message. Twitter being very active social media platform expect a response as many companies use the platform to communicate with her customers and Instagram is not an exception.

Lastly, Instagram being an international platform does not have any telephone numbers in Canada or anywhere else which you can use to contact them it’s only through their application, website or social media platforms explained above. Following the three ways, you can be able to get in touch with the Instagram support team and get the solution to any problem or issue you might be having with their platform.

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