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Instagram is a social networking application that allows users to upload photographs and video clips to their profile for others. These photo and video posts can either be shared publicly or can be viewed by followers, which can be managed by the user’s profile settings.

Instagram was founded as an application in 2010 and was the fourth most popular downloaded app of the 2010’s. It has progressed in its technology since its inception, adding additional features with each update. Initially, Instagram allowed users to upload photos and had the capability for other users to follow each other and “like” photos that were posted to each other’s profiles.

With subsequent updates, users became able to change their privacy settings, allowing their profiles to remain public or become private, which game them control over who had access to view the content they posted. Instagram has since added capabilities to upload video clips, add filters to edit or enhance photos, upload multiple photos to a single post, send photos in a direct message, and allows users to tag other users in photos.

In 2012, Facebook purchases Instagram, allowing for the two applications to remain separate yet interface with each other. Instagram users now have the option for their photo or video uploads to be cross posted to their Facebook timeline without having to make a duplicate post in the Facebook app. Instagram still remains the most popular freestanding application for photo sharing to date.

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