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GoodLife Fitness is one of Canada’s hottest gyms. This chain has over 350 gyms in Canada alone, and each facility has a wide range of equipment and fitness classes. Whether you are into weights, cardio, or yoga, you are sure to find something you like at GoodLife. GoodLife especially prides itself on the wide range of yoga classes it offers. Just a few of these courses include YogaCore, YogaFit, Hatha Yoga, and Hot Yoga.

GoodLife has made a commitment to serving their members as best they can, and that’s why they are open 24/7 to meet even the most demanding schedules. Although it’s mostly a Canadian brand right now, GoodLife is quickly spreading into the USA. There are now locations in many American states, including Texas, Hawaii, Utah, and New York.

Goodlife customer care service

goodlife customer careAnybody who has a question or concern about the GoodLife experience can always call one of their customer care hotlines. There are two main toll-free numbers GoodLife directs people towards.

  • The first is (800) 387-2524. This number will put you in touch with the Member Experience Team, which is open from 8:45AM-5:00PM Mondays through Fridays.
  • The other number to try is (800) 287-4631. This second number will put you in contact with the Corporate Memberships Team, which has the same hours as the Member Experience Team.

There are a plethora of other ways to get in touch with GoodLife whether you are an official member or not. The following is a list of useful website to help you figure out whatever information you need to know about this company.

  • This is the official “Contact Us” page for GoodLife Fitness. On the right hand side you can see the company’s official toll free numbers. Underneath these numbers are tabs you can click on to find a specific club’s phone number or to submit an electronic request. Also, you can search with the central tab to help figure out the best way to address your personal concerns.
  • If you are looking to find a specific club in Canada or the USA, take a look at this link. Here you will find a map that will show you all of the GoodLife locations in your area. Just punch in your province or state at the top right hand of the screen.
  • Many people have questions about GoodLife membership. If you are one of those people, just click on this link. On this official membership page you’ll find great deal of information about what GoodLife membership includes and news about special promotions.
  • Anyone looking for the official FAQ page? Well, here you go. This is GoodLife’s FAQ page with questions ranging from membership issues to hot yoga.
  • If you are in the mood to watch a few videos produced by GoodLife, just check out their YouTube page here. You will find a great list of informative videos on workout tips, fitness classes, and even healthy recipes.

If you want to send GoodLife a physical letter, take down this address:

GoodLife Fitness Headquarters
710 Proudfoot Lane
London, Ontario
N6H 5G5

Finally, people into social media will find GoodLife on many platforms. If you use Facebook, you can like GoodLife on this page. Fans of Twitter can find GoodLife’s page here. And, finally, users of Google+ can find GoodLife’s page at this link.

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11 Reviews
  1. Alice 7 months ago

    this Company has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I was actually screamed at by the GM of the Ottawa GoodLife Fitness for a mistake they made which resulted in the “motivator” who signed me up, getting fired for the impropriety. They made a huge error in processing my membership. The mistakes to me are costly, time consuming, and yet, getting resolution has not been forthcoming. It took me 3.5 hours just to speak with a representative, who put the onus on me to be able to stop the mistake, yet offered no resolution to fix it. This, of course, was the follow up to the previous 3 days of getting the run around and none of my calls returned by “management”. I would not recommend doing business with GoodLife Fitness nor any subsidiaries, or offspring, such as Fit for Life. What you think you might be saving in any promotions they will offer to you, yet not honour, you will lose in aggravation, time, money, expense, and stress in trying to resolve. This company which was originally founded on a premise of great customer service has seriously declined and offers nothing resembling good customer service, let alone respect for their customers, or even accountability. I would rate GoodLife Fitness a big -0-…goose egg..there are too many facilities competitive or even better, with actually trained, professional staff to offer similar. So, save your money, time, and aggravation on this low-rate, no count corporation!!!





  2. poh 1 year ago

    Good morning,

    I have been gong to the North York gym for over 10 years and the reason being to destress myself. However, it has been very stressful situations having to ask the staff to reset the CNN news channel in the weekend ( Saturday and Sunday) as the staff do not know how to do it . I have advised and complained many times to the management to make sure that the front desk staff know how to fixed the reset and not wait till Monday staff to do it. I know how to do it but the staff would not allow me.

    The last time it happen staff Kim at North York told me she did not know how to reset the CNN channel. I advised her to learn so that she know how to fix it when it happen again. Yesterday on July 14 at about 9 in the morning, again the CNN channel was showing BBC news instead and I ask her 3 times to reset it. She told me she did???? But when I left at 10:30 it was still not done.Then came Joseph another staff and again I ask him if he could , he could not. I volunteer to show him, he said I cannot enter the room to show him?

    The gym should train all front does to resolve customer situation and not have repeated problems all the times. All staff weather weekdays or weekend should have same training.

    Appreciate the North York management look into proper training of weekend staff to be able to reset the news channel. All the management need to do is ask the morning staff Mimi, to show them. It takes less than 5 minutes to reset. Its just a click of the remote !


  3. Najib Warsi 2 years ago

    I am a member since 2005 and am very happy with Good Life. Right now I am commenting about your Front Desk Representative at Markville branch #085, Victoria Luciano who is very dedicated and a proud employee of Good Life, she always warmly welcome with a pleasant smile and nice words. I have always seen he busy doing something and never wasting time. She always guide clients to the right person or to right spot. My best recommendations are for her. We are so lucky that she is serving my branch. Markville branch is one of the best branch with great team led by a very experienced General Manager.

  4. Urooj Fatima 2 years ago

    I was happy with GoodLife Fitness so far, never had any issues. Few weeks ago I booked the personal training sessions and they were going well.
    Yesterday in the morning when I woke up wasn’t feeling good, had very bad cold and flu so I called GoodLife ASAP in the morning about my health and canceled my appointment for the afternoon at 1pm .
    Now they sent me an email saying because it’s not a 24 hrs notice they will charge me for the canceled session. Which I feel is unfair and like to know why ? I’m upset and sad that they are not considerate.
    I need an explanation and want my canceled session re scheduled.

  5. Julia Decker 2 years ago

    I have been dealing with the inadequate and essentially non-existent customer service of Goodlife fitness. I have been over charged about $600 and have been trying to get a reembarsment for about two months now. Goodlifes customer service is an endless loop of people who claim they are helping you and making your case a priority, but fail to actually provide a solution. This is a great deal of money, and I have been nothing but polite to the people that owe me. The services I received at Goodlife were nowhere near worth the troubles I am going through now. I have no choice but to make my concerns public, and have already submitted reports to local newspapers in hopes that I can get the customer service I deserve, as well as my reembarsment and potentially compensation for my inconvenience.

  6. Phyllis Naccarato 2 years ago

    The customer service is non existing. I can ever get through. They make mistakes on my new contract and I haven’t been able to connect to ed office. The staff at the Good life are not experienced to help and there is no manager at the location. They over charged me and want me to sign a contract that is incorrect. Every time I go they stop me and harass me. I pay my bill on time every month and they stop me from going in. I can get through to head office as phone lines are just voice mails I tried email but it limits how much I can type.
    This is horrific and NEVER happened when I was in Newmarket and Aurora.

  7. L wright 2 years ago

    I received a letter in the mail today statimg that my girlfriend was late on a payment and that she was gonna be billed the by weekly charge and a 25 dollar fee for not having payment ontime.. thats understandable
    BUT.. she bought me this membership from back at 2016 christmas and was told that they would contact me for a picture and info about the gym and maybe a tour and personal accessment.. its been 7 mths and i have not been contacted by mail or a phone call and when i seen this bill sent to my office i called ur office 1800 # and then waited for 4 hrs for a phone call back given the option for call back next in line??

    I asked this girl over the phone to as why no one ever contacted me or to help out some how as i have not known that the membership was ready for use… i said i think there should be something done about this and a re-embusrment.. i cancelled the “membership” until someone will get back to me in this regaurd…

  8. caroline 3 years ago

    This is simply unprofessional and not safe at all when it comes to tanning ! I passed by the Markville club on Saturday may 27th to do some tanning. when I left the club after 9 minutes of tanning I felt bit pain in my eyes! this pain is still chasing me since Saturday! Staff should be notified and give right instructions when a member enters the room to tan! Asking so many questions about putting the right sunglasses, sun screen and maximum tanning(unfortunately none of this happened!)
    For a person like me tanning for the 1st time and has no clue might have severe damages in future! Im simply worried and took a doctor’s appointment today just to make sure that everything is alright! I hope this is not serious and i will definitely get back to you with my results!

  9. Katie Watson 3 years ago

    I signed up for bootcamp in jan, was supposed to start in february. it never started so i asked for a refund. its now april 24- 2017 been alomost 3 months. i had a check mailed to me without the unit number on it. i didnt get it. the check was canceled and i was supposed to get it deposited into my account instead. that was FOUR WEEKS ago. still no deposit.

  10. Gabi 3 years ago

    Tried to cancel my membership in the deadline and got hung up on and told they could not take my call. Have been given phone numbers that nobody answers since and apparently no manager is ever in because they keep promising to give my info to one but nobody ever gets back to me

  11. Anthony 3 years ago

    Customer service is terrible. They keep hanging up on me saying that they can’t take my call and I am to call next day. Terrible Customer service. Actually, no customer service at all. I have been hung up on 10 times and counting already.

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