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Epic Games is an American videogame and software development company based in North Carolina. The company came into being in 1991 and was founded by Tim Sweeney who originally called it Potomac Computer Systems.

In early 1992, he changed the name again to Epic MegaGames, and Mark Rein joined him in this venture. He is still the vice president. In 1999, the company moved from Maryland to North Carolina, and the name was changed to Epic Games.

epic Games Canada

Epic Games has developed games like Fornite, Infinity Blade and Gears of War. They have a game engine called Unreal Engine, which powers all their video games. In 2014, Unreal Engine was called the ‘most successful video game engine’ by the Guinness World Records.

Epic Games owns different video game developers like Chair Entertainment, Psyonix and Cloudgine. Epic Games also operate sub-studios in Seattle, England, Seoul, Yokohama and Berlin.

In 2017, Epic Games launched the Epic Games Store after the release of their famous game Fortnite. As of 2018, Epic Games’ estimated value is around US$15 billion.

Looking to contact Epic Games Canada? Fret no more – we have got you covered. Epic Games’ customer support service is excellent. Not only do they try to make sure your issue gets resolved as soon as possible but they also follow up. They also keep upgrading their customer support system so the user can have the best experience. Here is everything you need to know about how to get in touch with Epic Games today!

Customer Support

Epic Games Canada has a helpful customer support service. Looking to make a query or file a complaint? Contact them through their website today. Their website includes several options on how to contact Epic Games.

E-mail Epic Games

One of the easiest ways to reach Epic Games is by e-mail. All you have to do is go to their website, click on ‘Help’ at the top and it will give you different options.

Epic Games Help Section

Epic Games has made different e-mails for each one of your problems. Whether you’re facing an issue with your account, funds or even the billing and payment – simply email them and they will get back to you as soon as possible. All you have to do is click on whatever issue you’re facing, and it will redirect you to the mailbox.

Call Epic Games

If you want an immediate response, you can call Epic Games. You can call them on (919) 854-0070 during the weekdays. Whether you want to ask a question, learn more about a certain video game or are facing an issue with your account or billing, Epic Games is just a call away.


Epic Games is aware that their users have a ton of questions. This is why they have a separate section for all their video game related queries. They also have a separate section for your account and the store launcher.

By visiting their FAQs section, you can learn more about their fan art, website policy and studio tours. To learn more about their video game policies and how to operate them, click here. Through this, you can learn more about their store, troubleshooting, your personal account, their refund policy, error codes and billing support.

Fortnite Frequently Asked Questions

Since Fortnite is their most popular game till now, Epic Games has made a separate FAQs section for all the Fornite related questions and comments. Whether you have a PS4 or an Xbox one or want help with your PC or even your phone; visit their Fortnite FAQ to learn more.

Fortnite support service Canada

Sign Up

You can easily sign up through Epic Games’ website. This will help you learn more about the company and also their latest deals and video games. By signing up, you can also learn about new games coming up and job openings that they post about on their career portal. If you have any issues logging into your account, simply email them or go through their FAQs page to find your answer.

Social Media

You can find Epic Games on several social media platforms. You can find them on:

Epic Games’ Twitter is active all year round and is constantly keeping you up to date with their latest video games and offers. Besides that, they are quick to reply to you if you have any complaints. Whether you want to learn more about their internship offers or simply need help with your account, message them on Twitter and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Twitter is a great way to contact Epic Games customer support because they are quick and efficient with their replies.

Epic Games’ Facebook is helpful, too. On their Facebook, you can get help for specific video games and also learn more about their brand. They also make sure to read all your reviews, so if you have a complaint or simply want to give feedback, try contacting Epic Games on Facebook by clicking the link mentioned above. Epic Games will get back to you in record time and also try to make sure you have a much more pleasant experience the next time you play a video game or try to buy something online.

Epic Games’ Instagram (also mentioned above) is always available if you want to tag them in your pictures or posts. You can also Direct Message them if you have a request or need help with something.

If you want to learn more about Epic Games’ internships and career opportunities, simply visit their website and go to their career portal to apply. If you want to make fan art or a fan site based on one of their games, don’t forget to read their fan art and fan site policy. To contact Epic Games for a video game or billing query, try the options listed above today!

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  1. Morad Donkol 1 year ago

    i gave someone the haze witch is 1200 vbucks and i want my vbucks back cause this preson is very very rude to me please epic

  2. Melissa Homenuik 2 years ago

    our account will not let us log in and play fortniet and lossor skins


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