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Electronic Arts or EA is a video game developer and software company based in California. It gained an independent status in 2005 after its acquisition with Black Box Games in 2002. That is also when it started its operations in Canada under the name EA Black Box.

Today, EA is one of the world’s most successful online video game software. In Canada, they have up to 1,300 employees and the largest video game test operation in the world. EA Vancouver is a major studio for the gaming software and has a huge market. EA Canada has also successfully established many games such as EA Sports and EA Games. Origin Canada is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment and it also comes under EA.

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EA has up to 300 million registered players from across the world. The online gaming software hosts premium and exclusive games online, which you can also download. EA allows users to join the community and become a member to play the games. Some games are free, while others are not. EA also sells its games through Origin. They also have an exclusive store in Canada.

EA HQ in Burnaby, Vancouver, British Columbia

The company has been a successful venture in Canada, mostly because of its interactive approach. The customer care representatives are highly active and trained to deal with any problems the users may have. If you are in Canada, here are some ways in which you can access the EA Canada customer care service.

Customer Support Tools

Since EA operates in the virtual industry and deals with technology, their website is a highly interactive platform where users find a number of self-support tools. EA Canada ensures that their website is always being checked and monitored from their end. So any questions or queries asked on the website are always answered immediately. The official support page on the EA Canada website has two options:

Help with a Game

If you click on this link, you will be redirected to the list of games. You can select the game you want help and support with, and the website will redirect you to the FAQs page, self-support tools, and case information of the game. This is where users can find solutions to their problems, whether technical or manual. They can select the topic and search through keywords as the developers have all basic questions already answered in the knowledge center. If you are unable to find a solution here, you can go to the ‘Contact Us’ option, which we will discuss later.

Manage Your Account

This self-support tool includes everything you need to manage your personal account. From your personal information to billing and other details, you can find everything here. Since you can also order games online, this link also has an order management link where you can track your order and find everything about shipping and returns. The help links include:

Answers HQ

The Answers HQ section on the website contains a list of frequently asked questions that are helpful for users. This knowledge center allows users to gain access promptly. The customer care representatives update the answers to these questions regularly. The Answers HQ section also offers a community or forum where EA Canada allows users and players to come together and interact.

The EA community brings together people with shared interests and those who like to play the same games. Users can talk to each other and ask for help regarding the games or any other matter. In this way, EA brings people together and allows them to communicate directly with another.

EA Canada believes in community building and thus, provides active support to all community members. The forum also includes a live group chat option, where the representatives from EA Canada are also available.

Contact Options

EA Canada, unfortunately, does not have an option to call or text their representatives directly as they have millions of users that are active at the same time. They ensure support through their webpage and knowledge center. Users can get access to all the information from these tools. While they don’t have a live chat option or a helpline, they have a direct message option that users can utilize to ask questions and queries and get prompt answers.

Social Media Access

EA Canada has an active social media presence as it is the best way to interact with the large group of users and players at the same time. They use their social network platforms to engage and interact with their users. The social media representatives are active in responding to comments and sharing through live videos. In fact, most of their live games are redirected through their social media links. They update their events and tournaments on their social media pages.


Users can follow EA on their Facebook page for all updates through posts, live stories, and shares.


EA is also active on its Twitter page, @EA, where you can follow them for instant updates.


The EA YouTube channel includes all videos and exclusive video content for users. It is a great way to keep users connected and engaged.

Customer Satisfaction Survey


EA Canada has a customer satisfaction survey on their website. Through this survey, they allow users to submit their feedback and comments. The survey includes questions about customer experience, games, and a number of direct questions. The customer support team uses this data to make their games better and improve their services. There is an option for additional feedback at the end of the survey where users can voice their opinions.  

EA Canada cares about its customers and their opinions. Hence, feel free to contact them if you have any questions or concerns or want to give feedback.

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