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Origin Access is a part of Electronic Arts Inc. (EA). The purpose of the company is to develop and deliver games, interactive content, and online services for consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers connected through consoles. The parent company of Origin, EA, has up to 300 million registered players.

How to contact Origin Canada

Origin is a PC gaming subscription. It offers games to users even before their launch. Users can have exclusive access to full games. They can play them online or download them.   

Origin also sells games online. You can purchase games through their online stores exclusively. They offer pre-order games for gamers who want to get their hands on their favorite games before they are even available in the market!

The company has been able to successfully operate in the digital market because of its exceptionally efficient customer support operations. Origin operates online and has the ability to keep their customers satisfied and connected. If you are in Canada, you can access the EA Origin Access website exclusively and reach out to them through various means.

Customer Care Services

Origin’s webpage has a number of support tools that users can use. Since it operates in the digital world, two of their main tools are store and social.


The online store is available for users on the website. It includes a number of games and merchandise available on sale. To make it easier and more accessible, Origin’s website has divided the products into categories. So users can shop by category or by what’s new.

Each new game or item posted for sale has a brief description to it. This makes it easier for users to know what they want. The online buying page is easy to navigate for users to ensure they have a good shopping experience.


Users can reach out to Origin through their social media pages. The support and sales team is highly active on these platforms, given the digital nature of the company. In fact, most of their traffic is directed through their social media pages. Here’s how and where you can follow them to connect with them:


Follow EA Origin on Facebook for all updates and information on upcoming games and products. They have a highly interactive Facebook page through which they connect with users and update them on what they need to know.


Follow Electronic Arts page on Twitter @EA to follow updates and share ideas. The Origin social support team is highly interactive on Twitter. If you want to be heard, connect with the Origin team through their Twitter account.


For those who want to know about upcoming games, their trailers, and any other engaging videos, EA’s YouTube page is always updated. They also have exclusive content on their page.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

EA Origin has a customer satisfaction survey posted on its website. They encourage users to fill in the quick and interactive survey and to share their experience. The survey includes a number of direct questions. The data from this survey is used by the customer support team to improve services and areas they lack in. At the end of the survey, there is also an option for additional feedback or comments.

Customer satisfaction survey

Answers HQ

Answers HQ is a customer support service provided by EA Origin. Here users can get answers to their questions 24/7. It is a community or forum where users can interact with one another and connect on shared interests.

EA Origin encourages community building and provides active support to all community members – live! Whether it’s about gameplay tips or player questions, you can ask all your queries here. The benefit of having a community is that all users can come together and solve one another’s problems. EA Origin provides this platform to users to help each other.

Other Help Options

Help with a Game

EA Origin Access has several online games ongoing all the time. To make it easier to respond to users’ queries, the website has separate pages for every game. Origin Access has a technical team that is trained in specific games. This makes it easier for the user and the team to connect with each other.

Manage Your Account  

Users can access this page to manage their account information, privacy setting, and billing. Users can customize their account according to their likes.


For membership details and benefits, users can visit this page.

Privacy Policy

For everything related to privacy and cookies policy, users can reach out to Origin Access through this page.

For legal assistance, users can visit https://www.ea.com/legal

Client Software

To get access to the latest Origin Client Software, users can visit Origin’s about page.


To manage subscription information and fee, users can visit this page. You can add or cancel your digital subscriptions with just a few clicks.

Free Trials

To make the user experience better, Origin Access allows free trials before making the payment and discounts.

Origin Canada support service

Direct Communication

EA Origin Access ensures that all the information that customers need is available through their web services and support tools. However, if you need further assistance, you can send a direct message through this link.

Unfortunately, EA Origin doesn’t have an active helpline. However, their active web page and online support resources make it easier to connect with them and learn more. For assistance, you can contact them through the above- mentioned ways.

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