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Helping make meal prep affordable, easy and less time consuming, Chefs Plate Canada brings you recipes, organic, hand-picked ingredients, right to your kitchen table on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The company started in 2014 with Hello Fresh as its parent company.

Carrying the Hello Fresh’s message of organic, fresh eating forward, Chefs Plate also focuses on helping families eat healthy. The company stands out because it offers organic and naturally sourced ingredients and recipes that are modified in accordance with the person’s dietary requirements.

The attention to detail doesn’t just pertain to the dietary requirements but to the budget of the person and the size of the family as well. Chefs Plate also stands out from other food delivery systems by offering their clients with easy, simple step-by-step recipes they can try out with the ingredients.

With an aim to cut down wastage, Chefs Plate provides pre-portioned ingredients which means that you only get as much as you need for the recipe. In the past food wastage has been as much as 40% by any household. Chefs Plate stands out by successfully brining that number down to 1%.

Keeping their organic message in view, Chefs Plate also works with organic local farmers and fisheries to provide you with the best options for your meals. When you’re making use of Chefs Plate services, you don’t have to worry about anything!

If you do need to get in touch with them though, the following are some ways that you can make use of Chefs Plate Canada’s customer support services:

Get the Chefs Plate Canada App

To get speedy access to the best customer support services, you should use Chefs Plate Canada’s app. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms. Through the app, you can place orders, find out more about the current meal plan and also get in touch with Chefs Plate through their live chat option.

The best part is that their app is completely free of cost so download it today and start eating organic and healthy food!

Take a Look at Their FAQs

If you’re confused and looking for answers, you can head to the FAQ section. Chefs Plate Canada has taken the time to answer from frequently asked questions. These range from simple questions related to general topics such as the pricing and the delivery costs to other detailed ones based on skipping for a week or even recycling the packaging.

Search for the Right Answer

If you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for in the FAQ section, there is no need to despair. Use the nifty search bar offered to look up the answer to the question which was bothering you. You’ll save a lot of time this way and you will also be able to find the right answer to your questions.

There are also different articles available in different categories which can answer your question or give you more insight about the Chef Plate and their services.

What is the Phone Number of Chefs Plate Canada?

Prefer to talk to a sales person? Then get in touch with Chefs Plate over the phone. They have a dedicated helpline for their clients:

  • 1 (855) 420 2327 – For general queries and questions

The number is functional during work hours from 9 am to 9 pm – Monday to Friday and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

If you’re more interested in careers, affiliating with them or some other issue, either head to the website or give them a call. Also, since there’s only one phone line, you can expect wait times to be through the roof here.

What is the Email Address for Chefs Plate Canada?

Sending an email is also possible to Chefs Plate Canada’s customer support services. They use the following dedicated email address for their customer support services:

You can also use the app to send them emails through the one tap email function if you want to, on that given email address.

What is the Head Office Address for Chefs Plate Canada?

Chefs Plate Canada has an office address for all their mail correspondence. Please use the following address for Chefs Plate Canada:

30-34 Duncan Street,
Unit 401,
Toronto, Ontario,

Join Them on Social Media

If you’re interested in the company, you can also follow them on social media platforms as well. Chefs Plate is very active on different social media platforms where it can respond to consumer comments, provide customer support services and even show you different recipes or meal plans from their website.


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Chefs Plate is very active on Facebook and they actively post about their upcoming meals, recipes and delicious ingredients that you can try out. They have a following of 70,606 people on Facebook which means that they’re more focused on their consumers currently.


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If you want a fun discount, head to the Chefs Plate Twitter Page that gives you a unique discount promo code to be used on your first order with them. They’re still growing on Twitter but it’s easy to see that they engage with their community meaningfully.


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Chefs Plate has a dedicated Instagram Community because of their meals being so photo-worthy. Instagram followers also get to enjoy a discount promo code on the first order they place with Chefs Plate. Follow and you’ll see just how delicious and mouth watering the meals can be when they’re cooked with ingredients from Chefs Plate!


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Learn everything you need to know about Chefs Plate here! This amazing channel has explained videos, chef recommendations of recipes, customer testimonials and more. In fact, you’ll definitely wonder how you got on before you found Chefs Plate!

With the help of all these tools, you can get in touch with Chefs Plate Canada Customer Support Services and make use of Chefs Plate without any worries.

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