Amazon Prime Video: problems and outages in real time

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription video service that allows customers to stream movies and television shows on televisions, tablets, phones, and other portable devices. It is included in Amazon Prime subscriptions at no additional charge.

It was initially launched in 2006 and gives customers the opportunity to either rent shows or movies for short periods of time, typically for several days for a nominal fee, or to purchase content for a higher price.

Multiple viewing profiles can be set up for household members who share the same account. Restrictions can also be enabled for children or teenagers. Individual add-on subscriptions for specific premium channels can be selected for a nominal monthly charge. Many of these channels offer a free introductory trial period as well. Amazon Prime Video can be added as an app to any Smart TV or smartphone, allowing their customers to easily take their subscription with them for entertainment on the go.

For those who like to binge entire seasons of television shows, Amazon Prime Video allows for downloading or renting complete seasons of popular shows for viewing back to back. It can also give suggestions for similar shows that customers may enjoy based on previous viewings.

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Is Prime Video down? On this page, you can find the latest problems involving Amazon prime Video as reported by our users. Thanks to our technology, we are able to detect problems in real-time and locate the exact location of the outages, as experienced by our users.

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The table below shows the most frequent problems reported in the last 48 hours by Amazon Prime Video users.

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