Air Canada support service: how to get in touch with Air Canada customer care

Air Canada is by far the largest airline company in Canada. In 2017 alone it carried over 48 million passengers across the world. Along with its regional partners, Air Canada is present on 6 continents and flies to more than 200 destinations.

This company started off under the name of Trans-Canada Air Lines which conducted its first 50-minute flight from Vancouver to Seattle in 1937. By 1964, the company had become the Canada’s biggest national airline and changed the name to Air Canada. Today, it is based in Montreal and employs more than 30,000 people.

Air Canada is known for its high-quality service which brought the company the award for “Best Airline in North America” in 2017. Also, its customers voted for Air Canada as the Best North American Airline for International Travel, Best Airline Website, Best Flight Attendants in North America, and more.

The official Air Canada website ensures its customers a high level of interaction. They can ask questions, provide feedback on certain services, and also get ahold of Air Canada representatives. There is also a mobile service that is available in seven languages.air-canada-complain

Phone numbers

In case you need to contact Air Canada personnel for any reason, there are a few main phone numbers you can use.

  • 1-888-247-2262

This is the general toll-free number for Canada and the US which operates 24/7. You can use it if you have any questions regarding Air Canada service. Once you get in touch with an operator, you may be directed to a certain department, depending on your needs.

  • 1-800-361-8071

This toll-free number is for hearing impaired travelers (TTY). You can make reservations and more.

  • 1-844-347-4268

If you have any issues with using an assistive technology tool, you may refer to this particular phone number. This is not a toll-free number, so regular charges may apply.

  • 1-800-361-7585

For those traveling in groups of 10+, this is the number to look for. It is a toll-free number for reservations of group tickets.

  • 1-866-689-8080 / 1-902-367-8445

Both of the above phone numbers are for password assistance. If you have any issues with your accounts, you may call either of these. The first number is toll free, while the second one has a Nova Scotia area code.

  • 1-855-281-1761

Customers who have any issues with their Air Canada gift cards may refer to this phone number. Whether it’s a password issue, balance inquiry or security code, you will find help here.

How to talk with an Air Canada representative

First of all, make sure that you know exactly what you need from the representative. Be short and precise in order to get the best advice. Most of the time, the representatives will be able to infer what the issue is, since numerous customers face similar challenges.

Second, prepare all of your personal and flight details. The representative won’t be able to help you unless they can locate you or your flight information. That’s why you should always keep your tickets and all additional documents together; in case you don’t have them, the representative can still help you, but it will take more time.

Finally, make sure that you are dialing the proper number. Of course, there is a general one, but it may have the longest wait time. If you don’t want to lose a lot of time, try one of the numbers that have a specific purpose. You can also do some research beforehand to check if there are answers to your questions on the website already.air-canada-support

Online support

The second best way for contacting Air Canada, according to its customers, is through their online service. One option is to fill out the online form. People mostly use this one for inquiries about luggage or flight reservations.

Once you open the form, it leads you step by step through the process. The first question is about the topic of your message and you can choose between the following categories:

  • Complaint

  • Baggage issues

  • Request insurance letter

  • Class of service change

  • Compliment

  • Future travel

  • Gift card

Once you establish the topic, you move on to the second step. This one involves a subcategory that helps narrow down your message. The form then leads you to the main page where you need to fill out your contact information. You can also send a message on behalf of another person.

In the following step, you get to write your message and attach any accompanying documents. Keep in mind that it is always good to provide official documents to support your request. Keep your tickets, reservations or any other proof that can be useful later on. When you finish the message, you just have to submit the form and wait for the reply. Air Canada is very responsive, so you won’t have to wait too long to hear back from them.

Another option for you to use is the FAQ page. It is very easy to navigate since all of the questions are divided into different categories. Here, you can get more information on the tickets, trips, bags, special needs, and Air Canada in general. All of the answers are very detailed and contain links for additional information.

What is great about Air Canada’s FAQ page is that there are also tips and tricks that are beyond basic airline facts. For example, if you look at the question about misplaced luggage, you will get information on how to initiate a trace or file a claim. Additionally, you will see comments from Air Canada representatives that clarify what the process actually looks like and the things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Lastly, there is one more very useful online customer service that is very similar to the FAQ page. Since people normally have lots of similar questions regarding billing inquiries or refund services, for instance, Air Canada’s website has separate pages just for addressing those issues. These pages are not part of the FAQ, but they are on the same tab. If you click on the Contact tab on their website, you will first see several of the mentioned categories, followed by an FAQ page. Depending on your needs, you can choose the link that you need and get all the necessary information.

Final thoughts

Air Canada is not only a reliable airline, but you can also count on its customer support. The website contains all the information and facts about the company. If you have additional questions, the contact page stores all of the phone numbers and FAQ. With just a few clicks, you can get the details you need on virtually any topic.

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