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Tim Horton’s has been a staple Canada since 1964 when Tim Horton, a National Hockey League legend, opened the first store in Hamilton. The first franchise was started with Ron Joyce in 1967. The Canadian icon Timbit was created in 1976 and has been a household name ever since. The early 1980s saw the addition of muffins, cookies and croissants. The eventual opening of U.S. locations brought Tim Horton’s tasty treats to the U.S in the mid-1980s. Years later, after expansion and growth, Tim Horton’s is still proud to help the less fortunate and serve a varied food and beverage menu.

The Tim Horton’s website provides the opportunity to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions in the FAQ section of the website. It is likely that you will find the answer most of your questions in this section.

With so many locations across the globe, Tim Horton’s has provided a store location feature on the website which you may utilize to find the nearest Tim Horton’s location. This link will give you detailed location and phone information for any of their locations. To contact Tim Horton’s via email, you can use the form available at this link.

Tim Horton's customer serviceIf you would like to speak with a representative of Tim Horton’s in person, please contact guest services at 888-601-1616 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday). If you are a member of the media and have related press inquiries, you may call the 905-845-6511 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday). Note that your local or wireless carrier may impose tolls or additional charges. For investor relations, please call 905-339-4940 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday). If you have questions about the Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation, you should call 519-448-1248 or via email info@thcf.com.

Tim Horton’s is also active on social media. If you would like to connect with Tim Horton’s via social media, you may utilized the following links.

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3 Reviews
  1. Sharon SImons 10 months ago

    I have to say I am extremely disappointed with the quality of food/service from the Tim’s by my house. Last weekend I ordered a double toasted bagel with butter and cheddar cheese – get where I am going NO CHEESE on my bagel despite it being on the order (trust me I checked) NEXT day – Sunday ordered bagel again told them about day before and said I would NOT pay for cheese as I paid the day before and did not get – however this time they screwed up coffee – did not add sugar. Today they screwed up AGAIN – asked for a double toasted bagel – it was basically DOUGH – not toasted at all. The other bagel double toasted with butter and cheese was missing butter — that was 3 strikes YOUR OUT !!! very pissed at how poor the service at this store is and how despite seeing the order on screen correct they continue to screw it up – am I to sit at the window and CHECK EVERYTHING out before driving away? I think the better choice is to go across the road to McDonalds because despite how many chances and times I have given this location the benefit of doubt they just keep screwing up and I end up with crappy food and waste my money – I will be telling all my neighbours to avoid this Tim’s because for whatever reason they just DO NOT CARE, they CANNOT get it right and I have WASTED time and money again and again

  2. clare smith 11 months ago

    Two days ago I visited 20020 200th st. Langley, B.C. The washrooms are so dirty and the store is generally grubby. I have complained to management before , they immediately sent in a young man in to clean. He was cleaning tables etc.at the time. The cleanup took 2-3 minutes and looked no better. So this visit I looked for a complaint form or a manager to check the washrooms but couldn’t see who was in charge, This TIMS needs to have a thorough and professionl cleaning .I find the stores to be only somewhat clean.

  3. Linda Gillis 11 months ago

    Had a poor lunch experience today. On the way to an appointment on Henderson Hwy and McLeod in Winnipeg, we stopped in to the Tim Hortons for the $5.99 deal. There was two people ahead of us and when my husband ordered one soup, one salad and two sandwiches plus coffee, he thought we would be able to eat in plenty of time to enjoy reading the paper also. He waited for the ONE person making sandwiches AND doing bagels for over 15 minutes. By the time he got to sit down yo eat, his coffee was cooling.
    They did not have near enough staff to work, even though it was 2:45 pm. Not good!

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