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It all started in 1964 when hockey legend Tim Horton opened the first store in Hamilton. You could only buy coffee and two types of donuts back then. The Canadian icon Timbit was created in 1976 and has been a household name ever since. The early 1980s saw the addition of muffins, cookies and croissants. The eventual opening of U.S. locations brought Tim Horton’s tasty treats to the U.S in the mid-1980s. Years later, after expansion and growth, Tim Horton’s is still proud to help the less fortunate and serve a varied food and beverage menu.

By the year 2014, Tim Hortons (Tims) has become a part of the third-largest restaurant brand in the world, Restaurant Brands International. Around that same time, Tims locations introduced the TimmyMe app that allowed payments using smartphones.

A very simple concept of enjoying coffee and baked goods became not only a national Canadian success but also an international success. The blending of simple and quality products with high-tech service and payment options made Tim Hortons locations convenient to a wide range of customers.

As the franchise is ever expanding, Tim Hortons’ official website offers much information about investment opportunities and a guide on how to become part of the franchising program. There are well-written articles that can help you understand what it takes to be a part of the team.

This article can help you navigate the information on the Tim Hortons official website. It will explain the departments that deal with specific issues, client or corporate. There are also quick links you can access to get in touch with customer service through social media or e-mail. An explanation on how the Tims locator works and when to use it is also given.

Tim Hortons self-help feature

Tim Horton's customer serviceBefore scrolling down their contact page to get to the email addresses and survey links, you will notice a section of trending questions. There are usually six hot topics provided. By clicking on any one of them you will be given the answer or instructions necessary to solve that problem.

If what you are experiencing is not among the most common topics, you can use the search box and ask a very specific question. Another option would be to browse through the entire archive of articles. Of course, you can narrow down the articles by choosing to display a particular topic only.

  • Guest feedback
  • Coffee
  • Franchising information
  • Environment
  • TimCard
  • Single-serve coffee
  • Donation requests
  • TimmyMe mobile app
  • Tim Hortons Coffee Partners

Offering feedback

If you want to share your experience at a Tim Hortons location or just share your thoughts on the franchise, you can do so from their contact page. On the right side of the page you can find a Restaurant Feedback feature with two options:

Complete survey

There are two important steps in formulating your feedback message. First, you have to choose whether your feedback is related to a specific location or not. After that, you can classify your message under a number of given topics such as nutritional information, suggestions, mobile applications, environment, and more.

After those selections are made, you can type in your message and specify if you want to hear back from a representative. The messages allow only 1,200 characters so you should make the sentences as concise as possible. If you want to give feedback to a particular location you need to specify that in step one. Then you will be able to locate the Tims you want by its number or address.

Search for a Tims location

You can search for Tims locations by applying quite a few filters. You can choose to display results based on amenities, province, city or proximity to your location. This is the list of amenities you can mix and match to narrow down the locations:

  • Open 24 hours
  • Tim Card
  • Mobile payment tap-to-pay
  • Drive-thru
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile payment scan-to-pay
  • Catering
  • In-restaurant seating

Once you click on a result you will be given the full address, contact details and hours of operation (for locations that are not open 24/7).

tim horton customer service

Email addresses for Tim Hortons

  • For any press enquiries you can contact media relations at the following email address. If you contact media relations without proof of credentials or with questions that are handled by other departments, you shouldn’t expect a reply: mediainquiries@timhortons.com
  • If you want to become an investor or simply have questions about investing in Tim Hortons, you can send an email at their investor relations department. This email address is for investing only and has nothing to do with the franchising program: investor@rbi.com

Contacting Tim Hortons via social media


Tim Hortons has over 2 million followers on Facebook. Visiting their Facebook page, @TimHortons, is one of the easiest ways to get the latest news about products and events. Tim Hortons’ customer service representatives are quick to answer any questions you send over private messages.


If your social media platform of choice is Twitter, then you can visit Tim Hortons here. Their page posts articles and news, and they can also help customers with any inquiries via private message discussions. Although some issues may take too long to solve via Twitter, Tim Hortons’ experienced customer service representatives can point you in the right direction.

How to obtain information about the Tim Hortons franchising program

Seeing as Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest coffee franchise, there is a certain appeal to want to join the team. If you want to find out about what it takes to be considered for a franchise you can get the information here.

The entire seven-step process is explained in detail. You will also be given links to a pre-qualification questionnaire to determine whether or not you qualify. You can find out, on the same page, how much it costs to get in the franchising program.

There is also an interesting tool that lets you browse through available markets. Tim Hortons frequently updates their potential new locations and targeted areas of interest.

Tim Hortons head office

You can dial Tim Hortons’ customer care services at 1 905 845 6511. This is their phone line for the Head Office in Ontario. You can also send a letter or drop in for a visit at the following address:

874 Sinclair Rd
Oakville, Ontario L6K 2Y1

Although these are valid choices, your best bet and fastest way to lodge a complaint is to use the feedback survey feature.

Tim Horton’s customer care reviews

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6 Reviews
  1. Samantha Nichol 1 year ago

    The Tim Hortons in marystown the one on Mccgettian Blvd attach to the gas station is ridiculous, almost every day for the last 6 weeks you cannot get a donut that you want there, the staff is very slow due to lack of people behind the counter. You go there anytime after 6pm and there is only 2 people on, 2 weeks ago my daughter fell down on the floor where there was NO wet floor sign she is only 3 years old and today at 3:25 PM I wanted an ice cap and they had the machine down for cleaning at one of the busiest times of the day. I have been to alot of tim hotons in Newfoundland and I have to say this one has to be the worst.

  2. Carolyn 1 year ago

    I am sending a compliment for one of your employees at 1590 Notre Dame Ave in Winnipeg. Her first name is EUGETA and she does a wonderful job of keeping things clean at this location; The floors are constantly washed and she goes outside and cleans the window sills and also the garbage bins. she is very friendly and a lovely person to talk to! My friend and I feel like we have made a new friend!

  3. Laura Major 1 year ago

    Hi there, I bring my own mugs to the Tim Horton’s at 45 Everridge Gardens SW Calgary and today noticed they are using paper cups to mix the drinks and then fill the reusable mugs with. This completely defeats the purpose of bringing a reusable mug to reduce waste and is extremely disappointing to see. Is this a Tim Hortons company policy? (I sure hope not). If not can you direct this store how to properly provide this service so that it actually has the environmental impact it is meant to have.

  4. Sharon SImons 3 years ago

    I have to say I am extremely disappointed with the quality of food/service from the Tim’s by my house. Last weekend I ordered a double toasted bagel with butter and cheddar cheese – get where I am going NO CHEESE on my bagel despite it being on the order (trust me I checked) NEXT day – Sunday ordered bagel again told them about day before and said I would NOT pay for cheese as I paid the day before and did not get – however this time they screwed up coffee – did not add sugar. Today they screwed up AGAIN – asked for a double toasted bagel – it was basically DOUGH – not toasted at all. The other bagel double toasted with butter and cheese was missing butter — that was 3 strikes YOUR OUT !!! very pissed at how poor the service at this store is and how despite seeing the order on screen correct they continue to screw it up – am I to sit at the window and CHECK EVERYTHING out before driving away? I think the better choice is to go across the road to McDonalds because despite how many chances and times I have given this location the benefit of doubt they just keep screwing up and I end up with crappy food and waste my money – I will be telling all my neighbours to avoid this Tim’s because for whatever reason they just DO NOT CARE, they CANNOT get it right and I have WASTED time and money again and again

  5. clare smith 3 years ago

    Two days ago I visited 20020 200th st. Langley, B.C. The washrooms are so dirty and the store is generally grubby. I have complained to management before , they immediately sent in a young man in to clean. He was cleaning tables etc.at the time. The cleanup took 2-3 minutes and looked no better. So this visit I looked for a complaint form or a manager to check the washrooms but couldn’t see who was in charge, This TIMS needs to have a thorough and professionl cleaning .I find the stores to be only somewhat clean.

  6. Linda Gillis 3 years ago

    Had a poor lunch experience today. On the way to an appointment on Henderson Hwy and McLeod in Winnipeg, we stopped in to the Tim Hortons for the $5.99 deal. There was two people ahead of us and when my husband ordered one soup, one salad and two sandwiches plus coffee, he thought we would be able to eat in plenty of time to enjoy reading the paper also. He waited for the ONE person making sandwiches AND doing bagels for over 15 minutes. By the time he got to sit down yo eat, his coffee was cooling.
    They did not have near enough staff to work, even though it was 2:45 pm. Not good!

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