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The original Subway restaurant was opened under the name of Pete’s Subs in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1965. Initially, Fred DeLuca opened the submarine sandwich shop as a way to finance his medical education. With the help of a friend, Dr. Peter Buck, the two opened the restaurant. The two had 16 stores by 1974 and bean franchising the Subway brand.

Subway continues to grow and expand today with over 40,000 global locations, and more than 3200 of them in Canada. Subway’s goal remains the same today as it did when the chain was originally started, to delight customers with delicious sandwiches. Subway is committed to operating on environmentally and socially responsible levels. Sustainable sourcing, nutritional leadership, and environmental leadership are at the forefront of Subway’s commitment to the community.

Subway strongly encourages utilization of their website for contact related to customer service and lists no customer service phone number. Follow this link to contact Subway for a timely response. Subway does not save your personal information or give it to third parties. Subway forwards your information to the appropriate store regarding complaints or compliments in order that the individual store may respond to you on a local level.

If you would like to find the Subway location nearest you, you may utilize this link. This convenient link makes it easy to find Subway shop regardless of your location with the ability to search from your mobile device.

If you would like to purchase a Subway franchise or have questions regarding a franchise, you may utilize this link to find one of the many contacts with detailed regional contact information Canada.

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