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To attract a younger client base, large phone companies needed cooler, cheaper cell phone options. This prompted partnerships with mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). By utilizing the existing infrastructure of the Big Boys, an MVNO could provide users with wireless communications services at a lower price. After a failed partnership with Amp’d Mobile, Telus launched its own mobile brand for the younger generation in March 2008, and Koodo Mobile was born. With Koodo, customers no longer had to sign a long term contract, but where still able to enjoy the extensive coverage offered to all Telus users.

Customer Service

Koodo Mobile runs on the largest network in Canada, with coverage all over the country. This means that customer support is always with you. Simply call from your cell phone or use your data to contact the company online – anytime, anywhere. You can also log into your account from any computer.

koodoTo get help without signing in or if you don’t have an account, visit the support center. Here you will find a load of help and support from the community, where customers can help each other, share experiences or just socialize and the extensive FAQ section.

For specific questions, you can ask the community, send an email, send regular mail to:

Koodo Mobile
PO Box 11005 Succursale Postale Centre Ville,
QC H3C 4T5

Or call toll-free 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636). You can call Monday to Friday from 9am – 9pm, Saturday from 9am – 7pm and Sunday from 9am – 7pm. If you need help with an order you placed online, email or call 1-844 566-3697, Tuesday to Friday from 3pm to 9pm EST.

Anything you may need to do can be done online, but if you prefer to visit a physical store, use the handy store locator. Koodo Mobile products and services can also be purchased at many retailers such as WalMart and Best Buy. All of these stores have highly trained, helpful and knowledgeable associates. Without any upfront costs, you can buy a phone on a Koodo Tab and they will have your account completely set up and ready to use within minutes.

Stay in touch with the mobile community and be the first to know about new features and special offers by connecting with Koodo on Facebook, follow the latest trends on Twitter or check out the action on YouTube. There’s always something exciting going. Join today so you won’t miss one minute of the fun.

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3 Reviews
  1. shandra 6 months ago

    I am trying to close my service from another country for over 2 weeks; while being charged and without help.
    Koodo is most difficult for customers service. Waiting time for calls are an hour or more.
    Emails take a minimum of 7 days to get answered; and then when the answer comes, it does not solve the problem. Then you write again wait for 7 days for the answer, hopefully you get the right answer then. If not the cycle begins again.
    I am very frustrated with Koodos’ way of running their business.
    Right now, closing my service is impossible from another country.
    This kind of problem needs attention from elsewhere.
    Koodo needs to vastly improve any aspect of their service and its policy to better help its customers.
    I would never recommend anyone to use Koodo again.

  2. Mary Morgan 8 months ago

    Koodo is bad for customer service. Yesterday I noticed that there was no service on my phone, and 24 hours it is the same. I live in a small town in BC so things are closed on Sunday. I can’t phone Koodo because of course my service is down. I have my bill paid up to date, the internet is working fine on my iphone 4- but no koodo service– so I go online to see about getting some immediate support via email– good luck. I send a note with their forms and get a message they are working hard to get an answer back to me in 12-24 hours!!!!!! so now I am looking at 3 days without any service!!!! shame on you koodo– I think I will switch to fido….

  3. Betty Devries 10 months ago

    all I want to do is change my postal code on my bill but I cannot get through to anyone, or send my bill by email. Not a easy task!!!

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