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Zoomer Wireless is part of the Zoomer Media group. It uses the Rogers network and essentially targets senior citizens and frugal phone users.

With complete access to LTE, phone deals, and family plans, Zoomer Wireless provides many of the benefits of a major carrier at reduced prices. Note that they only offer postpaid services. Postpaid services are priced between $16.20 and $85.50 per month before taxes, fees, and add-ons. Every smartphone plan also includes unlimited messaging.

If you want a smartphone, Zoomer Wireless offers discounts in return for a two-year commitment on a range of entry-level and mid-tier options. If you already own a smartphone, Zoomer Wireless supports a number of UMTS, GSM, LTE, and HSPA devices.

What Does Zoomer Wireless Offer?

Zoomer Wireless offers a range of plans and devices. Its plans are divided into various categories, including

  • Canada-Wide Plans.
  • Canada/U.S. Plans
  • Plan Add-Ons
  • Wireless Home Phones
  • Tablet Plans
  • Travel Packs
  • Promotions
  • Customized Plans.

Zoomer Wireless offers a number of devices that are categorized as follows

  • Phones
  • Wireless Home Phones
  • Tablet

Zoomer Wireless Customer Support Services

Zoomer Wireless allows its customers to connect with its customer services team in several different ways. For further details, read below.

Contact Zoomer Wireless

Zoomer Wireless has a Contact Us page that customers can go to in order to get in touch with Zoomer Wireless’s customer services team. This page lists down the various channels that customers can use to voice their concerns, ask questions, share feedback, etc.

Zoomer Wireless operating hours are as follows:

  • Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday & Other Public Holidays 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Zoomer Wireless will be closed on December 25th & January 1st.

Call Zoomer Wireless

You can speak to a dedicated live agent at Zoomer Wireless over the phone.

All you need to do is dial:


If you need help outside North America, you can call at:


Email Zoomer Wireless

Another option to get in touch with Zoomer Wireless is through email. When you press the Send an Email button, a window will pop up, asking for your name, email address, and message. All you need to do is fill in the form, and a member of the company’s customer support service team will reach out to you swiftly.

Mail Zoomer Wireless

Zoomer Wireless has also provided their mailing address so that you can write to them. their mailing address is as follows:

Box 19372 Metrotown PO
Burnaby, BC 
V5H 4J8

If you are writing to Zoomer Wireless, make sure to write your full name along with your mobile phone number or your account number.

Help and Support

Zoomer Wireless has a dedicated Help and Support page as well. So, if you have any questions regarding your existing account or want to inquire about Zoomer Wireless service, you can visit this page.

This page also contains a list of the most frequently asked question, along with their answers.

  • COVID-19 – What Zoomer Wireless is doing to help keep its customers, employees, and communities connected and safe.
  • Is Zoomer Wireless coverage Canada—wide?
  • How can I change the APN settings on my phone?
  • Can I keep my existing phone number?

Apart from that, Zoomer Wireless has also listed several other questions on their Help and Support page. These questions are grouped into the following categories –

  • Getting Started
  • Charges and Service Fees
  • Mobile & 911
  • Devices & Warranty
  • Manuals
  • Wireless Home Phone

Zoomer Wireless Account

You can make an account on Zoomer Wireless to check your bill and payment history. Plus, you can even check your plan’s usage and features.

Network Coverage

Zoomer Wireless helps you stay connected all over Canada without any worry!

Thanks to its dependable country-wide LTE network coverage, you can text, talk, or use data in more areas all over Canada without incurring any extra charges. Thus, even when you have to get away, you will still have your connection when you need it.

This page also includes a map where you can check your coverage. Just enter your location and selected network (All Coverage, 4G LTE, and HSPA+) to get information related to network coverage.

Zoomer Wireless Refer and Earn Program

Zoomer Wireless has a Refer and Earn program. With this program, customers of Zoomer Wireless and anyone they effectively refer to Zoomer Wireless share a $100 credit for their wireless service.

Zoomer Wireless Rewards

Zoomer Wireless is a CARP Recommended program that offers rewards to its customers each month. This unique benefit is known as the Customer Lifetime Rewards. These rewards include –

  1. Ten percent discount on your monthly plan fee. This is applicable to every wireless plan, starting from as little as $16.20 per month.
  2. Unlimited calling to other Zoomer numbers all over Canada.
  3. Free yearly CARP Membership. This allows yearly savings of $19.95, along with access to exclusive discounts and benefits only for CARP members.

Wrapping It Up

Zoomer Wireless offers excellent customer support services to ensure that its customers receive the best quality services. It has numerous avenues and channels that customers can use to get in touch with their customer support services team and share their suggestions, queries, and complaints.

However, Zoomer Wireless is missing out on a major platform, i.e., social media. The brand should build a social media presence to make it even easier for customers to get in touch with them.

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2 reviews

  1. Took 4 days of run around to cancel a plan I had for my father. 5 years of loyal service and was still charged a cancellation fee. Not a good way to deal with seniors. They do not call back when they claim they will, will not provide email confirmation of cancellation, you have to follow up on them every step of the way. I went with zoomer for him since they claim to be for seniors but I would have been better off going with my provider, Telus, much better service

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. I called and had a travel package put on my cell phone on De. 15 so I could use the phone while in the United States over Christmas. I made 2 calls and then the phone didn’t work. I was unable to place phone calls as well as unable to send texts. I had the phone checked and the problem wasn’t my phone. Don’t know what happened, but would like to get a refund for the service as I was unable to use it.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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