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Zip used to be known as Quadpay before. It is a company that allows users to make purchases for consumer goods and pay for them at a date after the purchase. It helps add a level of convenience for consumers as it offers the opportunity to buy things even when they don’t have the full amount at that moment.

Zip does not function as a credit card. Instead, it splits a purchase into four installments. The first installment is at the time of the purchase. The rest of the three are every two weeks after that. All users must do is use the Zip app to link a payment source, such as a debit card or credit card, and then buy a good from Zip.

Zip also allows users to get refunds on their purchases. However, users must contact the vendor directly to initiate the refund. Once the refund is processed, Zip notifies the customer immediately.

This company has become fairly popular as a convenient means for purchasing products. It has also managed to become successful by devoting enough attention and care to its customer support services. Users can effectively learn about the workings of the company’s services and file complaints when necessary.

This article, therefore, explores the customer support services of Zip in depth. This way, you can have a convenient method of learning about this company in one place.

Like many companies, Zip seems to have focused on a do-it-yourself approach with its customer support services. Therefore, it has online resources that explain important information in the form of frequently asked questions. While this can be an effective way to find the information you need, you may not be able to find a solution specific to your problem. However, the company has an online solution for that as well.

Let’s discuss all available options. Also, it’s vital to note that all of the support options listed below are for users based in Canada.

Useful Resources Online

Unfortunately, Zip does not have a contact number that you can call to speak to a representative directly about your issue.

Therefore, you will have to rely on the online support methods available to users. There are quite a few resources online for support from Zip.

There’s content that you can read for support, and there are multiple emails available to speak to the company about specific issues.

Another missed opportunity is the lack of a live chat feature on the website. The absence of a live chat feature and a contact number means that you won’t be able to speak to a customer support representative in real-time. This can be frustrating for some users because they will have to wait for a representative to respond to their email if they’re unable to find a satisfactory answer to their inquiry online.

With that said, here are your options for online support.

Submit a Request Online

Users can submit a request online to the support team at Zip. This online feature is one means of talking to a representative. You will need to provide your email address, the subject of your message, and a description of what issue you’re facing with Zip or its services.

You also have the option to attach images or other files to explain your problem in greater detail. After you submit your ticket, you will receive a response at your email address.

Considering you will have to wait for a response, it’s best to be as clear and descriptive as possible with your message from the start. This way, you can reduce the back and forth and hopefully receive a solution in the first few responses.

It’s also important to note that this online ticket request is for both customers and merchants. In addition to that, there are two sections that you can select for the nature of your support. Neither of them is particularly descriptive, so you can try any one of them.

  • You can submit your ticket request at Zip here.

Seek Support Via the Canada Customer Portal

If you’re an active user of Zip with an account, you can also seek support from the company via the Canada Customer Portal. Like with the ticket request, this feature is also available to both shoppers and merchants.

  • You can visit the Zip Canada Customer Portal here.

Email Zip Directly

If you’d rather not send a ticket request on the Zip official website, you can also email the company directly. The benefit of this option is that you can follow up on your email on the same thread if the representatives take too long to respond to your first message.

Make sure that you write a clear subject so that the team immediately knows what your problem is about.


Learn About Different Aspects of the Services of Zip

You can save your time by searching for an answer to your inquiry on the online resources about the company instead of sending an email and waiting for a representative to respond.

There are various categories for shoppers and for merchants, so there’s a good chance you’ll find answers here.

For Shoppers:

  • You can learn all about Getting Started here.
  • You can learn all about Managing Orders here.
  • You can learn all about Payments here.
  • You can learn all about Refunds and Returns here.

For Merchants:

  • You can learn all about Integrations here.
  • You can learn all about Customer Support here.
  • You can learn all about Adding Zip Canada here.
  • You can learn all about Managing Zip Canada Orders here.
  • You can learn all about How to Market Zip Canada here.
  • You can learn all about Zip Canada Essentials here.
  • You can learn all about Payouts here.

Zip Social Media Customer Support Services

Zip has various social media accounts to stay connected with its customers and clients, which include the following:

The Bottom Line

Zip has quite a lot of information available online for both shoppers and merchants. However, the lack of real-time communication with a representative is a disappointment.

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  1. So far I’ve had a horrible experience, filled with worry, dread, stress, and most of all little to no help outside of the US it seems as they only have a US phone number available and say it can take up to 30 days for an email response. Which is a little asinine seeing as the payments are every 2 weeks and if you’re like me and have placed an order for say a computer, the payments are not cheap by any means. Final review is, don’t second guess your orders and make sure you have funds to essentially throw away into the void for up to 2 weeks minimum if you cancel your order and reside outside the US as they still haven’t established any sort of communications with anywhere else yet which is very frustrating.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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